Miley Cyrus Is Hosting The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Back in 2013, Miley Cyrus caused a bit of a pop culture ruckus with her racy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards with Robin Thicke. This year, she will be hosting the entire VMAs show. Miley confirmed the news that she has been tapped to host the VMAs this year with a photo she posted on on her official Twitter profile making the announcement. “MTV won’t let me perform” she joked before adding “So I’m hosting this year’s VMAs“. Click below to see Miley‘s Twitter announcement about her hosting the VMAs this year and save the date, MTV will air the 2015 installment of the Video Music Awards on August 30. More »

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Watch: Here Is The Trailer For ‘Ant-Man’ In LEGO

Everything is better in LEGO

Ant-Man was the #1 movie at the box office this weekend, bringing in $58 million dollars … making it the 12th straight Marvel Studios movie to debut atop the box office. For some insane reason, some outlets are reporting that Ant-Man “underperformed” because it was expected to bring in $60 million dollars in its opening weekend. But I think a difference of $2 million ain’t bad, particularly for a movie about a comic book hero that most people never heard of or are not a fan of. I loved the movie very much and I’m really looking forward to seeing it again in 4DX tomorrow. BUT I DIGRESS. Today, I’d like to share the Ant-Man trailer that has been recreated using LEGO building blocks. As is usually the case with these kinds of videos, this LEGO version of the trailer is really impressive. Ant-Man fans, assemble! Check out the trailer above recreated in LEGO and see much much cuter Ant-Man and Yellowjacket look as they battle to the death … in LEGO.

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Plans Have Been Announced For A Reboot Of ‘Xena: The Warrior Princess’

Now that reboots like The X-Files have been well-received by fans, it looks like we may be getting a lot more reboots in the very near future. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting today that NBC is in the very early planning stages of rebooting the series Xena: Warrior Princess. 20 years after Xena was successfully spun-off from Hercules, the powers that be have decided that it is time for Xena to return to TV … WITH original star Lucy Lawless back on board in some capacity on the show. To be honest, I never got into Xena back in the day but I am well aware of how beloved the show is to fans. With Lucy Lawless on board with this Xena reboot, I think the show has a great chance at being a success. More »

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Brunch & Funday

Yesterday was a very fun, pretty busy day for me. Veruca Salt performed an intimate acoustic show at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood FOR FREE so I made sure to get my buns out to the Valley to see them live. Afterward, I made my way down to Anaheim, CA to hang out with my friends at Disneyland … which, un/fortunately was totally doused in rain all afternoon/evening/night long. We still had fun, obvs, but had to keep the fun indoors as much as possible. My day started out bright, sunny and hot and ended dark, rainy and muggy … and I loved every minute of it. More »

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Les News, 072015

  • • Food Mess into Art [Buzzfeed]
  • Nicole Kidman has a message for Jimmy Fallon [PopSugar]
  • Jake Gyllenhaal on GMA [LaineyGossip]
  • • Happy Male Model Monday [Socialite Life]
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  • • The US and Cuba have officially resumed diplomatic relations [Newser]
  • Fantasia got hitched [Global Grind]
  • Julianne Hough (Dancing With the Stars) is 27, Judy Greer is 40, Simon Rex is 41, Vitamin C & Josh Holloway (Lost) are 46, Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam is 49, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden is 51, Carlos Santana is 68 and Kim Carnes is 70 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Rachel Dolezal Tells ‘Vanity Fair’ Magazine That She Is Still ‘Black’

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Rachel Dolezal — the Caucasian woman who brazenly identifies as Black. OK, it’s been about a month since we’ve heard from her but, honestly, in the past 4 weeks I don’t think I’ve given her even a passing thought. But, here we are, talking about her again … because she is featured in the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine. In spite of the backlash that she received when her true ethnicity was revealed, Dolezal tells VF mag that she feels that she never deceived anyone, she absolutely identifies as Black and she is completely unapologetic about everything that went down when her story blew up in May. Rachel Dolezal ain’t done talking, click below to read what she has to say now. More »

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Laverne Cox ‘Finally’ Meets Caitlyn Jenner At An ‘I Am Cait’ Screening

The transgender community officially has two very unique, public voices to represent them. Laverne Cox became a crowd favorite when many of us first came to know her as Sophia on Orange is the New Black. Since then she’s gone on to make history, as an activist and the first trans person to cover TIME Magazine. Caitlyn Jenner’s story is very different, but they are both working towards bringing more awareness to the struggles, triumphs, and universal stories of trans individuals. The two finally met in person recently, and Cox had some very sweet words for Jenner. Click inside for more!

More »

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Listen: Chvrches Releases A Lyric Video For Their New Single ‘Leave A Trace’

"Take care to tell it just as it was"

A few days ago we learned the really great news that Chvrches have set September 20 as the release date for their sophomore album, titled Every Open Eye. Today we get to hear the first single from the new album in full. Chvrches have released a lyric video for the new single, Leave A Trace, which you can watch above. The song, I’m happy to hear, is very much in vein with the sound that Chvrches have become famous for. I absolutely LOVE the sweet, poppy, electronic music that the Scottish group crafts so expertly. If Leave A Trace is a sign of what we can expect when Every Open Eye is released, then we are in for a treat. Have a listen, see what you think. It’s a really great song, yeah?

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Paul Feig Reveals The Names Of The New ‘Ghostbusters’

Just about a week ago, we got our first official look at the new cast of Ghostbusters in costume, courtesy of director Paul Feig. Today we learn the names of the characters played by Kirsten Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy … again, courtesy of Feig. Additionally, we learn officially that original Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd will be appearing in this new Ghostbusters remake, altho he wasn’t probably supposed to spill those beans just yet. Dan recently posted on his official Twitter profile the news that he was on the Ghostbusters set filming a scene … and then removed that tweet from his timeline. Click below to learn the names of the new group of Ghostbusters and read the tweets that Aykroyd posted about the movie that he did not delete from his account. More »

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Watch: The Official Trailer For ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2′ Is Coming, Here Is A Preview

The Official Trailer is Coming

In early June we got to see a minute and a half long trailer for the forthcoming sequel film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 … but it turns out that that trailer wasn’t the official trailer. That trailer was just a teaser trailer that was released internationally. The official official trailer is due out in less than a week and today we get to see a teaser trailer for the first official trailer. I know it may seem silly to have teaser trailers for trailers, and maybe it is, but I’m of the mind that a movie like Mockingjay – Part 2 cannot be overhyped at this point. The end of the Hunger Games movie franchise is nearly upon us … which is good because we will soon get to see the final movie … tho, it’s bad because it will be the final movie. In any event, click the embed above to see this teaser for the forthcoming trailer which we’ll be feasting our eyes on soon.

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