Les News, 081012

  • • Parakeet annoys cat. [Buzzfeed]
  • Lindsay Lohan spotted at CVS. [ONTD!]
  • Tom Brady is a doting dad. [PopSugar]
  • • No, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are not getting married this weekend. [GossipCop]
  • Kellan Lutz for Abbot + Main. [Oh La La]
  • Call Me Maybe – the Chatroulette video. [Towleroad]
  • • The Son of Sam serial killer is now against gun violence. [Newser]
  • • Japan has the best vending machines. [Heavy]
  • Kanye West wrote a song with Skrillex. [Idolator]
  • Mika drops a new video for Celebrate. [arjanwrites]
  • Gangster Squad undergoes some reshoots. [Starpulse]
  • • Ugh.  Rihanna laments losing her “best friend” to Oprah Winfrey. [Global Grind]
  • • I wonder how much of John Travolta‘s hair is spray-painted on. [LaineyGossip]
  • • Antonio Banderas is 52, Rosanna Arquette is 53 and Ronnie Spector of The Ronettes is 69 years old.  Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Watch: ‘Vogue’ Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Lady Gaga’s Cover Shoot

The Hats, The Hair...

Fresh on the heels of her not-so-subtly- leaked Vogue cover, Lady Gaga is making waves again today with this behind-the-scenes video. I warn you– if you are anti-ginormous hats, or anti-ginormous hair (or, duh, anti-Gaga), this video is going to be way too much for you. Gorgeous Marc Jacobs hats abound and Lady Gaga‘s song Hair plays in the background; I’ve never heard this track until now and I can’t imagine it playing under any other circumstances, lol. Enjoy the glitz, glamour, and over-the-top excess of the one and only Mother Monster!

Oh and that dress with the humongous safety pin? Not sure why, but I’m gonna need that stat. Thanks everyone.


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It’s Official! Arsenio Hall Is Returning To Late Night TV In 2013

Back in the early 90′s, Arsenio Hall hosted one of THE most popular late night talk shows on TV. Today we learn that Arsenio is coming back to late night TV. CBS has signed Hall to host a new late night talk show that is set to debut next year. This should come as amazing news to those of you who remember how pop culturally significant The Arsenio Hall Show was back in the 90′s. Arsenio‘s show was the place for celebrities to visit when they wanted to reach out to the cool crowd. Everyone from Madonna to Prince to then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton running for President paid a visit to Arsenio‘s couch. After all these years, he’s bringing his couch back to late night TV. More »

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First Look: Showtime Releases A First Poster For ‘Dexter’ Season 7

Last month we got to check out a creepy new promo video for the forthcoming 7th season of Dexter. Shortly thereafter, we got to watch the first 2 mintues of the new season. Today we get to feast our eyes on a new promo poster for the newest season of Dexter. As you may know, if you’re all caught up on the show, things changed drastically at the very end of Dexter season 6. This new season picks up right where that season left off. Check out the poster below to get an eyeful of what’s to come in season 7. More »

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Lana Del Rey’s Italian ‘Vogue’ Photo Spread Is Pretty Awesome

Last week we saw all of these super fun super, cute pics of Lana Del Rey out greeting fans in Hollywood. She was all smiles and it was so cool to see her in a slightly different element. She’s now known for some pretty intense music videos and her look is definitely something special. Now she’s back to her usual swanky, sexy self (which is fine by me) in this Italian Vogue photo spread. You’ll see– the photos are very LDR, but she does get a little playful and the wardrobe is pretty insane. Check out the gallery and a behind-the-scenes video inside!
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Watch: The Stars Of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210′ Appear In New Commercials For Old Navy

Back to School ... at West Beverly High

It’s Back to School shopping time and that means that kiddies all across the country will be dragged to various retail outlets by their parents to buy new clothes for the coming school year. In order to inspire both kids and parents for the yearly shopping sojourn, a new crop of clever TV commercials has been unleashed upon the world. The cleverest of the new commercials out this year come from Old Navy. Two new commercials featuring some of the stars of the hit 90′s TV series Beverly Hills, 90210 have been released … and they are MUST WATCH for both their nostalgia factor and their cheese factor. The first of these 2 new commercials can be watched in full above, the second commercial can be watched below. More »

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First Look: Russell Crowe Is Noah In Darren Aronofsky’s Biblical Remake

A little while back Trent gave us the first details about a new project from Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Pi). The critically-acclaimed director is taking on the biblical tale of Noah and his interpretation is supposed to be ‘scary as hell.’ Today, we get our first look at Russell Crowe as the man himself. It’s not much, but it’s definitely a sneak peek, and since Noah just started filming, I think we can assume that there will be plenty more to come. Get your look on, plus some new deets inside!
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First Look: No Doubt Releases The Album Art For ‘Push And Shove’

Back in June No Doubt announced that their new album will be titled Push and Shove. Today we get our first look at the album art for said album. Created by a street artist named El Mac, the album art for Push and Shove is a stylistically graphic illustration of the members of No Doubt in striking black and white. In addition to our first look at the new album art, we also get to watch Webisode No. 5 which is also newly released by ND. This latest webisode is focused on the creation of the album and it features an appearance by El Mac himself. Check it out below. More »

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Britney Spears Becomes Cleopatra For Her ‘Fantasy Twist’ Perfume Ad

Back in May we learned that our dear Britney Spears was readying the release of a new fragrance called Fantasy Twist — which is really just a new way to experience her Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy perfumes in one bottle. Today we get our first look at Britney in the new promo ad campaign for Fantasy Twist. Britney shared this new photo first on her Path profile which then got pushed to her Twitter profile. As you can see below, she is bringing Ancient Queen of Egypt realness in the photo. Check it out. More »

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Watch: Karmin Debuts A Video For ‘Hello’ And These Girls Mashed Up Drake And Frank Ocean

Karmin Says 'Hello, Hello, Hello'

There is a full-blown jam sesh in effect here in Nyack, New York thanks to the duo Karmin! A few days ago they debuted their new video for Hello and– I don’t know where I was– but I’m here with them right now. This song is all things fun and infectious, and I really wish I could stop listening to it. Okay, admittedly, I did stop listening for a second because I had to figure out who these guys were and they’ve been around for a little while. Some of you may remember the duo/couple from their single Brokenhearted, but they’ve also got a few well-known hip-hop covers, some of which they performed at the 2011 BET Awards. Anyway, once I found their Lil Wayne 6 Foot 7 Foot cover, I got lost in a YouTube vortex, which included (thankfully) the discovery of an amaaaazing Frank Ocean cover. Checkie out inside!
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