26.2 Miles Or Bust!

So … by the time this entry is posted, I will be at the starting line of the 40th annual Honolulu Marathon — my first marathon ever! I’ve been here in HI for a few days and I’ve been having the time of my life! But the time for rest and relaxation is on pause because for the next few hours I will be running a 26.2 mile race. Dumb, I know ;) Actually, as much as I know I’m not properly prepared for the daunting task of running a full marathon, I fully intend on crossing that finish line … one way or another :) Despite my fears, I think I’ll be ok … but we’ll soon find out. More »

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Pink Is The New VOG

So … I am less than one day away from the start of my first full marathon and, except for the fact that I know I’m TOTALLY not really ready for the race, I’m having the best time ever here in Honolulu, HI. Early yesterday I made my way to the Honolulu Convention Center to pick up my race bib. The rest of the day was just fun. Emma and I grabbed lunch by the beach, then we shopped for a bit, then we went IN the ocean, then we went to a luau, then we relaxed beachside. Not a bad day, eh? More »


Les News, 120812

  • • Recreate your favorite album cover of 2012 and WIN an iPad mini! [Idolator]
  • • 45 Powerful Images of 2012. [Buzzfeed]
  • • Who do YOU think is the sexiest man of 2012? [PopSugar]
  • Cheryl Cole sues The X Factor for unpaid salary she says she is owed. [GossipCop]
  • • Oh hai, Rob! [Oh La La]
  • • One Million Moms gives up. [Towleroad]
  • • Former Republican governor Charlie Crist is now a Democrat. [Newser]
  • • Lots of folks are angry at those Aussie DJs who prank called Kate Middleton‘s hospital. [Heavy]
  • Nikki Williams goes acoustic. [arjanwrites]
  • Psy says he’s sorry for bashing America. [Starpulse]
  • Beyoncé remembers the old days. [Global Grind]
  • • Two years ago Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds split :( [LaineyGossip]
  • Ian Somerhalder is 34, Dominic Monaghan (Lost) is 36, Sinead O’Connor is 46, Kim Basinger is 59 and Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers is 65 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Lindsay Lohan Finally Gets Her Hands On Max George Of The Wanted

Earlier this week we learned that Lindsay Lohan continued her crusade to get close to Max George of The Wanted after her first attempt to ensnare the young man failed … and resulted her her arrest. As you may recall, we learned this week that Lindsay followed The Wanted on tour to Philadelphia, PA and she managed to work her magic to get backstage. At last success! After hanging with the band backstage in Philly, Lindsay snagged a ride back to NYC on The Wanted tour bus. Groupie level: achieved. Today we learn that Lindsay & George are still enjoying one another’s company as the couple were snapped at a club together … and as you can see below, Lindsay finally got to get her hands on George. More »

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The US Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Two Same-Sex Marriage Cases

The US Supreme Court announced today that they will take under review two legal cases dealing with marriage equality in this country. In one case, the Court will determine the legality of Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act — an act that the US government has decided it will stop defending because it no longer believes in its legality (and has been ruled unconstitutional by lower courts). Section 3 of DOMA deals with federal taxes due from couples in same-sex marriages. The second case will determine the legality of California’s Proposition 8, a proposition that was voted into law overturned the legalization of same-sex marriage in the State of California — and has since been ruled unconstitutional by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Needless today, it’s big news that the Court would take up either of these cases … that they have decided to take up both cases means the Court is ready to make a resounding statement about the legality of same-sex marriage in the United States of America. More »

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The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, More,ThankYou’ Moments From ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’

Revenge and Scandal are both going on winter break and, strangely enough, I’m totally okay with that. I just can’t anymore. After everything that went down last night on Scandal, I need a vacation! It was too much, too fast, too amazing and I just can’t, lol. I luuuurved the episode; in fact it was one of my favorites of the season… although I’m pretty sure I said that about the last episode because yeah. I love them all! But, no, this one was special. Click inside for the second-to-last last recap of 2012!
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It’s The Final Countdown

Aloha from Hawai’i! Emma and I made it to Honolulu last night without incident and find ourselves happily settled in our temporary home away from home. As you may know, I’ll be running the 40th annual Honolulu Marathon on Sunday and altho I’m FAR from ready for the daunting task I’ve signed up for, I’m excited to run the race nonetheless. I have a bunch of things to take care of today to prepare for the race Sunday morning but all of the prep is fun. It’s going to be a bizzy day but I’m looking forward to it all. More »


Les News, 120712

  • • The 2012 White House Xmas Card is out. [Buzzfeed]
  • Psy, who enjoyed a successful year here in the US with Gangnam Style, didn’t used to be a fan of America. [ONTD!]
  • Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone get to work in NYC. [PopSugar]
  • • New mom Megan Fox intends to tone down her flesh-baring. [GossipCop]
  • Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley covers the Holiday Issue of Bello magazine. [Oh La La]
  • • Now that the election has been lost, the radical right is now focused on the “War on Xmas”. [Towleroad]
  • • The Unemployment rate fell in November. [Newser]
  • John McAfee suffers two heart attacks after being arrested for murder. [Heavy]
  • Ke$ha performs on The X Factor. [Idolator]
  • • Have you met Carousel? [arjanwrites]
  • Demi Moore and her toyboy frolic and play in Miami. [Starpulse]
  • • New details in the Notorious B.I.G. autopsy. [Global Grind]
  • • Taylor Swift meets Harry Styles’s friends. [LaineyGossip]
  • Aaron Carter is 25, Sara Bareilles is 33, Tim Butler of Psychedelic Furs is 54, Priscilla Barnes (Three’s Company) is 55 and Ellen Burstyn is 80 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

JWOWW, And Some ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Are Doing A Celebrity Diving Show

LMAO. I literally did a double (and then a triple) take when I read this headline on Complex. Totally thought my eyes were deceiving me. But it wasn’t so. A celebrity diving competition show… featuring… JWOWW?! I… cannot! As in, I cannot believe this is real. Which is why it falls under today’s That-Ish-Cray Of The Day. Click inside to learn more about a forthcoming two-hour special brought to you by the good folks at the Fox network.
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The Nurse Involved In The ‘Kate Middleton Hospital Phone Prank’ Has Reportedly Committed Suicide

Ugh. This has to be the saddest thing I’ve heard in a very long time and it pains me to have to share it with all y’all. As you may know, Kate Middleton was recently hospitalized with acute morning sickness and had to spend a few days in the hospital recovering. While hospitalized, a pair of Australian “shock jock” DJs placed a prank call to King Edward VII Hospital pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles inquiring about Kate‘s health. The DJs were transfered by nurse named Jacintha Saldanha to one of Kate‘s attending nurses and she spoke with them on air, beliving they were members of the Royal Family. This nurse didn’t divulge any real information but the hoax was an embarrassment for the hospital. This morning, Saldanha was found dead in her home … and suicide is suspected. More »

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