Ellen Page Opens Up About Coming Out And Playing Straight Roles

Ellen Page

Ellen Page was recently interviewed for the March issue of Elle UK, where she spoke about coming out as a gay actress, which happened to coincide with the current movie she stars in called Freeheld. In the movie, Ellen plays the girlfriend of Julianne Moore‘s character, a dying detective who is trying to pass off her pension rights to her partner. Ellen admits that the film, which took a whopping six years to make, was part of the reason why she decided to come out. “What blows my mind is how my own personal journey paralleled the development of that movie. It felt wildly inappropriate to be playing this character as a closeted person. Coming out was a long process, though.” More »

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Little House on the Prairie
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Controversial Film ‘Don’s Plum’ Was Leaked Online

Don’s Plum, the movie that Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t want you to see, has been leaked online! The low-budget 90′s flick which starred the actor and his “P–sy Posse” friends Tobey Maguire and Kevin Connolly has been released online for free by its producer Dale Wheatley. That’s right, the film that has been kept hidden from the public (so much so that both Leo Toby took legal action) is available for us to see! We will finally get to see what all the fuss was about!

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Joseph Fiennes To Play Michael Jackson In TV Drama And The Internet Is Not Happy

British actor Joseph Fiennes is set to play Michael Jackson in a celebrity road trip movie about the King of Pop trying to escape New York City with friends Elizabeth Taylor (played by Grease‘s Stockard Channing) and Marlon Brando (played by Scottish actor Brian Cox) after the tragic events 9/11. Regardless of how weird the plot of the untitled TV drama is (since it’s probably fictitious), it’s the casting of MJ that’s got people talking. As the #OscarsSoWhite controversy rages on, this new casting news is a little touchy. Why? Well, because they cast a white actor to play Michael Jackson.

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It’s Here! Rihanna Drops New Single ‘Work’ Featuring Drake

The wait is over! Rihanna debuted “Work” featuring Drake, the first single from her upcoming album, Anti! We literally never thought this day would come. It all happened on Wednesday when she appeared on Elvis Duran’s Z100 radio show. However, there’s a little catch. The song cannot be streamed on any other services besides Apple Music and Tidal. That means you’ll have to sign up to either of those services if you want RiRi back in your life. She wasn’t lying when she sang, “B-tch better have my money.” But, back to the actual song. It’s pretty good. More »

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Apparently Fergie’s First Album In Ten Years Is Coming Out In March


Can you believe it’s been ten years since “My Humps?” We haven’t seen too much from Fergie lately, minus a few photos here and there. So it’s refreshing to hear from Idolator that her second solo album is due out in March. Fans were expecting the album at the end of 2015, but hey, sometimes these things take a while. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the singer went to Paris last weekend “to shoot the cover and press materials for her long-awaited second solo album.” Apparently Fergie is currently shooting a music video in Paris today, and will also be shooting one in London later in the week. Oh snap. More »

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One Direction Just Dropped A New Montage Style Video For ‘History’

One Direction

Awwww. Now that it it’s official that One Direction is on hiatus, the band decided to surprise all their fans by releasing the video for “History,” their fifth single from album Made in The AmAnd it’s enough to make everyone just tear up and cry! The video features footage of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson, spanning the band’s entire career, from the moment they started on The X Factor. And they look so happy in all the clips! But that’s not all. The video also features some never before seen footage from Zayn Malik, who left the band last year. Grab your tissues. More »

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Watch: Lena Headey Reads ‘Bachelor’ Insults As Queen Cersei And We’re Dying

"I want to punch her in the face... like, seriously."

Imagine if Game of Thrones‘ Queen Cersei were a contestant on The Bachelor. None of those other women would stand a chance — quite literally because Cersei would probably have them all killed. In any event, here’s a taste of what it would be like. Lena Headey, who so brilliantly portrays the wonderfully awful Cersei Lannister on the hit HBO show, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday. With Cersei’s trademark goblet of wine in hand, she recited some of the insults flung by the women on The Bachelor. Put-downs like, “I think her boobs are fake, but it’s okay, like you can tell they’re fake” and “I don’t think there’s one girl who’s competition. I think I’m way prettier than everyone else” are said with such withering disdain as only Cersei can deliver them. Please watch the excellence above. This really just makes me want Game of Thrones NOW. There have only been a handful of shows in my life that when a season ends, I go through a complete withdrawal and literally yearn for its return. GoT does that to me. So now I wait for April.

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Britney Spears Shares Sexy New Dance Videos That Will Have You Mesmerized

In case you missed it, Britney Spears shared some super sexy videos and the internet is literally going crazy! Do you blame them? We sure don’t. Wait until you see the vids and then you will understand. So does this mean new music from Brit Brit? We’re not sure, but she certainly has some explaining to do. She shared three video sultry teasers on Monday without a word of explanation. In the-black-and-white clips, the bikini-clad singer is seen arching her back and whipping her hair to Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats‘ song “S.O.B.” These vids are proof that Brit is still hot AF. 

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