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Matt Damon in 'The Martian
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  • Kate Winslet is 40, Jesse Eisenberg is 32, Guy Pearce is 48, Karen Allen is 64, Bob Geldof is 61, Scott Weinger (Full House) is 40, Josie Bissett is 45, Steve Miller is 72, Arlene Smith is 74 and Parminder Nagra is 40. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

John Mayer Praises Miley Cyrus, Calls Her New Album ‘Whack Genius’

Miley Cyrus’ album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz has a new fan: John Mayer. The singer posted a series of tweets yesterday praising Miley and calling her new album “a masterwork of whack genius.” Not only did he say it was “amazing,” but he even reveals that he was “transfixed” by it. Considering the album has received mixed reviews since it dropped, Miley was thrilled to see John showing her some support. She posted a photo of John’s tweets on her Instagram, alongside a totally NSFW caption. More »

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Watch: Sam Smith Unveils Epic Bond-Themed ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ Video

Sam Smith Feat. James Bond

Following last week’s teaser, Sam Smith has released the video in full for his James Bond theme song, “Writing’s On The Wall,” and boy, does it have us pumped for the new film. The singer himself gets a taste of the Bond life in the video for his Spectre theme song and even contains some sexy footage from the movie, including a love scene between James Bond (Daniel Craig) and his new love interest Lucia (Monica Bellucci). Watch above!

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New BFF Alert!: Britney Spears Drops In On Kate Hudson’s Game Night

This is a celeb friendship we never knew we wanted. Britney Spears was a surprise guest at Kate Hudson’s game night over the weekend, proving that blondes really do have more fun. Not only did they have a super-fun game night, but they documented their night on Instagram for all of us to have a real case of FOMO. And Kate also seemed pretty pumped about having Brit over. More »

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Watch John Oliver Break Down America’s Totally Flawed Mental Health System

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Mental Health
Claps for John Oliver

First off, we can all agree that Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is one of the greatest shows on television right now, yes? Good. So now prepare yourself to be awed by him once again as he breaks down America’s mental health system and how it has less to do with gun control than many think. As John points out, people–especially politicians, and in this case those running for president–always lean on discussions of mental health after a mass shooting instead of actually doing anything about gun control, and that’s not what should be happening. “The aftermath of a mass shooting might actually be the worst time to talk about mental health,” John states, “because for the record, the vast majority of mentally ill people are nonviolent, and the vast majority of gun violence is committed by non-mentally ill people.” He also blasts the current mental health system, which often puts those with the most severe problems in jails rather than trying to treat their real issues. “Finding out jails are our largest provider of mentally health treatment is like finding out Lil’ Wayne lyrics are our greatest source of sexual education.” Do yourself a favor and watch the entire clip. John Oliver, you are the best. 

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Because It’s October 3rd

Happy Mean Girls Day!

'It's October 3rd' Mean Girls

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Happy Friday Guys! Hope You Have A Fantastic Weekend!


Before we head off for the weekend, we just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone. 

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Todrick Hall Releases The Rihanna Mashup You Needed To Brighten Your Day

4 Rihanna by Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall just released a Rihanna mashup, and we cannot get enough of it! In the video, we see four Todricks choreographing a dance to some of RiRi’s biggest hits, but clearly the best part is his clever Instagram layout. The YouTube sensation has covered other Rihanna songs in the past, including a Super Mario version of “Bitch Better Have My Money,” but nothing like this amazing mashup! Watch the video “4 Rihanna” above and enjoy!

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Lady Gaga Puts Her Own Spin On ‘I Want Your Love’ For Tom Ford’s Spring And Summer Line

Lady Gaga Tom Ford 'I Want Your Love'

When the day comes that we find something Lady Gaga can’t do, please let me know, because I’m pretty positive this lady is everything. First she was singing, then she was acting and now she’s taken Chic‘s “I Want Your Love” and reworked it with guitarist Nile Rodgers, all for Tom Ford‘s spring/summer 2016 line. The video was released today with Gaga taking over Chic’s iconic vocals, while she a group of very attractive models strut on the runway. But that’s enough talking, why don’t we appreciate it together? More »

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Watch: Ryan Adams Performs His Taylor Swift ’1989′ Covers On ‘The Daily Show’

Ryan Adams gave his Taylor Swift‘s 1989 covers their late-night debut last night on The Daily Show. Trevor Noah picked Adams for his first musical guest since taking over for Jon Stewart early this week. The singer/songwriter performed “Bad Blood,” “Style, and “Blank Space” (which he dedicated to Sandra Bullock‘s character in the movie The Net), and it was just as great as the album. More »

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