‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Uzo Aduba Has A Special ‘Scandal’ Wish

Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit down, I do the most arrogant thing you could probably do and I go to my own Instagram page and scroll down, and remind myself that my life is awesome, my kids are cute, and I hung out with Crazy Eyes that one time and it was amazing. LOL, it feels so wrong, but it works every time. I friggen love Uzo Aduba, and I hope I get the chance to interview her again sometime. The actress just won her first Emmy at Saturday’s Creative Arts Emmys and—although she won for her role on Orange Is The New Black—she opened up about her vision for upcoming seasons of Scandal. Click inside for more!

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Queen Latifah Shares A Sweet Kiss With A Ladyfriend While On Vacation

Queen Latifah and friends made their way to Sardinia for a little holiday over the weekend and were spotted out in public having the time of their lives. Latifah was photographed sharing a sweet kiss with a woman that is being described as her girlfriend, even tho we don’t know the exact nature of the couple’s relationship. Friends kiss all the time, so there really isn’t anything all that monumental going on in these photos … but considering Queen Latifah‘s support of same-sex marriage and, well, many years of rumors about her personal life, it’s natural that these photos might get tongues wagging again. I’m certain that if Queen Latifah has anything to say — or announce — about her personal life, she will find the right time to do so. I don’t think that photos like this can be taken as any sort of declaration … other than the fact that love is love. Latifah tweeted the following over the weekend, right around the time these photos were taken:

Get some rest and have a great week Twitter fam! Xoxo

For now, I think that is all we need to know about Latifah‘s feelings these days. I’m curious to see if she will comment on the photos specifically but in all honesty, she doesn’t have to say a thing if she doesn’t want to. All I know is that she looks really happy. That pretty much says it all.

[Photo credit: Ciao Pix/ FrezzaLaFata/AKM-GSI /AKM-GSI]

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J.K. Rowling Has Released A Second New ‘Harry Potter’ Story For Fans

Early last month, author JK Rowling released a new short story from the world of her Harry Potter books that was met with delight by her legion of fans. As you may recall, the story gave an update about the lives of some of our most beloved Harry Potter characters. Today we learn that Rowling has released another new story from the world of Harry Potter but this time, the focus is on a character that was never really featured in the Harry Potter series. Do you remember the character Celestina Warbeck? If so … or if not, the story below will teach you all about her. More »

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Madonna Hosted A Roaring 20s-Themed Birthday Party In Cannes, France

Over the weekend we learned that Madonna turned 56 years old and today we get to see a few photos from her lavish birthday fête. Madonna, along with family and friends, celebrated her 56th with a lavish 1920′s themed soirée in the South of France Saturday night that made its way to social media as it was happening. Many of Madonna‘s guests happily shared photos from Madonna‘s party that showed the rest of us who were unable to attend just how much fun everyone had. Click thru the gallery to see how the Queen of Pop partied up her special day and see how much fun everyone got up to. The last photo in the gallery features an exposed flapper breast so, proceed with caution abandon.

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Running On Fumes

My Sunday was really hectic but productive. Even tho I really did not have time to run a race, I decided that I had to run my scheduled race yesterday so that I can remind my body that it has a lot of running to do very soon. With a 5K, 10K and half marathon in two weeks, I really couldn’t afford to skip on a race opportunity. After I completed my race, I returned home to resume packing/purging — only to find my air conditioner stopped blowing cold air! LOL. I managed to get a good chunk of work done AND managed to make some money selling CDs and DVDs at Amoeba Music. I rounded out my day with a quick hang with Tamar and managed to get to bed fairly early. More »

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‘New Girl’ Will Also Feature ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Star Kaitlin Olson In Season Four

Yesterday we got a peek at the upcoming season of New Girl, which features a guest appearance from Jessica Biel. Since i finally started watching the show over the summer, I shall spend the next few weeks mentally demanding Netflix add Season Three so that I can get caught up in time for the Season Four premiere. I don’t know what’s going on with Nick and Jess, and I need answers! In the meantime, I have been excited to see that some really cool guest stars are coming to the show, including Kaitlin Olson AKA Dee of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Click inside for more!

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Watch: DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince Reunited In Las Vegas For A Performance Of ‘Summertime’

"Vegas in the house!"

Will Smith, the artist formerly known as The Fresh Prince, and his former musical partner DJ Jazzy Jeff (né Jeffrey Allen Townes) got together in Las Vegas this weekend for an impromptu live performance of their hit 1991 song Summertime. Will jumped up on stage to hype up the crowd under the scorching LV sun, took off his shirt and then busted out a live performance of the song. Click the embed above to watch the performance … which doesn’t start until after 2 minutes of Will Smith just talking about whatever on stage. It’s a fun clip, tho. Please enjoy.

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Mariah Carey Has Announced A New World Tour In Support Of ‘Me, I Am Mariah . . . The Elusive Chanteuse’

Despite the lackluster sales of her album Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse (or maybe in an attempt to help inspire sales), Mariah Carey has decided to launch a new world tour in support of her latest album. Mimi announced on her official website that she is kicking off The Elusive Chanteuse Show in Japan before taking the tour to other parts of Asia. At this point, there are no US dates announced but my HOPE is that MC will bring her tour to America at some point soon. Click below to read the full text of the press release announcement of her new tour. More »

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Watch: Nicki Minaj Releases A Lyric Video For ‘Anaconda’

"Look at her Butt"

A couple of weeks ago we got to see some behind the scenes footage from the set of Nicki Minaj‘s music video for her new single Anaconda. The video isn’t quite ready for release just yet but we do get to check out the just released lyric video for the track. As you can see above, the video uses static images and old Nicki footage throughout along with extreme close-ups of Nicki‘s buns, hun. The lyrics are also uncensored so it’s probably pretty NSFW. Have a look above to learn the lyrics to Anaconda and stay tuned, the final music video should be upon us soon.

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