Watch: Fox Releases A Second Trailer For Its Batman Prequel Series ‘Gotham’

The Good. The Evil. The Beginning.

Back in May we got to check out a 2-minute long extended trailer for the upcoming Batman prequel series Gotham, which will premiere on Fox this Fall. In June, we got to see a shorter teaser video that focused on the villains that will appear on the show. Today we get to see the just-released newest teaser trailer that focuses more on the show’s star Detective Jim Gordon (played by Benjamin Mackenzie). As you can see above, the Gotham baddies also appear in the clip so it’s deffo worth a look.

Additionally, we learn today that Gotham bosses are reportedly planning a very interesting way of introducing the Joker character on the show. Click below to find out how we may first meet The Joker on Gotham. More »

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Rumor Has It: Adele Will Release A New Album Titled ’25′ With Tour To Follow [UPDATE]

Back in April we learned of a report that claims that singer Adele will release a new album in October. In May, Adele herself suggested that the title of her next album will be titled 25. Today, courtesy of the World Music Awards, we learn that Adele‘s album is “confirmed” with a world tour to follow in 2015. The WMAs tweeted this Adele news with the claim that she has “confirmed” the information but there is no record of her confirming anything, anywhere … at least, not yet. Click below to read the tweet and see what you think of this report of new Adele music. More »

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First Listen: Nick Carter & Jordan Knight Release Their Debut Nick & Knight Single ‘One More Time’

The Debut Single

Back in April we learned that boybanders Nick Carter (of Backstreet Boys) and Jordan Knight (of New Kids on the Block) were teaming up to create a new music duo called Nick & Knight with a forthcoming album and tour to come later in the year. Today we get our first listen of the debut single One More Time by Nick & Knight and, I gotta say, the track isn’t all that bad. In all honesty, I can’t say that I was all that interested in hearing music by Nick and Jordan primarily because I didn’t believe that their new music would be able to surpass the fun pop music they’ve already released with their respective boy bands BSB and NKOTB. But, after a couple of listens, I’m really enjoying this new single. The chorus is really catchy and I’m telling you, you’ll be singing along with the Woo Oohs by the song’s end. Have a listen above, see what you think. Are you a fan of Nick & Knight?

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Joss Whedon Also Revives ‘Firefly’ With A New Drawing

Remember yesterday when we saw that amazing drawing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that Joss Whedon shared at a fan’s request on Twitter? Well, he did that fan one better by sharing a second drawing, this time of his series Firefly. The fan in question, username @ThoughtOtter on Twitter, remarked to Joss that his Buffy sketch had taken over their Twitter notifications … so he decided to send another sketch to make the situation even worse! Hahaha! Check it out below. More »

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First Look: Paris Hilton Releases A Music Video For ‘Come Alive’

"I just want to be. I just want to live in the moment."

Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and watch the just released music video for Paris Hilton‘s new single/song of the summer Come Alive by clicking the embed above. Having watched the video myself, I know that it may be difficult to get thru the whole thing without LOLing your ass off but … give it a chance. Come Alive is one of the best songs released this year (so far) and is a bona fide contender for song of the summer. Paris the pop star is back, y’all!! We are not worthy!!

So … I gotta know … what do YOU think of this music video?!

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Jessica Simpson Calls Herself ‘Jessica Johnson’ On Instagram

Yesterday we got to see Jessica Simpson‘s personal wedding video, courtesy of People magazine, and today we get to check in with the new Mrs. as she relaxes on her honeymoon. Jessica posted a photo to her official Instagram profile with the caption Jessica Johnson. My guess is that she will deffo keep her last name Simpson for professional reasons but it’s possible that she may legally take her new husband Eric Johnson‘s last name personally. So, click below and say hello to Jessica Johnson. More »

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Christina Aguilera’s Baby Shower Cake Depicts Her Baby Emerging From Her Vagina

On Saturday night, Christina Aguilera celebrated the forthcoming arrival of her second child, which we learned back in March will be a girl, at a baby shower thrown for her by her friends. Today we get to check out the awesomely insane cake that Xtina‘s friends presented her with at the shower which, I might add, isn’t really for the faint of heart. Xtina‘s baby shower cake depicted the moment when her new baby will spring forth from her open vagina which sounds like an AWESOME thing to want to eat, don’t it? I mean, even if you think you don’t want to see what this cake looks like … you know you deffo want to see what this cake looks like. Behold. More »

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Watch A Fight Break Out On The Set Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season 7

Last month we saw the first set photos from the upcoming 7th and final season of Sons of Anarchy and today we get to see a new set of action-packed set photos. As you can see in the gallery presented here, Charlie Hunnam spends some time looking over his script before he films an action scene with co-star Jimmy Smits that explodes into a fight between the two. It’s clear that we are in for a whole lotta action when the final season of Sons of Anarchy premieres on FX later this year. I just hope my frail little heart can take all the drama to come. These are great set photos that remind us what we’ve been missing without showing us too much from the forthcoming season. I cannot WAIT for the return of SoA. This season is going to be so gooooood!

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Welcome Back Party

After the super fun weekend that I got to enjoy celebrating my birthday with my friends, you might expect that I would decide to just stay home and chill out on my Monday night. Yeah, that’s not what happened. The president of my Disneyland social club Sons of Anakin, who was away on vacay for about 3 weeks, made his grand return last night and a bunch of us met up with him at Disney California Adventure for a little welcome back party. The parks were wonderfully empty and the weather was cool & breezy … which meant it was the perfect night of fun at Disney. More »

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