Selena Gomez, James Franco, And Vanessa Hudgens Rep For ‘Spring Breakers’ In Toronto


Recently, we've gotten to see some pretty cool clips from Selena Gomez's new indie flick (directed by the amazingness that is Harmony Korine) and Spring Breakers is about to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Apparently, the film got a powerful response from the audience at The Venice Film Festival, so I'm still expecting ...

Dave Matthews Band’s Forthcoming Album ‘Away From The World’ Gets A Full Album Stream!


Awesome news for DMB fans! Their new album, Away From The World, is live streaming on iTunes right now. I'm totally listening to the first track and, when I get my hands on that bottle of Moscato that's been patiently waiting for me in the fridge, I'm going to be listening and sipping, and probably crying ...

Prince Harry’s Bum Can Be Yours With A Purchase Of The New Wine, ‘Royal Blush’


Nothing says classy like a bottle of French rosé... with Prince Harry's bum on the label. Apparently, people are seriously looking to cash in on that wild night Prince Harry had up in Vegas. Not too long ago we heard from the girl who was (allegedly) partying with him in his hotel and some people ...

Watch: ‘Wuthering Heights’ Returns To The Big Screen With Some Major Changes


We've all heard plenty about the Anna Karenina adaptation, which recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. But another major adaptation is coming our way and I am extremely interested in this new film. Wuthering Heights brings us another adaptation (there have been many) of the classic novel by Emily Brontë and the Oscar-winning ...

Three Four Cheers For Detroit Rock City!


Last night was a very gastronomically fun night here at home in Detroit. Sarah, Mark and I went out to indulge in a few of my fave places and we had a blast eating and drinking our way down the list. First up, we went to Royal Oak, MI for a sumptuous sushi ...

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Les News, 090712


• President Barack Obama delivers an amazing speech as he accepts the nomination as the Democratic candidate. [You Tube] • Taylor Swift will debut a new song she wrote for a cancer patient. [ONTD!] • Reese Witherspoon's Bump Watch is coming along nicely. [PopSugar] • Justin Timberlake is now a part ...

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