Watch: Taylor Swift Uses A HORDE Of Adorable Kittens To Sell Diet Coke (And Her New Album ’1989′)

Taylor + Kittens + Diet Coke = $$$

Taylor Swift has unleashed her new Diet Coke commercial on the world and as you can see above, she has utilized an army of the cutest kittens ever in her campaign to see you this beverage. The gist of the commercial is simple … every time Taylor takes a swig of Diet Coke, her kitten count doubles until she is buried under an ocean of adorable kittens. If that doesn’t make for the most successful cola commercial in the history of cola commercials, I don’t know what does. AND, because she has an insane amount of brand clout these days, Taylor is also able to shout-out and promote the release of her new album 1989 at the end of the clip. Ker-CHING! When compared to the Diet Coke commercial she released last year, I think this one is the real winner. What do you think?

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The Medical Examiner Has Revealed Joan River’s Official Cause Of Death

Last month it was speculated that Joan Rivers may have died due to a screw-up at the medical clinic where she was being treated for a throat procedure. Today we learn from the medical examiner the official cause of death. According to the final report released by the medical examiner, Joan‘s death came about due to low blood oxygen to her brain while she was under Propofol sedation. The report goes on to list “predictable complications” as her cause of death, which essentially means her death came from a known risk that occurs whenever any patient is sedated during a medical procedure (i.e. not a homicide). More »

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#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Incredible Fiona Apple Songs Everyone Should Know

Hooray for sweet coincidences! A couple of weeks ago I’d asked PITNBr Iris to help me with a Fiona Apple Throwback Thursday, right after we heard that new track from her. Last week I couldn’t get to publishing it, and I was kicking myself, but this week we have some more Fiona news, as her track Criminal got some love on American Horror Story last night. Click inside for just a few incredible songs from Fiona!

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Britney Spears, Queen Of All Things Flawless, Wears Pajamas To Get Her Own Order From Starbucks

It is not uncommon to see our dear Britney Spears out and about in public or on stage looking utterly and completely without flaw but, often, she is also spotted in public looking about as normal as can be. It doesn’t get more normal than the sight of Britney standing in line with the common folk waiting to purchase a caffeinated beverage at Starbucks … which wearing her pajamas. Even still, this queen manages to look perfect. Have a look below, see for yourselves. More »

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Our Night With ‘Buffy’

All month long, the Arclight movie theaters here in the LA area are screening classic horror films on the big screen and, apparently, the 1992 camp classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer fits the bill. When I found out that BtVS was being screened, I knew I had to see it with my BFF Darion. Darion and I met at a screening of the musical episode Once More With Feeling from the Buffy TV series so I thought it would be fun for the two of us to see the original movie together on the big screen. More »

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Watch: Michael C. Hall Takes The Stage Tonight In ‘Hedwig And The Angry Inch’

Performances Begin Tonight

Last week we got our first look at actor Michael C. Hall in character as Hedwig as he will appear on stage in the Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and TONIGHT will be his first performance in the role. The promo video above was released to remind the world that MCH‘s tenure in Hedwig begins tonight and will run through January 4. I will be in NYC over Hallowe’en weekend for the NY Marathon and I am HOPING to see MCH in Hedwig. He looks great in the make-up, I have every confidence he will slay on stage … starting tonight!!

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Watch: Here Is Video Of Sarah Paulson Performing ‘Criminal’ On ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

Bette & Dot have been a Bad, Bad Girl

Last week on the season premiere episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, actress Jessica Lange delivered a stellar musical performance of the David Bowie song Life On Mars? Last night, co-star Sarah Paulson — who plays the two-headed characters of Bette and Dot on AHS this season — delivered a very entertaining musical performance of her own of Fiona Apple‘s song Criminal (complete with ’90s era mosh pit scene). It appears that AHS will this season feature musical performances of modern songs set in the show’s 1950s time period (a gimmick that I am loving, so far). Firstly, click the embed above to watch (or re-watch) Paulson‘s performance of Criminal on Freak Show last night … then, let’s head below and talk about the rest of last night’s episode of AHS titled Massacres and Matinees. More »

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‘Sex And The City’ Creator Michael Patrick King Says It’s OK For Chris Noth To Call Carrie Bradshaw ‘A Whore’ Because He Was Only Joking

Yesterday we read interview comments made by Sex and the City star Chris Noth where he referred to Sarah Jessica Parker‘s SaTC character Carrie Bradshaw as “a whore”. Today we hear from SaTC co-creator and writer Michael Patrick King who has issued an official statement in response to Noth‘s whore comment. You see, according to King, Noth was just “kidding” when he “joked” about Carrie being “a whore” and, therefore, IT’S OK! UGH. Click below to read the full text of Michael Patrick King‘s statement as well as a statement released by SaTC writer Jenny Bicks on this “Carrie is a whore” thing. More »

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Robin Williams & Ben Stiller Are Front And Center In This New Poster For ‘Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb’

Back in August we learned that the late actor Robin Williams will be featured in the upcoming sequel film Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and today we get to see Robin featured prominently on the just-released new poster for the movie. Robin, as you may know, plays the role of Teddy Roosevelt in all of the Night at the Museum movies and finished work on this third and final film before his death this summer. Click below to see Robin alongside lead actor Ben Stiller in this new Museum poster. More »

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