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Orlando Bloom Rocks Out For His New Movie

Bloom turns Rock Boy for 'Sympathy for Delicious'

Last weekend we got our first look at Orlando Bloom in full costume (er, or in half-nekkid costume, that is) on the set of his new film Sympathy for Delicious which is currently in production here in LA. Today we get to see a few new photos of Orlando almost as equally half-nekkid as he filmed scenes at an LA club last night for the film. Except for the hippie-esque nehru jacket, Orlando was really rockin’ the goth garb on set last night … much to the delight of fans/extras who were on hand to watch filming first hand:

Nail polish, wild hair and covered in tattoos, this is Orlando Bloom as you’ve never seen him before. The clean-cut Hollywood pin-up well and truly threw off his pretty boy image for his new role in the drama Sympathy For Delicious. The actor completely transformed his usually well-groomed appearance to play an aspiring rock star complete with fake tattoos, scruffy brown wig, heavy eye make-up and black nail polish. He filmed scenes for the movie at a theatre in downtown LA yesterday where he strutted around the stage shirtless – much to the delight of a screaming female audience. The 32-year-old star of Pirates Of The Caribbean stepped into the role after Milk actor James Franco pulled out at the 11th hour due to a scheduling conflict. In one scene Orlando’s character is caught up in a on stage fight with his paralyzed bandmate ‘Delicious’ Dean O’Dwyer, played by theatre actor Christopher Thornton. The movie, which also stars Juliette Lewis, follows Delicious as he turns to faith-healing and mysteriously gains the power to cure the sick. However, his healing powers do not extend to himself. The film is directed by Just Like Heaven actor Mark Ruffalo, who is returning to work for the first time his his brother Scott died in a shooting incident in December. Ruffalo will also take an acting role in the film as a Jesuit priest who helps the DJ explore his gift and accept its limitations.

I’m still not sure if I can take Orlando (or his wretched wig) seriously in this role … I mean, just by judging the static photos alone, I can’t see him bringing this rocker character to life. That being said, Orlando is a superb actor and I have faith that he’ll be able to pull it off … I just can’t envision it yet. I don’t might at all seeing photos of Bloomie all half-nekkid … the leather pants, I’m a fan of. I’m sure it was pretty cool for the folks in attendance at last night’s taping to see Orlando Bloom in action. I can’t wait to see more.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Another Look At David Beckham’s New Armani Underwear Ads

Bigger is Better

Last week we got our first look at a new batch of Armani Underwear ads that feature David Beckham in his skivvies. Today, People magazine provides two of those images in a larger, more crisp format … so another look at Becks and his bulge tightly packed inside his Armani undies can’t hurt, right?

After causing a worldwide sensation with his debut set of ads for Emporio Armani’s underwear line, David Beckham is gracing us once again for the line’s spring campaign. Wife Victoria is also starring in her own moody black-and-white ads for the Italian brand that echo David’s images. We can’t imagine a better husband-and-wife duo for this particular modeling gig. Is it just us or is it getting hot in here?

Woot! These pics are just hot … I love how Becks‘s Armani Underwear ads just keep getting better. I also love that the Becks in his undies pics keep coming. YUMMO!!!!


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More Photos Of Matthew Mitcham In ‘The Advocate’

Just when you thought he couldn't look any hotter

Last Friday we saw the coverphoto of the new issue of The Advocate magazine which features the insanely-hot looking Aussie Gold Medal Olympian Matthew Mitcham lookin’, well, insanely hot. Today we get to see the photos from Matthew‘s Advocate photoshoot and, let me tells ya, the pics only get hotter and more impressive:

I mean … dayum. Matthew Mitchem has to have the sickest bod EVER. Very, very nice. After the jump, check out a few more photos of Matthew that are even more impressive than these are, trust me — you’ll know what I mean when you see them … More »

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Orlando Bloom Shows Off His Half-Nekkid Body

Lucky us

Orlando Bloom was spied on the set of his new movie Sympathy for Delicious which is currently filming here in SoCal … as you can see from the photos below, Orlando was very keen on showing off the 3 tattoos (2 fake, 1 real) on his nekkid torso … behold:

It’s a shame of the three tattoos on his bod, the only real one (the sun) is the lamest. But, if Orlando is willing to show off his tattoos (both fake and real) then I’m all for it. Isn’t it amazing how nekkid flesh tends to distract from atrocious hair? Woot! I’ll take the fugly wig anyday … as long as Bloomie keeps showing off ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

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Morrissey Gets Nekkid For His New Single

It should be noted his disc is a 7"

Pink readers LyndyLoo and Mark have alerted me to the fact that Morrissey (alongside the lads in his band) has decided to appear nekkid on the innersleeve artwork of his new single I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris. Wearing only 7″ records (ahem) to cover their willys, Moz and his boys seem pretty proud to show off their stuff:

I gotta admit … I likes what I see. While the dudes in Mozzer‘s band (well, except for the guy directly to Moz‘s left) have pretty nice bodies to show off, I’m most impressed with Morrissey‘s sexy bod. As the elder statesman of mope/shoegaze rock, I think he has much to hold his head up and be proud of. After the jump, check out the uncensored semi-NSFW full size single artwork … More »

