First Listen: A Clip Of Kanye West’s New Song ‘All Day’ Leaks To The Internets

In his GQ magazine coverstory interview, Kanye West revealed that the first single from his as-yet untitled new album (due out in September or October or November) would be a song titled All Day. Today we get our first listen of a very low-quality clip of the song which has leaked online. Revolt got their hands on the 2-minute bootlegged version of the song making the rounds today. As you can hear below, Kanye manages to use the “N” word over and over and over again and make it almost worth of pop radio. More »

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Police Reveal Sad, Gruesome Details Regarding The Death Of Robin Williams

Lt. Keith Boyd of the Marin County Sheriff’s Department just delivered a press conference on live TV detailing the circumstances and details regarding the death of Robin Williams. As has been widely reported, police are confirming that Williams died of the suicidal act of asphyxiation due to hanging. To be very honest, the full known details about Robin Williams‘s death may be a bit too much for some readers so I will leave further information about his death below. Lt. Boyd revealed fairly detailed information about how Williams‘s body was found which may be troubling for some readers. The very sad news of Robin Williams‘s death has just gotten exponentially sadder. More »

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A Friend Like He

News of Robin Williams‘s death hit me pretty hard yesterday, completely out of the blue and pretty much changed the course the rest of the rest of my day. I had started a bit of packing and was digging things out of my closets for packing and purging which, honestly, was already an emotional experience for me. It’s not fun to find old photos, cards, letters, etc. that one would rather not encounter all at once but it’s part of the process of moving on. I took a bit of a break and was met with the shocking news of Robin‘s death. Honestly, I couldn’t go back to the work of packing. I did meet up with Emma and Josh for dinner as a way to distract myself and we had a great time together. More »

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Les News, 081214

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  • Casey Affleck is 39, Rebecca Gayheart is 43, Sir Mix-a-Lot is 51, Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits is 65 and George Hamilton is 75 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

First Look: Ben Affleck Surfaces As Bruce Wayne On The Detroit Set Of ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’

Early last week we got to see arial footage of the set of the superhero movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which is currently filming in Detroit, MI. Today we get another look from the set of Dawn of Justice, this time in photo form. Last month, we got to see a new photo of actor Ben Affleck in costume as Batman as he will appear in this upcoming movie. Today we get to see him on set in costume as billionaire Bruce Wayne. As you can see in the gallery presented here, Bruce Wayne is merely Ben Affleck wearing a shirt, vest, tie and sneakers (???) … so the photos aren’t really all that exciting. It appears that Ben‘s Bruce is surveying the wreckage of Wayne Enterprises, which we saw arial footage of last week. THE MOVIE IS ALL COMING TOGETHER, FOLKS. You excited? Honestly, I wish I were excited but I’m mostly really worried so … yeah.

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First Listen: Ariana Grande Teams Up With Big Sean For A New Song Titled ‘Best Mistake’

Last week we learned that singer Ariana Grande and rapper Big Sean may be coupling up after they were reportedly seen making out at a movie theater in Florida recently. Today we learn that new couple or not, Ariana and Sean have gotten together for a new song collaboration titled Best Mistake. This new track, which you can hear in full below, will be featured on Ariana‘s new album My Everything. As you can hear below, Best Mistake is a breathy pop ballad (not unlike something you might hear on one of Mariah Carey‘s albums, tbqh) … have a listen, won’t you? More »

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Patti LaBelle Has Joined The Cast Of ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

Last month we learned of the POSSIBILITY that actor Neil Patrick Harris may appear in the upcoming new season of American Horror Story: Freak Show, which debuts on FX this fall, but today we learn of the confirmation that singer/actress Patti LaBelle has been added to the cast of Freak Show. According to a report by TV Line, LaBelle will play the mother of Gabourey Sidibe‘s character, a local townsperson who begins to unravel the mystery of … well, one of the show’s major characters. Because this news could be construed as spoilery, you’ll have to click below to learn more about Patti LaBelle‘s upcoming stint on AHS: Freak Show. More »

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Watch: Robin Williams Reprises His Role As Teddy Roosevelt In ‘Night At The Museum’ 3 This Holiday Season

Robin Williams will still be with us

The late Robin Williams has always been a prolific actor and, as such, it should come as no surprise that he has left behind a batch of new films that will be released in the coming months. Earlier this year, it was reported that Williams had wrapped filming production of the sequel film Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb which is due for release this coming holiday season (you can watch the first trailer for Night at the Museum above). Additionally, Robin had successfully filmed movies titled Merry Friggin’ Christmas (due out in early November), the British film Absolutely Anything (due out next year) and a drama titled Boulevard (which debuted at the TriBeca Film Festival earlier this year but has yet to be picked up by a studio for theatrical release). But while these 4 films will eventually make their way to movie theaters, I have to believe that plans for the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel that was reported last April will be cancelled. I cannot imagine that anyone will think it’s a good idea to move forward with a Mrs. Doubtfire 2 without Robin Williams in the lead role. I hope it is of some comfort to fans that there are still a few opportunities to see Robin in new movie projects in the coming months. For me, personally, I will hang on to and cherish the body of work that he has left behind. Through his new films and old, Robin Williams will remain with us forever.


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‘He Was The Father I Had Always Dreamed Of Having’ – Sarah Michelle Gellar On Robin Williams

Memorials and tributes to the late Robin Williams have flooded the media since the sad news of his death was reported yesterday, among them is a loving tribute by one of Robin‘s most recent co-stars Sarah Michelle Gellar. As you may recall, we first learned that SMG and Robin would be starring together in a new CBS series titled The Crazy Ones in February of 2013. In April of 2013, we got our first look at the pair on the set of their new TV series. Altho the show was cancelled after one season, SMG has very fond and loving memories of working with Robin over the past year. On Twitter, she shared a collage of fun photos that she took with Robin. In an official statement, SMG shares with the world what Robin Williams meant to her and her family. More »

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Robin Williams’s Daughter Zelda Rae Memorializes Her Late Father On Twitter

Yesterday we learned the tragically sad news that actor Robin Williams passed away at the age of 63 in a reported suicide … news that has left the world reeling. Friends and fans have been mourning Robin‘s death as soon as the news was announced with tributes and memorials coming from every place imaginable. Shortly after news of her father’s death was announced, Williams‘s daughter Zelda Rae shared a loving memorial tribute to her late father on her official Twitter profile. It’s a tribute that she wanted to share with the world so I am sharing it with you below. More »

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