First Look: Here Is The Cover Of Harper Lee’s New Novel ‘Go Set A Watchman’

In early February, the world was shocked by the news that reclusive author Harper Lee will publish her first book in 55 years this summer after she famously made clear she never intended to release another book after her literary classic To Kill A Mockingbird. You may recall there has been some discussion as to whether or not Lee was being exploited for financial gain by her new attorney, who seems ALL TOO HAPPY that this new book has been found and will be published. In any event, outside of all the controversy, Lee‘s new novel Go Set A Watchman is being released in July and today we get our first look at the book cover. Click below to see the cover artwork for Harper Lee‘s Go Set A Watchman as we wait for the July 14 release date to arrive. More »

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Here Is Our First Look At Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor In ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’

Way back in January of 2014 we first learned that actor Jesse Eisenberg was cast in the role of the villainous Lex Luthor in the upcoming superhero sequel Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Since that time, we’ve seen photos of Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Today, at long last, we get our first look at Jesse as Lex. Lex Luthor, as you may know, is famous for his bald head but there were rumors that the new Dawn of Justice Lex might have hair. As you can see below, this first photo of Lex Luthor in Dawn is nefariously bald … which is very good news, I think. Check out the full size photo below and learn more about this character as he will appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. More »

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Britney Spears Covers ‘People’ Magazine To Talk About Love, Life & Her New Single Out In May

Hold on to your butts, folks, because I bring you the joyous news that our dear Britney Spears — and the men in her life, sons Sean Preston & Jayden James and boyfriend Charlie Ebersol — are all featured on the cover and in the pages of this week’s new issue of People magazine. In this cover story feature, Britney invites People magazine and its readers into her home to talk about her family life with her sons, the addition of Charlie into life with her sons and the forthcoming release of her NEW single — due out in May!! Click through the gallery presented here to see photos of Britney, Charlie, Sean and Jayden in this new MUST-OWN issue of People magazine and then click below to read excerpts from her cover story interview. Also, find out exactly when Britney‘s new single will be out. OMG!!! Happy Britney Day!! More »

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Hot Topic Is Selling A Clothing Line Inspired By ‘Orphan Black’

In April of last year, Hot Topic announced the release of a clothing line inspired by the Disney live-action film Maleficent. Today we learn that Hot Topic is ready to release a new fashion collection, this time inspired by the brilliant BBC America TV series Orphan Black. As you can see in the gallery presented here, Hot Topic will offer clothing items, accessories and more inspired by characters from Orphan Black. As a huge fan of the show, I am very excited by this new clothing line. As a grown ass man who is unable to wear any of these fashions, I’m kinda bummed that I can’t partake in the fun … but, even still, I love that this clothing line exists. Head over to Hot Topic HERE to see all of pieces that will soon be available from this Orphan Black clothing line and get your pre-orders in. Haven’t you always wanted to dress like your favorite Orphan Black clone? Well, here’s your chance!

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Watch: OK Go Made A Commercial For A Chinese Furniture Store And It Is Amazing, Obvs

OK Go doesn't just make music videos, you know

OK Go, known for their visually creative music videos, have teamed up with the Chinese furniture store Red Star Macalline for their latest ad campaign and as you can see above, they came up with a pretty neat-o TV commercial. This TV commercial makes visual reference to the video for OK Go‘s single The Writing’s on the Wall but if features a remix of their single I Won’t Let You Down. It’s basically the best that OK Go has to offer for a very lucky furniture store. I’m not sure if this commercial will help sell lots of furniture in China but it deffo caught my eye. Check it out, see what you think. It’s a really rad video, ain’t it?

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Fox Officially Confirms The Return Of ‘The X-Files’

Just yesterday we learned that Fox was considering bringing back the cult classic ’90s TV series The X-Files for a new season of the show and today we learn OFFICIALLY that YES, The X-Files IS RETURNING! The show, which went off the air 13 years ago, will go back into filming production this summer with an as-yet unrevealed premiere date to follow, likely next year. The show will return as a limited 6-episode series that MAY be expanded somewhere down the line should its return become a ratings success. And yes, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will reprise their roles as Detectives Dana Scully and Fox Mulder! OMG! Read on for all the official deets. More »

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Sleepy Time

Sooooo, yeah, this isn’t going to be much of an update because I really don’t have anything to share. It looks like all the running around that I’ve been doing over the past few weeks finally caught up with me. I didn’t have any plans to do anything Monday which is good because I felt crazy exhausted all day/evening/night long. I didn’t get as much work done as I wanted because I just didn’t want to be awake. I think I slept more yesterday than I have at one time in a very long time. And it was glorious. More »


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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals That ‘Apocalypse’ Will Be Her Last X-Men Movie

Jennifer Lawrence broke the news this week that the next X-Men movie, titled Apocalypse, will be her last of the film franchise. J. Law, as you may know, plays the mutant Mystique / Raven Darkhölme in the current franchise but after the release of X-Men: Apocalypse she won’t appear in any other X-Men Movies:

“It is my last one, actually, yes.”

There were rumors that she might star in her own Mystique movie spin-off but her statement seems to deny that that will happen. This does make sense. Now that Jennifer is an Academy Award-winning actress, she can be done with the kiddie movies and work exclusively in more serious roles. She will likely star in every David O. Russell movie that that man makes from here on out so … yes, I understand. Still, it’ll be sad once she leaves the role. J. Law makes an excellent Mystique, as is evidenced by the photos collected in this gallery. Who ever slips into the latex and blue paint next will have some very big shoes to fill.


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Kanye West Adorably Takes North West To Ballet Class & The Beach

Kanye West spent some really cute quality time with his only begotten child, North West, over the past few days which resulted in a pair of really cute photos for you to check out. I know, I know … Kanye can be an irritating blowhard some most of the time but when he’s in daddymode with North, he is truly much more palatable. Daddy Kanye took little Nori to ballet class recently … then he took her for a trip to the beach. Kanye‘s wife happily shared a pair of photos on her Instagram profile which are absolutely worth seeing … in spite of the source ;) Check out the photos below. More »

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