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First Look/Dopeness: Azealia Banks Is Biker Chic In The ‘Heavy Metal And Reflective’ Music Video

Someone please teach me to rap like this. Thx.
Heavy Metal Mermaid

Trent, I am so with you on this one: Heavy Metal And Reflective is a dope track. Can I just say that I love Azealia Banks‘s flow, and she is just so bomb sometimes? Hello? I be I be getting several, you be zero/Bet you pressed bitch/I be looking very heavy metal and reflective—what?! I love it. And I always love Azealia‘s videos; this one is no different. She gets kidnapped then rides out with biker gang, all the while looking very very heavy metal and reflective, and fly. Peep the video for more!


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Watch: Here Is Video Of Chris Pratt Rapping ‘Forgot About Dre’ By Eminem And It. Is. Epic.

Plus, he TOTALLY disses Orlando Bloom
Pratt Raps

Chris Pratt sat down for a radio interview this week to promote his blockbuster hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy and was asked about his favorite music. Chris revealed that he loved Dr. Dre‘s Chronic 2 (aka 2001, aka Chronic 2001) album so much that he knows every lyric to every song on the album … and the proceeded to bust out a killer performance of Forgot About Dre (Featuring Eminem). You have to watch the video above to see for yourself, it’s pretty epic. Make sure you watch the clip to the very end because Chris sneaks in a funny little diss toward Orlando Bloom which is kinda hilarious (even tho I’m Team Bloom). This video will make your day, I promise.

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Watch: HBO Shares A Stunning Video Of Beyoncé Performing ‘Drunk In Love’

"I been drankin', I been drankin'"

So, I’m sure those of you who clicked to see those gruesome photos of the now-fingerless guy from Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s On The Run concert here in SoCal over the weekend are looking for something to try and erase those images from your mind. Thankfully, HBO has released professional video of Bey performing Drunk In Love to promote her upcoming concert special for the network so … have a look above and feast your eyes on Bey‘s hot hot hot performance of Drunk In Love. No fingers were lost in the making of this video.

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Watch: A Local News Station In Detroit Reveals Arial Footage Of ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’

First Look
The Destruction of Metropolis

Channel 7 ABC news station WXYZ in Detroit used their traffic helicopter to film arial footage of the upcoming superhero film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, currently filming in the metropolitan Detroit area. As you can see in the clip above, the fictional city of Metropolis looks all messed up and stuff … clearly the fall out of a major battle … possibly between Batman and Superman. While we don’t get to see any of the actors in the film, this first look at the film set is still pretty cool. Enjoy.

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Vanilla Ice Has Something To Say About The New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Song

"It feels a little artificial"

A couple of weeks ago, we got our first listen of the new song featured in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Some of you may know that the last song featured in a TMNT movie was written and performed by Vanilla Ice (titled Ninja Rap [Go, Ninja, Go]) … so he has set the benchmark for all TMNT songs. As such, GQ magazine asked Vanilla Ice to comment on the new song, Shell Shocked by Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign, and you can read what he had to say about it below. More »

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Rihanna Unveils Her Newest Viva Glam Campaign Photo For MAC Cosmetics

"Comin @ ya this September!!"

A few days ago, Rihanna revealed that she is readying the release of a men’s fragrance called Rogue Man when she shared 3 promo photos from the ad campaign. Today Ri Ri shares another promo photo from another ad campaign, this time for her latest collaboration with MAC Cosmetics for their Viva Glam line of products. Viva Glam, as you may know, is a special like of cosmetics that are sold for the express purpose of raising money for HIV/AIDS research. Click below to see Rihanna’s new Viva Glam campaign photo for her new lipstick which will be released next month. More »

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Watch: Zoe Saldana Has Nothing But Lovely Things To Say About Britney Spears

BFFs for Life
"I have a huge amount of respect for Britney Spears"

Zoe Saldana paid a visit to Bravo TV‘s late night talk show Watch What Happens Live a few nights ago to promote her new movie Guardians of the Galaxy and she was asked to comment about her time working with our dear Britney Spears. As you SHOULD BE WELL AWARE, Britney, Zoe and Taryn Manning all starred together in the movie Crossroads back in 2002 … during her chat with host Andy Cohen on WWHL, Zoe gushed about how much she loved working with Britney and had the nicest things to say about her. Click the embed above to watch a portion of Zoe‘s appearance on WWHL and click to the 4:00 mark to see her talk about her former co-star and forever BFF Britney Spears.

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Watch: Here Is Video Of Vin Diesel Recording ‘I Am Groot’ In 5 Languages For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

Je suis Groot
"Yo soy Groot"

Chances are that you were among the folks who made their way out to movie theaters this weekend to see the #1 movie at the box office, Guardians of the Galaxy. Elsewhere in the world, Guardians also opened in theaters this week in various languages which meant that the voices in those films had to be recorded by native voice actors … except for Vin Diesel who recorded his lines in 5 different languages. As those of you who have seen the movie know, Vin only has one line of dialogue in the movie — I am Groot. Click the embed above to watch video of Diesel recording the line I am Groot in 5 different languages. Haha :)

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FIRST LOOK: Nicki Minaj Teases The Release Of The Music Video For ‘Anaconda’

You like big butts?
Just a taste

Last week we got our first listen of Nicki Minja‘s new single Anaconda and today we get our first look at the forthcoming music video. Nicki teased a short snippet of the full music video last night which gives us our first look at the booty gymnastics that she will deliver in the clip. As you may recall, Nicki delayed the release of Anaconda by a few days … very likely so that it wouldn’t interfere with the release of her Flawless remix with Beyoncé (which came out over the weekend). I like this preview clip of Nicki‘s booty clap. Do you?

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Beyoncé & Jay Z SLAAAAY LA With Their ‘On The Run’ Tour

The TV Guide

At long last, I finally got to experience Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s On The Run Tour in person last night and I can tell you right now, I was murdered right there in the Rose Bowl. I knew the show would be great but LORDE, I was not expecting it to be so big and so epic. Because I previously sprung for VIP tickets to see Beyoncé in concert before, I know that the ONLY way to see Bey live is up close and personal. I know I shouldn’t have done it but I sprung for the VIP tix next to the stage for the show last night and I LIVED MY LIFE like nobody’s biz. I took about a million photos and a few videos … some that you can see below. More »

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