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Watch: Courtney Love Talks ‘Twibel’ In Episode One Of #CourtneyOn

And away she goes ...
"This is my second jury trial"

On Valentine’s Day, Courtney Love used her new You Tube channel to share love advice with the world. Today, we get to check out episode 1 of her webseries #CournteyOn wherein she talks a bit about the libel suit brought against her for a tweet she posted back in 2010. This “twibel” case went to a jury trial and Courtney won her case. For her webseries, she released a video that runs slightly longer than one minute to discuss her case in very little detail. I don’t understand why this video is so short, surely she had enough material to give us a video that was at least 5-10 minutes long but … 1 minute is all we get. If you have the time and inclination, you can watch the entirety of this webisode of #CourtneyOn in the embed above. I’m hoping that future eps of the series will be a bit longer and lot more substantial. I guess we’ll see.

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Watch: Courtney Love Dishes Out Love Advice On Her New Webseries


Last month we learned that Courtney Love launched her own You Tube channel because she plans on producing her own webseries. Last week, we got our first look what Courtney‘s new webseries #CourtneyOn will look like. On Valentine’s Day, Courtney participated in a Google+ Hangout where she doled out love advice to three lucky ladies. That hangout has been added to C. Love‘s You Tube channel and you can watch it in full above. It really looks like Courtney is going to make a serious go at utilizing her You Tube channel. And I have to say, she gave the ladies some really good advice. Check out the video and see what you think of #CourtneyLove On Love.

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Watch: Courtney Love Previews Her New Webseries #CourtneyOn

Just a taste
Too Much Amazing

Last month we learned that Courtney Love launched her own You Tube channel so that she could produce her own webseries … today, we get our first look at what her show will be all about. C. Love‘s new webseries has been titled #CourtneyOn (nice use of the hashtag) and it will basically be her commenting on people and things. Click the embed above to preview some of the stuff that Courtney will comment on in this new show to get a taste of what’s to come. So far, I like what I see … I just hope the series turns out as good as it looks.

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Watch: Bravo Host Andy Cohen Marries A Same-Sex Couple On ‘Watch What Happens Live: The Aftershow’

So much amazing
I now pronounce you Husband and Husband

Last night on the online-only aftershow of the Bravo TV late night talk show Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen officiated a same-sex wedding for a very cute couple LIVE for the whole world to see. I watch WWHL as it airs on Bravo but I don’t ever log on to watch the aftershow … so sadly, I missed seeing this live last night. Thankfully, Bravo has shared the video so that we can watch video of Daniel Cunningham and Ricardo Santiago gettin’ hitched right here, right now … and as many times as we like to our hearts’ content. Watch the video embedded above to see how adorable this little wedding ceremony turned out. Even tho there were a few jokes tossed in, the whole ceremony was really heartfelt and very very sweet. Congrats Daniel and Ricardo! Here’s to a very long, healthy and happy life together :)

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Watch: Courtney Love Launches Her Very Own You Tube Channel

OMG, This is going to be GOOD!
"Welcome to my ... f*cking web series"

Now that neither Amanda Bynes nor Paris Jackson need her help, it looks like Courtney Love has moved on to undertake other endeavors. As you may know, Courtney is planning to release a memoir at some point but before her book hits stores, she has decided to launch her very own You Tube channel. As you can see in the video embedded above, it would appear that C. Love is ready to bring her unique take on the world directly to fans straight from her own mouth on You Tube. Courtney refers to a “f*cking web series” so it’s likely that individual webisodes will be released on her channel. Click the video above to see the newly posted announcement video then click below for a more detailed explanation from Love herself of what this new You Tube channel will be all about. More »

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Watch: Henry Cavill Works Out With The US National Guard To Become The ‘Man Of Steel’

Dear Lord, THANK YOU!
Soldier of Steel

So … have you wondered what it took for Henry Cavill to sculpt his body to muscular perfection so that he could portray Superman in the new blockbuster film Man of Steel? Well, it took a lot of hard work … work that was done with some help from the US National Guard military unit. Cavill, as part of a promotional campaign for the film, worked out with members of the National Guard and filmed those work outs for us to watch and enjoy. Check out the embed above to watch Henry and the National Guard in action. It’s quite a sight to behold … over and over and over again :D Lordy, is it hot in here? Whew!

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Watch: ‘Game Guy TV’ Debuts Online Starring My Friend Darion Lowenstein

Players Wanted
Game On

My very good friend Darion Lowenstein has been a very bizzy guy over the past few months. In addition to working on various projects for his video game company Scopely and being an all around great friend, Darion has been putting together his own video game talk show for At long last, after many hours of hard work, Darion‘s show Game Guy TV is finally available for viewing. Click the embed above to watch a teaser video that gives you an overview of what the show will cover and then click below to see a couple of promo photos as well as the press release announcement. More »

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Watch: ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Contestant Delta Work Features In Her Own Episode Of ‘Ring My Bell’

Call She, Maybe?
Ring My Bell: Delta Work

Yesterday we learned that RuPaul’s Drag Race crowned a new winner for season 5 and as happy as that news may be, you might be feeling a bit lost without your favorite drag queens in your life anymore. Well, fear not! World of Wonder, the production company responsible for Drag Race, has launched a fun new web series titled Ring My Bell where WoW stars take calls from fans and … well … you’ll have to watch and see what happens. A new episode of Ring My Bell debutes each Thursday on World of Wonder‘s You Tube channel WOWPresents and this week’s ep features the fabulous queen Delta Work. The folks at WoW are giving us a first look at this week’s episode in the embed above so please enjoy. If you’d like to watch other episodes of Ring My Bell that feature folks like Willam Belli, Raja, Santino Rice and MORE make sure you head over to WoW‘s You Tube channel HERE.


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In The Spirit Of ‘Django Unchained,’ A New Slave Comedy Hits The Interwebs

'Off The Chain' Is Described As 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Meets 'Roots'
Awkward: Harriet Tubman Will Be At The Cotton Gin

Django Unchained was, IMO, the most entertaining, most amazing, most American story to hit theatres last year and I cannot wait to see it again in theatres… like… tomorrow. As we know, it’s been getting lots of attention during awards season, and it’s huge cultural impact is undeniable. Recently a friend pointed me in the direction of a new web series titled Off The Chain and as soon as  I started watching the first episode on Funny Or Die, I thought Oh! Django! And then I got nervous. Is the slave comedy about to be a… thing? Like… a genre? Am I cool with that? Well, the short answer is Yes, I am cool with that. But the more interesting question is whether or not it works. Peep the video above to check out the first episode of Off The Chain, and click inside for the second episode, which just debuted today!
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‘Dinner’ Plans

The TV Guide

Yesterday was a mostly quiet day for me. I stayed indoors pretty much all day long … it’s been cool, rainy and gloomy the past few days and, well, I kinda didn’t feel like going out to experience more gloom so I ended up camping out on the couch for most of the day. I did get out last night to meet up with my friends Gillian and Tim primarily because I haven’t been able to see them in forever. Their beautiful baby girl Gemma is growing up so fast, I decided spending some time with them last night might cheer me up a bit … and I was right. More »

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