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Watch: AMC Releases A Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Part 2

Survival, Baby!
"Surviving together is all that matters"

The Walking Dead will return with the second half of season 5 on February 8 and to get fans excited for the show’s return, AMC has released a new promo video for TWD. Survival is the name of the game in this new promo vid and even tho it doesn’t feature new footage from the show, it does give us a good look at our faves doing cool stuff in the foggy wilderness. I am SO ready for The Walking Dead to be back on the air, February 8 cannot get here fast enough for me.

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‘Scandal’ Star Scott Foley’s Directorial Debut Is A Must-Watch

'Let's Kill Ward's Wife' stars Foley, Patrick Wilson, and other hotties

If you’re following me on Instagram, you already know that the past few months have been very cool for me, at least in terms of my work. One major highlight was my interview with Scott Foley, after which I received many-a-crazed text message from friends and family members. It was awesome. As a long time Scandal fan, and proud, unwavering member of Team Jake, I practically fell over myself when reps for his movie reached out to me. It took everything in my to reply with, “Yes, I’d be interested in interviewing Scott Foley” as opposed to, “SPLOOOOOOOSH YESPLEASEMORETHANKYOUMMMHGSGAIUG” but I did it, and we had a great talk about his directorial debut, Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife. Click inside for more!

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First Listen: Marilyn Manson Releases His New Song ‘Cupid Carries A Gun’

You've heard this song before
MM's Theme

Marilyn Manson continues to promote the forthcoming release of his new album The Pale Emperor with the release of a song titled Cupid Carries A Gun. This song, tho, isn’t necessarily new as it is used as the theme song for the WGN series Salem (you may recall we got our first listen of the song as the Salem theme song back in April of last year). This is the first time we get to hear the song in full as it will appear on MM‘s new album so click the embed above and check it out. The Pale Emperor is out on January 20.

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Watch: Kelly Clarkson Enlists Daughter River Rose To Tease Her New Single ‘Heartbeat Song’

"Hey River, what are you listening to?"

Kelly Clarkson has been teasing the forthcoming release of her new single on Twitter for the past week or so and even though her new single won’t feature a guest performance by Dr. Dre (THAT I KNOW OF), we do know that it will be titled Heartbeat Song. Just a few minutes ago, Kelly posted a video on her official Twitter profile that gives us our first listen of Heartbeat Song. As you can see below, Kelly is using her adorable daughter River Rose to help promote the release of the song … which means you MUST have a look/listen immediately. More »

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Watch: MTV Will Air A New Nicki Minaj Documentary Titled ‘My Time Again’ On January 18

"Until you are in it, you really can't wrap your brain around it"
"No one could prepare for this business"

Back in 2010, MTV aired a Nicki Minaj documentary titled My Time Is Now. Well, it is — apparently — Nicki‘s time again because on Sunday January 18, MTV will air a second Nicki Minaj documentary titled My Time Again. As you can see in the just-released trailer above, My Time Again will showcase events in Nicki‘s life over the past half year as she worked toward the release of her new album The Pinkprint. Barbz and Kenz, this doc is for you.

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President Obama Will Propose Free Community College For Two Years To Students


The White House has announced that President Obama will unveil a proposal tomorrow that will offer two years of community college FREE to any student in the US who meets a minimum GPA. In addition, President Obama will also propose two years of free technical training to those who might want to take that route of learning, if they meet the requirements. The details of this new proposal, called America’s College Promise, will be announced in full tomorrow but a preview of the details has been posted on the official Facebook profile for the White House. Click below to see video of President Obama previewing his plan for this free college program. More »

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Watch: Here Is Video Of Lea Michele Performing ‘Let It Go’ On ‘Glee’

I can't let it go
'Glee' returns January 9

Last month we got a tease of Lea Michele performing the Frozen song Let It Go on Glee and we even got to hear audio of her full performance. Today, because I can’t seem to let Let It Go go, we get to see Lea‘s performance of the song as it will appear in the 2-hour final season premiere of Glee tomorrow night. The performance, as presented on the show, isn’t anything all that special nor is Lea‘s rendition but it is the biggest song of the year and, well, I still like the song … for the most part. The final season of Glee will premiere on Fox tomorrow night so make sure to tune in if you simply cannot get enough of this song :)

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Jamie Dornan Covers The New Issue Of ‘Details’ Magazine

The Dornan is in the 'Details'

Jamie Dornan is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Details magazine, which comes out just in time to help promote the release of the big screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, which opens in theaters on Valentine’s Day next month. The full text of Jamie‘s Details interview can be read HERE, where he talks about the worry that starring in the Fifty Shades movie franchise might do to his acting career. The photos, shot by Details magazine’s excellent photographer Mark Seliger, can be seen in the gallery presented here. You can also click below to watch very fun behind the scenes video from Jamie‘s Details photoshoot. He also answers more interview questions so, yes, it’s worth a bit of your time. More »

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Watch: Phylicia Rashad Defends Bill Cosby On National Television

She says her earlier comments were misquoted
"He's a genius ... he's kind, he's inclusive"

Earlier today we read quotes attributed to actress Phylicia Rashad that were made in defense of her friend and former co-star Bill Cosby (who has been accused by multiple women of rape and assault) and right now we get to see and hear Phylicia speak in her own words. Rashad gave an interview to World News Tonight on ABC to clarify her defense of Cosby. In the interview, she says she was misquoted in the earlier report and as you can see in the embed above, she is very clear with her words even as she continues to defend Bill Cosby and his legacy. Check out the video and hear what Phylicia Rashad has to say in her own words, from her own mouth.

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Watch: Here Are The Justin Bieber Promo Videos For Calvin Klein Underwear & Calvin Klein Jeans

You're Welcome / I'm Sorry

Yesterday we learned that pop star Justin Bieber has been selected as the new celebrity spokesmodel for Calvin Klein Underwear. As you recall, we saw a short teaser video and a couple of promo photos of JB as the new face/body of Calvin Klein. Today we get to see the first promo videos for both Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Jeans starring Justin Bieber and model Lara Stone. Click the embed above to see The Biebs as a CK Underwear model and click below to see him as a CK Jeans model. More »

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