Alanis Morissette Debuts Her New Album LIVE In The Sonos Studio In LA

Last night my BFF Darion took me as his guest to a private Q&A and live performance by non other than Alanis Morissette at the Sonos Studio here in LA. As you may know, Alanis is readying the release of her 7th album Havoc and Bright Lights and she teamed up with Sonos to give a few lucky fans an up close and personal introduction to her album. For the first half of the night, Alanis answered some questions about her new album (among other things) and the second half of the night, Alanis performed a short acoustic set of songs. Click below to see some photos and watch video of her performance last night. More »

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Les News, 082112

  • • Cat performs the Game of Thrones theme song. [Buzzfeed]
  • Taylor Swift will perform on VH1‘s Storytellers. [ONTD!]
  • Kristen Stewart comes out of hiding. [PopSugar]
  • American Idol is reportedly courting Kanye West. [GossipCop]
  • • Why hello there, Stuart. [Oh La La]
  • • A Virginia Auto Repair shop stands up for a bullied teen, simply amazing!!! [Towleroad]
  • • Yikes!  The Simpsons cost the US Postal Service a lot of money. [Newser]
  • • Wedding falls are full of WIN! [Heavy]
  • • Two of the Spice Girls release a new song. [Idolator]
  • Trey Songz performs for Wal-Mart. [arjanwrites]
  • Rosie O’Donnell is recovering from a heart attack she suffered last week. [Starpulse]
  • • Whoops!  Lauryn Hill owes even MORE taxes than was previously known. [Global Grind]
  • James McAvoy likes to carry things. [LaineyGossip]
  • Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) is 23, Kelis is 33, Kim Cattrall is 56, Loretta Devine is 63 and Kenny Rogers is 74 years old.  Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Watch: The Blooper Reel From ‘The Avengers’ Hits The Internets

Bloopers Assemble

Earlier this year the superhero film The Avengers took the box office by storm by setting a new box office record and stealing the hearts of freaks, geeks and weirdos all around the world. Many believe The Avengers to be a cinematic masterpiece of comic book geekdom … BUT, did you know that the polished and brilliant film that we saw was built on countless mistakes and bloopers? The forthcoming release of The Avengers will feature a blooper/gag reel that showcases some of the funnier mistakes that occurred while filming but that blooper reel mysteriously made its way to the Internets today. Watch the video above and prepare to laugh, it’s really quite hilarious. I’m not sure how long the video will stay online so watch it while you can. Enjoy!

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The Mexican Supreme Court Rules That All Mexican States Must Recognize Same-Sex Weddings Performed In Mexico City

Back in December of 2009, the capital city of Mexico City legalized same-sex marriage in Mexico. Today we learn that the Mexican Supreme Court has ruled on that legalization by ordering that all 31 Mexican states recognize the same-sex weddings that have been and will be performed in Mexico City. For example, the US state of New York has legalized same-sex marriage but the other 49 US states are not required to recognize those marriages. Because of this ruling, same-sex couples who get married in Mexico City and then move to another state will be afforded the same rights as married heterosexual couples anywhere in the country of Mexico. This is amazing! More »

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Shock! Amanda Bynes ALLEGEDLY Involved In Her Third Car Accident In Six Months

Over the course of the past 6 months, former actress and current trainwreck Amanda Bynes was involved in 1 DUI arrest (after she, allegedly, sideswiped a parked police car) and 2 hit-and-run accidents involving other drivers (one in May, one earlier this month). Today we learn that Amanda has added one more case of ALLEGED hit-and-run after she caused another driver to rear end her rental car. Funny enough, Bynes was driving a rental car because her own car is still in the body shop from her last case of ALLEGED hit-and-run. I mean, seriously, what the eff is going on with this girl? More »

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First Look: Sarah Jessica Parker Surfaces On The Set Of ‘Glee’

Back in May we learned that actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who many of us remember and LOVED as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO series Sex and the City, will join the forthcoming season of Glee in a multi-episode arc on the show and today we get our first look at SJP on the Glee set. Glee creator Ryan Murphy shared a photo he snapped of SJP posing with actor Chris Colfer (a photo that Colfer then re-tweeted) which I know share with all y’all. Get your first look at SJP on Glee below. More »

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Nicki Minaj Reveals The Bottle For Her New Fragrance ‘Pink Friday’

Back in May we learned from Nicki Minaj that she is planning to release her own fragrance this year and today we get an update on the release of the perfume, once again, from Nicki herself. Nicki shared a photo of her new perfume bottle which looks, well, very Nicki Minaj. The fragrance is called Pink Friday, after her album of the same name naturally, and will undoubtedly smell like candy, rainbow, unicorns and pinkness. Click below to get your first look at Nicki‘s perfume bottle packaging for her Pink Friday perfume. More »

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Watch: Garbage Releases A Music Video For ‘Big Bright World’

Step Inside This Big, Bright World

Pop/Rock band Garbage, who has released my favorite album of 2012 thus far, is readying their return to the US for a string of concert dates this Fall after spending the Summer touring Europe, Asia and beyond and today they bless us with a music video for their new single Big Bright World. Way back in April, before the album Not Your Kind of People was released, we got to check out a fun promo video for Big Bright World. The video above is the official music video. It features Garbage fans underwater, which is just way cool. The band put out an open call for folks to appear in the video and the ones who made the cut are in the video. Check out the video and enjoy. And if you haven’t yet, you MUST pick up a copy of Not Your Kind of People. It will, for sure, end up on my list of favorite albums this year … and as I said, it’s so far my fave album of 2012.

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Showtime Launches An Interactive Website For ‘Homeland’ Fans

Last Friday we got to check out the AMAZING full season 2 trailer for the AMAZING Showtime series Homeland (which debuts next month) and today we learn about a new interactive website that lets fans get involved in the drama and intrigue of Homeland. Showtime has launched a new site that lets users create profiles and seek out clues to uncover the nefarious terrorism plot orchestrated by the fictional character Abu Nazir. As a fan of Homeland, I am really excited by this new game. Click below to learn more and see if YOU would like to join fans like me on the interactive case to help Carrie Matheson save the US from Nazir‘s evil plan. More »

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Watch: Prince Harry Surfaces Shirtless In Las Vegas

His Royal Hotness Hits Sin City

Yesterday we saw photos of US Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte rocking a pink speedo as he partied in Las Vegas. It was reported that His Royal Hotness, Prince Harry was also in LV over the weekend but photos of him in town have been difficult to come by … that’s why I was very happy to learn that Extra! TV managed to get video of Prince Harry shirtless in Sin City. Harry was getting in a bit of R+R+R (royal rest and relaxation) at MGM Grand‘s Wet Republic party pool. The video may be short but it is OH SO sweet :D Enjoy!