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Aussie Olympian Matthew Mitcham Does ‘The Advocate’ Magazine

Oh, yes, he does

Holy hotness, Batman! Australian Olympic Diving Gold Medalist, Matthew Mitcham, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of The Advocate magazine. Towleroad offers up a preview of the Aussie’s insanely killer magazine cover even tho neither the coverstory article nor the rest of the mag’s photos have been made available just yet. Feast your eyes on Mitcham‘s pretty stunning coverphoto:

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming issue of The Advocate which features a stunning set of photos and profile of Australia’s gay gold medal-winning Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham. Mitcham talks of the dive that was the highest-scoring in Olympic history: “I remember the things that I was thinking on the platform before the dive, and I remember what happened as soon as I hit the water. The dive itself is a bit vague. It felt good, although I wasn’t exactly sure. I did wait underneath the water a bit, thinking, I wonder…I wonder…I wonder… Then I popped my head out and the crowd was going wild…It was the most far-out experience. It just completely took me over and I just lost it.” He also talks about recently accepting Australia GQ’s Sportsman of the Year Award. “I think the last thing I said onstage there was, ‘Oh my God, I’m a homo and I just won the sports award.’ People just pissed themselves and thought it was hilarious.” Photo by Adam Pretty. The issue hits newsstands next week.

Wowzers. Swimmers have, like, the sickest bodies around … and Matthew Mitcham is a very good ambassador for hawt swimmers the world over, don’tchathink? This coverphoto is just … wow. I can’t wait to see the rest of the mag’s photos from this coverstory. After the jump, to tide y’all over ’til the other photos make their way to the Internets, check out a couple photos of Mitcham from the last time he appeared within The Advocate‘s pages last AugustMore »

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David Beckham Features In A NEW BATCH Of Armani Underwear Ads

Holy &%$#*&^% SHIZZ!!!

OH MY LORDY LORDY LORD! Earlier Wednesday I posted a newslink that pointed to a new Armani Men’s Underwear promo ad photo of David Beckham that I incorrectly assumed was an outtake from his previous Armani photoshoot. It appears now that the photo is from a NEW photoshoot for NEW Armani Underwear ads that will feature David Beckham and his famed bulge in provocative new poses … like this one:

Earlier this month, when Victoria Beckham‘s Armani Women’s Underwear ad photos came out (HERE and HERE), I hoped (and prayed, I ain’t gonna lie) that a new batch of Armani Men’s Underwear ads featuring our dear Becks would come out sometime soon … and it looks like my prayers have been answered as today I stumbled upon 3 new photos of Becks, bulge and Armani undies for our viewing pleasure. After the jump, check out the other 2 new photos … More »

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Ryan Reynolds Gets Bizzy In The Gym


Hugh Jackman wasn’t the only X-Men Origins: Wolverine star in Vancouver, Canada recently for reshoots … his co-star Ryan Reynolds (who plays Wade Wilson/Deadpool) was also spotted in town. Here are a few HAWT pics of Ryan workin’ out his hawt bod at a gym in Vancouver last Thursday:

Seriously, if there is ONE guy to rival Hugh Jackman‘s hawtness, it’s Ryan Reynolds. He is really workin’ that tank top shirt right. Those arms! I have to say that I really do commend Ryan for all his hard work. His commitment to staying physically fit is really appreciated by me and I’m pretty sure most of you Pink readers out there. We’ve only seen one promo pic from Wolverine but judging by that pic alone, Ryan is gonna look good in his Deadpool costume. I can’t wait to see more … hopefully with him wearing a lot less ;)

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Hot Dude Of The Week: Shane

Weekend Hotness

Huzzah! And Felicitations! It is time again to feast our eyes on the fabled Hot Dude of the Week … an enterprise that we undertake on a weekly basis in order to feast our eyes on the (usually scantily clad) made form … and this week is no exception. Say hello to Shane:

Click HERE to see more pictures of Shane
Baby, it’s cold outside … so what better way to warm the cockles of one’s heart (among the cockles of other parts of one’s anatomy) than with a nice, mostly nekkid dude like Shane. I must say … Shane is quite a big boy … that’s some USDA prime beef right there. With all the work that she must have to undertake in the gym to get this beefy, well, I don’t blame him for showing off a little bit. At least we can enjoy the fruits of his labor as well ;) Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: All American Guys]

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Clive Owen Hits The Caribbean Beach

Brings the sexy

While many folks are just now settling back into their work routines after enjoying somewhat extended vacation time over the holidays a few weeks ago, folks like Clive Owen are just now getting around to enjoying some vacay time … and, boy, am I ever grateful. Here are a few pics of hottie Clive maxin’ and relaxin’ on a beach in the Caribbean as he raises the roof and then settles back to soak up the rays:

I love that Clive knows how to accessorize on the beach, he looks great, yes? Clive is one of those subtle sex symbols … you don’t really think about him all that much and then he’ll show up in a film wearing a particularly sharp suit, you’ll hear his accent or you’ll see him half-nekkid on the beach and then PING! it hits you. Clive Owen should spend more time at the beach … here’s hoping his stay in the Caribbean is a nice and long one.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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