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Hot Dude Of The Week: David

Weekend Hotness

Yippee!! It’s that time of the week to partake of the hawtness of the Hot Dude of the Week! Let’s all give a hearty welcome and say hello to David:

Click HERE to see more pictures of David
Ahh … David seems like the kind of chap that takes pride in his physical fitness and is happy to show off his hard work — lucky us :) While temperatures range from chilly (here in SoCal it’s 55°F) to downright cold (it’s 27°F in Detroit) it’s nice that seeing the nekkidness of David reminds us that warmer/happier times lie ahead. While we wait for the temps to get hotter outside, I’m glad we got Hot Dudes like David to warm us up on the inside :) Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: All American Guys]

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Paul Rudd Uses Sex To Sell Pretend Homes, Real Movies

I Love You, Paul

Paul Rudd stars as Peter Klaven, LA’s hottest realtor, in his upcoming comedy I Love You, Man and new promo images of Rudd have sprung up all over LA for the film. On real billboards that advertise the pretend Peter Klaven‘s real estate business, Rudd is featured wearing nothing but a smile, a pair of sunglasses and a bright, canary yellow men’s bikini:

LOL! This is absolutely brills!!! Those of you who have been to the movies in recent weeks may have seen the very funny trailer for this film in theaters … but this new advertising campaign has to take the cake :) After the jump, check out a much larger version of this photo so you can really see what Paul Rudd is sellin’ … More »

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Zac Efron Takes A Shirtless Stroll


High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron has made his way back home to SoCal after a quick trip to South America with his ladyfriend Vanessa Hudgens and one of the first things that he did upon arrival was ditch her … then strip off most of his clothing and took to the hiking trails to give onlookers a pretty good view of his toned bod. Here are a few pics of the very shirtless Zac cooling down after his arduous hike yesterday afternoon:

While temps have been pretty chilly here in the LA area, the coldness seems to have no effect on someone as “hot” as Zac Efron. Shirt be damned, he needed to hike and hike he did. I can’t say that I personally mind (tho, I kinda hate myself for admitting so) and I don’t think that many of y’all mind either. Y? N?

[Photo credit: Limelight Pics]

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Lance Bass Parties With A ‘Hot Dude Of The Week’

Weekday Hotness

This past Saturday night, Lance Bass spent much of his evening partying with a familiar face to some of you Pink readers out there. Lance and his friends partied the night away with former Hot Dude of the Week and fitness model Bryan Thomas at the G Lounge in Philadelphia, PA. Here are a few photos of Lance, Bryan and friends:

As you can see, Bryan is the model that is featured in the All American Guys banner that I have posted on the right sidebar and was featured as the Hot Dude of the Week back in June — he was the first Hot Dude to be featured on the site after the redesign was launched at the start of the Summer. BUT, just in case you’re having a hard time remembering what Bryan looks like with most of his clothes off, I’ve gathered together a few photos from his All American Guys portfolio to refresh your memories. After the jump, check out a few semi-NSFW photos of Bryan in all his semi-nekkid glory … More »

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Madonna Does ‘W’ Magazine

Maddy gets steamy with boytoy Jesus Luz in Brazil

As you may recall, it was reported that Madonna teamed up with famed photographer Steven Klein at the close of the last leg of her Sticky & Sweet World Tour (it has since been reported that Maddy has decided to amp up her tour again for another go this summer) to do a photoshoot for W magazine. It was widely known that Maddy singled out a Brazilian model named Jesus Luz during the photoshoot and it was rumored that the pair hooked-up as a result. Just last week, we saw new photos of Jesus hanging out with Madonna and her children in NYC … which seems to give credence to the rumors of their affair. Today, W magazine has posted 24 of the 46 photos that were shot and are published in the new issue of their magazine. Here is Madonna‘s cover of W magazine:

A powerful, sexy woman and her boyish plaything. Sound familiar? In sultry Rio de Janeiro, the ever-provocative, newly single superstar teams up with photographer Steven Klein for a no-holds-barred 46-page portfolio. Once again, it seems, Madonna does it her way.

The photospread is very sexy … and even a bit raunchy. The photos of Madonna with Jesus are the racier photos of the bunch, here are just a few of the new photos of Maddy and Chuy:

As if A-Rod didn’t have enough to worry about. Photos of Madonna getting hot and sticky with four Brazilian boy toys are about to hit newsstands. Even as Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez battles allegations of steroid use, W magazine will debut a 45-page spread in which the kabbalah vixen of his dreams can be seen simulating (at least we think she’s simulating) sex with a quartet of hunks. The biggest slice of beefcake in the spread is 22-year-old Ford model Jesus Luz, who’s rumored to have replaced A-Rod as Madonna’s main muscleman. The layout, shot by top fashion photographer Steven Klein, shows Her Madgesty, 50, half-naked in black lingerie, straddling one stud on a hotel bed while being attended by three other pleasure-givers, one of whom barely conceals his manhood with a towel. Although not as explicit as her X-rated 1992 book, “Sex,” the shoot marks Madonna’s return to the sort of arty raunch she abandoned when she married British director Guy Ritchie and took on the airs of an English countrywoman. The W portfolio, headlined “Blame it On Rio,” gives prominent play to Luz, who reportedly accompanied Madonna to the Maldives in December. Last week, he was seen with her in New York, where he’s said to have dined with the Material Mom and her children. Asked about the nature of Madonna’s relationship with Luz, her rep, Liz Rosenberg, said, “I’m told they’re kind of friends.”

