‘Toy Story’ ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ And Others Get Hilarious New Looks On Instagram


When I got to @santlov’s page I was like, “What am I looking at?” What I was looking at was probably the coolest thing ever aka the ToysRLikeUs page on Instagram. If you’ve always wanted to know what Woody from Toy Story would look like with an iPhone or a Heineken in his hand, your (somewhat twisted) dreams have come true. Special thanks to Johnny, the love of my life who’s responsible for today’s That-Ish-Cray Of The Day post. And now let us enter the hilarious world of Santlov.

There’s just not a lot to say. I mean, how fun are these?!


This one’s my fave.

DO you have ANY idea how hard it was to create this post with my 3 year-old in the room? Mom! Whaaas that?! Whas that?! Go back go back go back up! LOL.

Loooove me some Jack The Pumpkin King!

!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!


If these photos do not please you to your core, then I cannot help you. Peep the next page for more of this ridiculousness and visit the very talented Santlov at his Instagram page. He seriously has about a million of these. Enjoy the happy time!