Brad Pitt And Ellen DeGeneres Spend Time In New Orleans To Unveil Pink Houses


Yesterday Brad Pitt and Ellen DeGeneres surfaced in New Orleans to do further work on his national fundraising campaign called Make It Right to help the city recover from the lasting devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The project was launched in 2006 and they were there again in 2010 for the 5 year anniversary. Yesterday Brad was there to showcase their latest work, the unveiling of 150 bright pink structures the size of real houses as a symbol of the vibrant community and further home building work to come. Ellen was there to shoot scenes for her show.

Pitt became a part-time resident of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. After seeing the devastation first hand and meeting with the hardest-hit residents, he began the Make It Right project to catalyze the rebuilding of New Orleans starting with the Lower 9th Ward.The 150-home community will address the dire need for single-family housing in the Lower 9th Ward and further spark rebuilding efforts in one of the richest cultural communities in America, an area that saw houses not just flooded by water, but swept off their foundations.

Make It right is committed to building 150 houses in the Lower 9th Ward; ensuring a green, affordable, sustainable, and replicable community to serve as a model for further rebuilding; including the Lower 9th Ward community as an integral part of the process; and a finance plan that ensures that residents who wish to return to the Lower 9th Ward can do so without further financial hardship.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are both heavily involved in philanthropic work and projects, so it comes as no surprise that Brad is spearheading this campaign. I think it is a really great campaign and having a celeb on board creates so much extra publicity and interest. After yesterday’s re-launch, Brad held a party for the residents of the lower 9th ward, which I just love. They are continuing to do such great work and should be so proud. I also love the idea of giant PINK houses! Yay for ALL things Pink!

Check out some pics from New Orleans yesterday…