First Look: Beyoncé Releases A Music Video For ’7/11′

"Smack it, Smack it, In the Air"

Earlier today we got to hear Beyoncé‘s new songs 7/11 and Ring Off which will be available on her new album Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set, due out next week. Right now, we get to see the *just-released* music video for 7/11. As you can see above, the clip has a fun homemade feel to it. No bells, no whistles … just Beyoncé being perfect. I love this track. I love this video even more. Enjoy.

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Shock Rocker Marilyn Manson Says He Has No Association With That Controversial Lana Del Rey/Eli Roth Video

The self-proclaimed “god of fuck” Marilyn Manson, who built a career on insulting as many conservative sensibilities as possible with stunts like ripping up Bibles in concert, promoting Nazi imagery and selling merchandise depicting blasphemous imagery of Jesus Christ (to name but a few career highlights), has issued a statement denying that he has any association whatsoever with the leaked video that we saw yesterday that features Lana Del Rey being sexually assaulted by Eli Roth that has been attributed to him. Despite the fact that Roth went on the record last year to reveal that he, LDR and MM collaborated on a “sick video” that was unfit for public release, Manson wants everyone to know that he has nothing at all to do with the video that surfaced this week. More »

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First Listen: Here Is A Preview Of Ariana Grande’s New Xmas Single ‘Santa Tell Me’

Ariana Grande will be releasing a new single for the Xmas holiday season and today we get to hear a tiny portion of the new track. Santa Tell Me, based on the short 16 second clip embedded below, sounds like a poppy hip hop track that reminds me a bit of Britney Spears‘s holiday single My Only Wish (This Year). In both tracks, the singer is singing directly to Santa Claus about the guy that they love. Click below to hear Ariana‘s take on a holiday pop song and see if it sounds like something you’d enjoy hearing this Xmas season. More »

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Movie Review: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′

Last night, one day before the movie opens wide in theaters today, I attended an early showing of the much-anticipated sequel movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. After MONTHS of counting down the days, I finally got the chance to see part 1 of the 2-part finale of the Hunger Games film franchise. As expected, Mockingjay – Part 1 acted as a placeholder for the second movie due out next year but I felt it was still a very entertaining movie. All of the really big action will take place in Part 2 but Part 1 definitely packed enough of an emotive punch to entertain fans of the Hunger Games series. More »

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Les News, 112114

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  • Carly Rae Jepsen is 29, Jena Malone is 30, Michael Strahan (Live With Kelly and Michael) is 43, Björk is 49, Cherry Jones (24) is 58 and Goldie Hawn is 69 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Watch: Britney Spears, Chris Pratt, Scott Foley & More Read Mean Tweets On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

All A-Twitter

Yesterday we learned that our dear Britney Spears was asked to film something fun for Jimmy Kimmel Live and later in the day, we got to preview video of Britney reading a mean tweet about her for the show. Last night, the full Celebrities Read Mean Tweets segment aired and it featured some of our fave actors and actresses reading mean tweets that people have tweeted about them. I laughed more than once so you might, too. LOL.

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Penélope Cruz Signs On To Star In Ben Stiller’s ‘Zoolander 2′

Over 4 years ago, we first heard rumblings that Ben Stiller was interested in making a sequel film to his 2001 film Zoolander … then, we heard absolutely nothing … until now. Deadline is reporting that actress Penélope Cruz has signed on to star in Zoolander 2, with actor Justin Theroux attached to write the script for the long-awaited sequel film. At this early stage of pre-production, no release date has yet been revealed but now that serious casting is being announced, I think we can FINALLY get excited that the Zoolander sequel is FINALLY coming our way. More »

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Watch: Zac Efron Shamelessly Uses Masturbation To Promote James Franco’s New Movie ‘The Interview’

A master of masturbation

A new clip of footage from the James Franco/Seth Rogen movie The Interview has been released that features Franco‘s character Dave Skylark interviewing Zac Efron about his masturbating practices which, I have to say, is funny as Hell. Yes, there is something sexy about Zac talking about his masturbation techniques (even if they are fictional techniques … I mean, right?) but the goal here, I think, is to get people laughing … and interested in seeing The Interview in theaters. If you have a few minutes, I suggest you check out the video above and hear Zac Efron describe how he can masturbate #HandsFree while driving his car. It’s fascinating. I don’t know that this clip alone will inspire me to see The Interview when it opens in theaters this Xmas but it is definitely a nice try.

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The ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff ‘Better Call Saul’ Gets A Release Date

Back in August we got our first look at the first teaser video for the forthcoming Breaking Bad prequel spinoff series Better Call Saul. In October, we got to see a second promo video for the series … in the form of a music video for a song titled Better Call Saul. Today we get to see a third promo video AND we learn the exciting news that Better Call Saul has FINALLY been given a release date. The series will debut on AMC in February with a 2-part series premiere episode event. Mark your calendars, here comes Saul Goodman. More »

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First Look: The First ‘Jurassic World’ Teaser Is Actually Just A ‘Jurassic Park’ Reminder

Remember This?

The first “teaser” for the forthcoming sequel film Jurassic World has been released and as you can see above, it’s a bit of a disappointment. This teaser doesn’t show one bit of new film footage. Instead, it merely shows us a scene that we all remember from the first film Jurassic Park. So, in actuality, the video embedded above isn’t a Jurassic World teaser at all. Blah. Hopefully we’ll get to see something more substantial when the full trailer is released on November 27 because in this instance, I’d say that something is NOT better than nothing.

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