Oh man … and the pics get even better. After the jump, check out a BUNCH of hawt photos from this photoshoot — the pics are not to be missed … More »

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Hot Dude Of The Week: Tony

Weekend Hotness

Time again for our weekly gander at the Hot Dude of the Week … let’s all give a hearty hello to Tony:

Click HERE to see more pictures of Tony
Now, I know that some might find it unseemly for such a nice gent like Tony to wear mismatching articles of underclothing (I mean, really, white and gray?) but I, for one, don’t really mind. I also don’t mind that dudes like Tony do not feel the need to overdo it with the muscles … I think he looks just right — not too musclely, not too over the top. I approve. Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: All American Guys]

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Orlando Bloom Rocks Out For His New Movie

Bloom turns Rock Boy for 'Sympathy for Delicious'

Last weekend we got our first look at Orlando Bloom in full costume (er, or in half-nekkid costume, that is) on the set of his new film Sympathy for Delicious which is currently in production here in LA. Today we get to see a few new photos of Orlando almost as equally half-nekkid as he filmed scenes at an LA club last night for the film. Except for the hippie-esque nehru jacket, Orlando was really rockin’ the goth garb on set last night … much to the delight of fans/extras who were on hand to watch filming first hand:

Nail polish, wild hair and covered in tattoos, this is Orlando Bloom as you’ve never seen him before. The clean-cut Hollywood pin-up well and truly threw off his pretty boy image for his new role in the drama Sympathy For Delicious. The actor completely transformed his usually well-groomed appearance to play an aspiring rock star complete with fake tattoos, scruffy brown wig, heavy eye make-up and black nail polish. He filmed scenes for the movie at a theatre in downtown LA yesterday where he strutted around the stage shirtless – much to the delight of a screaming female audience. The 32-year-old star of Pirates Of The Caribbean stepped into the role after Milk actor James Franco pulled out at the 11th hour due to a scheduling conflict. In one scene Orlando’s character is caught up in a on stage fight with his paralyzed bandmate ‘Delicious’ Dean O’Dwyer, played by theatre actor Christopher Thornton. The movie, which also stars Juliette Lewis, follows Delicious as he turns to faith-healing and mysteriously gains the power to cure the sick. However, his healing powers do not extend to himself. The film is directed by Just Like Heaven actor Mark Ruffalo, who is returning to work for the first time his his brother Scott died in a shooting incident in December. Ruffalo will also take an acting role in the film as a Jesuit priest who helps the DJ explore his gift and accept its limitations.

I’m still not sure if I can take Orlando (or his wretched wig) seriously in this role … I mean, just by judging the static photos alone, I can’t see him bringing this rocker character to life. That being said, Orlando is a superb actor and I have faith that he’ll be able to pull it off … I just can’t envision it yet. I don’t might at all seeing photos of Bloomie all half-nekkid … the leather pants, I’m a fan of. I’m sure it was pretty cool for the folks in attendance at last night’s taping to see Orlando Bloom in action. I can’t wait to see more.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Another Look At David Beckham’s New Armani Underwear Ads

Bigger is Better

Last week we got our first look at a new batch of Armani Underwear ads that feature David Beckham in his skivvies. Today, People magazine provides two of those images in a larger, more crisp format … so another look at Becks and his bulge tightly packed inside his Armani undies can’t hurt, right?

After causing a worldwide sensation with his debut set of ads for Emporio Armani’s underwear line, David Beckham is gracing us once again for the line’s spring campaign. Wife Victoria is also starring in her own moody black-and-white ads for the Italian brand that echo David’s images. We can’t imagine a better husband-and-wife duo for this particular modeling gig. Is it just us or is it getting hot in here?

Woot! These pics are just hot … I love how Becks‘s Armani Underwear ads just keep getting better. I also love that the Becks in his undies pics keep coming. YUMMO!!!!


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More Photos Of Matthew Mitcham In ‘The Advocate’

Just when you thought he couldn't look any hotter

Last Friday we saw the coverphoto of the new issue of The Advocate magazine which features the insanely-hot looking Aussie Gold Medal Olympian Matthew Mitcham lookin’, well, insanely hot. Today we get to see the photos from Matthew‘s Advocate photoshoot and, let me tells ya, the pics only get hotter and more impressive:

I mean … dayum. Matthew Mitchem has to have the sickest bod EVER. Very, very nice. After the jump, check out a few more photos of Matthew that are even more impressive than these are, trust me — you’ll know what I mean when you see them … More »

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Orlando Bloom Shows Off His Half-Nekkid Body

Lucky us

Orlando Bloom was spied on the set of his new movie Sympathy for Delicious which is currently filming here in SoCal … as you can see from the photos below, Orlando was very keen on showing off the 3 tattoos (2 fake, 1 real) on his nekkid torso … behold:

It’s a shame of the three tattoos on his bod, the only real one (the sun) is the lamest. But, if Orlando is willing to show off his tattoos (both fake and real) then I’m all for it. Isn’t it amazing how nekkid flesh tends to distract from atrocious hair? Woot! I’ll take the fugly wig anyday … as long as Bloomie keeps showing off ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

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