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• Gay Penguins Become Dads. [Buzzfeed] • Britney Spears is the X Factor queen, period. [ONTD!] • Robert Pattinson vs. Jimmy Fallon in a water fight. [PopSugar] • PETA has a problem with Honey Boo Boo Child naming her pet chicken Nugget. [GossipCop] • American Horror Story: Asylum gets ...

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Kate Moss Is Nude And Amazing And NSFW In The December ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover Shoot


This new photo shoot serves as the perfect reminder as to why Kate Moss is still (after over two decades) a household name. I'm not a Fashionista, so I haven't spent hours pouring over her work, but damn! Cat-eye never looked so good (sorry Lana), and... well... then there's the body. We just had our first Kate ...

Watch: Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Shine In The New ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Promo Spots


Silver Linings Playbook is really gunning for some Academy Award lurve, and they just might get it. Back in July we saw the first trailer, which got me really excited, based on the chemistry I was seeing between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Then a second trailer was released in September, and one of the ...