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First Listen: Here Is A Teeny Tiny Sample Of Britney Spears’s New Single ‘Pretty Girls’

Tiny is better than nothing at all ;)
Don't Blink

Earlier today we saw a pair of behind the scenes photos shared by Britney Spears from the set of the music video for her new single with Iggy Azalea, Pretty Girls. Right now we get our FIRST LISTEN of the song by way of a fan shot video from the music video set. Britney and Iggy are filming Pretty Girls right now here in LA and an industrious fan with a mobile phone managed to film a tiny portion of the shoot … which includes a tiny sample of the song. It’s not much to listen to, unfortch, but it’s better than nothing. Watch the clip above AND DON’T BLINK. Then, click below to see a photo shot by a fan of Britney and Iggy tooling around in their Jeep on the streets of LA today. More »

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First Look: Netflix Releases A First Trailer For ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 3

"The world is better in black and white ... and Red"
"Welcome to Litchfield"

Early last month we learned that the upcoming third season of Orange is the new Black will premiere on Netflix on June 12 and today, at LONG last, we finally get to see the first trailer for the new series. Netflix released this first trailer for OITNB season 3 just moments ago and you can click the embed above to watch it. All of our fave characters are featured in this first trailer … along with the introduction of the new character Stella (played by Ruby Rose). We still have 2 months of waiting to go but this first look at season 3 of Orange is the new Black is an excellent tease. Check it out.

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Watch: The Original Cast Of ‘Twin Peaks’ Really Want David Lynch To Helm The Showtime Sequel Series

"Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like ..."

Earlier this week we learned the sad news that creator David Lynch has pulled out of having any involvement with the rebooted sequel Twin Peaks series that is (presumably still) headed for Showtime after financial negotiations reached an impasse. Today we get to see a video that features many of the original Twin Peaks castmembers lamenting the loss of David Lynch from the new Twin Peaks project. Each of the cast members — from Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) to Mädchen Amick (Shelly Johnson) to Catherine E. Coulson (The Log Lady) and even Jennifer Lynch (David Lynch‘s daughter) — included in this video complete the sentence, Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like … Click below to watch it in full. More »

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Confirmed: Daredevil Will Wear A Traditional Red Costume In The New Netflix Series

Red Alert

Up until today, in all of the promo photos and promo videos that we have seen from the Netflix original series Marvel’s Daredevil, it was presumed that the superhero would be wearing the simple black costume that we’ve been seeing in all of the promo materials. Today, Netflix reveals/spoils that Daredevil will, in fact, wear a more traditional red costume at some point in the series. My guess is that we will see an evolution of the Daredevil character that will start out with his more homemade-looking black costume and will eventually end up with his more comic book classic-looking costume. Click below to see the video that reveals for the first time Daredevil‘s new red suit. More »

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Watch: MTV Releases A Clip Of ‘Jurassic World’ Movie Footage

No dinos but lots of Pratt

Late last month, we got to see a new TV Spot for Jurassic World that featured a bit of new footage not previously seen in the earlier movie trailers. Today, courtesy of MTV, we get to see an actual scene from Jurassic World. Very unfortunately, tho, this clip of footage does not feature any exciting dinosaur scenes. This clip focuses solely on a (kinda boring) interaction between Chris Pratt‘s character Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard‘s character Claire Dearing. Chris looks good so, yes, this clip is worth watching (even tho BDH appears to play the same annoying character type that her career has been built upon). Have a look below. More »

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Listen: A New NIN/Carly Rae Jepsen Mash-Up Has Been Released And It Will Change Your Life

Truly, this is the best thing ever
This is the pinnacle of mash-up artistry

First, Carly Rae Jepsen got mashed-up with Nine Inch Nails back in 2013 … and today we learn that CRJ and NIN have been mashed-up again — and this one, by far, is the better of the two. An artist named YITT has mashed-up Jepsen‘s I Really Like You with Nine Inch Nails‘s Head Like a Hole to create the duet of your DREAMS! OMG. This mash-up is so flawless in its perfection that I could damn near cry at its beauty. Click the embed above to have a listen and see what you think. I have a feeling you’re gonna really, really, really, really like this as much as I love it.

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First Listen: A Clip Of A Previously Unheard Kurt Cobain Song, Featured In The Documentary ‘Montage Of Heck’, Has Been Released

Plus, Frances Bean talks to 'RS' mag about her father for the first time

Last month we learned that the upcoming documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck will feature a previously unreleased 12-minute song in its entirety. Today, to coincide with Rolling Stone magazine’s new cover story on Cobain, we get to hear a sample of his now released Kurt Cobain song. Additionally, we get to read excerpts from RS mag’s interview with Frances Bean Cobain (executive producer of Montage) where she talks for the first time about her late father’s legacy and the film she helped create to tell his story. Click below to hear this clip of new Kurt Cobain music and read portions of Frances Bean‘s interview with Rolling Stone. More »

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Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Releases Taraji P. Henson Promo Videos

Cookie cometh
'Don't ask questions you like the answers to, little boy"

Empire star Taraji P. Henson will be the guest host on Saturday Night Live this weekend and as you can see in the promo videos above, she is planning to BRING her fabulousness to the SNL stage. Expect to see a fun Empire skit, natch, but also expect to see Taraji slay the world as host. Mumford & Sons will be the musical guest but I’m so not trying to hear that. SNL will be all about La Henson and I cannot wait!

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First Look: Madonna Releases The Music Video For ‘Ghosttown’

It's the end of the world as we know it, apparently
"When it all falls, when it all falls down"

Yesterday we got to see a teaser for Madonna‘s music video for her new single Ghosttown and just moments ago, the video made its world premiere online. The Ghosttown video made it’s “official” premiere on the new live-streaming app Meerkat before it was released in full on You Tube (you may recall that her last video, for Living For Love, made its premiere on the Snapchat app). As you can see above, Madonna, actor Terrence Howard and a small Asian boy are the only people left in a post-apocalyptic world where music, dance and love is all that survives. Oh and capes, there are still capes in this Ghosttown world and Madonna is still wearing them (despite her previous problems doing so). Check out the video for Ghosttown above and see what you think. Do you like?

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First Listen: Here Is A Taste Of Kendrick Lamar’s Remix Of Kanye West’s Song ‘All Day’

Short but Sick!
This is the remix

Kendrick Lamar has remixed Kanye West‘s new song All Day and altho the mix isn’t quite ready for release in full just yet, a short snippet of the track has made its way online. Now, when I say short … I mean short … but in just the few seconds of music embedded above, I think we get a really good feel for how great Kendrick‘s remix of Kanye‘s song will be. Have a listen. This will surely be the best 7 seconds of music you will hear all day.

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