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Watch: How To Destroy Angels Releases A Music Video For Their Song ‘The Loop Closes’

"The beginning is the end ..."
"... keeps comin' 'round again"

Trent Reznor‘s new collective How to Destroy Angels, which features Mariqueen Reznor, Atticus Ross and Rob Sheridan, has unleashed a new music video upon the world. This new video, which you can watch in full above, is for the mostly instrumental track The Loop Closes. Loop is featured on the new HTDA EP An Omen and is one of my fave tracks. Check out the embed above to see the vid in all it’s glitchy glory.

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Watch: Jack Kerouac’s ‘Big Sur’ Has Been Adapted For The Big Screen

From The Director Of 'The Astronaut Farmer'
'God Made This, And God Make That...'

Towards the end of 2012, many folks saw Jack Kerouac‘s writing come to the big screen via On The Road. The film received good reviews (including one from Trent) and soon we’ll be seeing more of Kerouac‘s work translated into film. Another classic novel of his, Big Sur, has been adapted and the trailer was just released. Michael Polish (The Astronaut Farmer) is directing, and Kate Bosworth and Jean-Marc Barr play the leads. I think the trailer has a good feel to it and I’m looking forward to seeing more (although I’m not familiar with the text). What do you guys think?

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Watch: Justin Timberlake Releases A Video, Officially Announcing His Return To Music

But No, No New Single... YET!
New JT Is Coming!

Earlier today Trent got us all hyped up for the possible, long-awaited musical return of the one they call Justin Timberlake. I know lots of us were hoping to hear a new jam, but it’s not happening today. However, y’all will be excited to know that it absolutely IS happening! At 9:01 am PST, just as promised, Justin tweeted a message to his fans: To whom it may concern…I think I’M READY! #JT2013. And he shared the above video, which shows him heading back into the studio! THEN, at the end of his video a countdown started on his official website, which leads me to believe that in THREE days, we’re gonna hear some new ish. Between this and Britney Spears‘s new album, methinks pop music is about to have a pretty ginormous year. Happy 2013, ya’ll! It’s going dooooowwwwwn!


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Watch: The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Children Rap Over The ‘GOT’ Theme Song

Because, Why Not?
A Rhyme of Ice and Fire

DVD box sets for TV shows come with all sorts of fun extra footage. Behind the scenes videos, on set interviews, rapping over the theme song … wait, what? Yes, that’s right, for the Game of Thrones season 2 DVD set, the young actors on Game of Thrones bust a rhyme over the GoT theme song. Click above to hear Maisie Williams (who plays Arya), Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa) and Isaac Hempsted Wright (who plays Bran) put their own spin on the GoT theme song. It’s cute, take a listen ;)

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Watch: One Direction Releases A Music Video For ‘Kiss You’

Pure Power Popalooza
"Baby say Yeeeeeeaaaaaeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh"

British boy band One Direction have been teasing the EFF out of the music video for their new single Kiss You and, at long last, the video is OUT! Click above to check it out in full … but be warned, the infectious catchiness of the song is contagious and you may be forced to hum the song for the rest of the day/your life. The video is annoyingly cute so, there’s that. Enjoy!

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Watch: ‘Pacific Rim’ Releases A New Trailer For CES

Monster Sink
"We always thought alien life would come from the stars"

Last month we got our first look at the first movie trailer for Guillermo Del Toro‘s new Monsters vs. Robots film Pacific Rim and today we get to see the just-released second trailer which was unveiled exclusive at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV last night. Altho CES didn’t start officially until today, little gems like this appeared online yesterday afternoon and evening. This new trailer isn’t all that different from the first trailer we saw but there are new scenes of monsters battling robots … which is always a good time. I cannot even tell you how excited I am to see this movie! Check out the trailer and Enjoy!

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First Listen: Prince Releases A New Song Titled ‘Same Page Different Book’

"Alright, Listen Y'all"
"What are we fighting for?"

Earlier today we got to hear the first new David Bowie song in about 10 years and right now we get to hear new music from another music legend who also recently released a new song. Prince is seemingly back with new music for 2013 with the cryptic release of a new song titled Same Page Different Book. The song was released via Twitter on an accounted named @3rdEyeGirl (“As promised… bootlegs 4 dayz”). It’s unclear if the song is an official release or if it’s a leak but … my gut tells me it’s an officially sanctioned viral leak of a new song that might prove to be a prelude to a new Prince album. Click above to hear the funky song in full and see what you think. I love it, it’s a really fantastic new jam. I really hope we get a new album soon … one can never have too much Prince music in one’s life.

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First Listen: David Bowie Releases A New Single, Announces A New Album

After a 10 Year Hiatus, Bowie is Back with New Music

Completely out of nowhere, and on his 66th birthday, David Bowie released a new single and music video titled Where Are We Now?, the first from his just-announced forthcoming album titled The Next Day. It’s been 10 years since Bowie released any new music so, obviously, we were all caught unawares. As soon as the single was released, social media exploded with the news. Click below to watch the music video for Where Are We Now?, check out the single and album art for Bowie‘s new single and album and find out what other songs will be featured on The Next Day, due out in March. More »

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Watch: Disney/Pixar Releases A Clip From Their New Short Film ‘The Blue Umbrella’

Released with 'Monsters University'
"Amidst the rain in a singing city"

Next June, Disney/Pixar will release the animated prequel film Monsters University in theaters and, as usual, they will also release an animated short film to go with it. Today we get our first look at a clip from the short film The Blue Umbrella that will show exclusively in front of Monsters University next Summer. This clip only gives us a taste of what’s to come but I think, based on what we see, Disney/Pixar have another hit on their hands. Check out the clip above and see what you think.

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Watch: Mariah Carey Talks About Feeling ‘Unsafe’ Around Nicki Minaj

“Anytime anybody’s reeling threats at anybody, it’s not appropriate.”

Back in October we first learned that new American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj got into a seriously serious screaming match during auditions for the show. In November, Nicki alluded to the incident on her E! reality TV special. Tonight, Mimi talks about it directly with Barbara Walters on Nightline. ABC News has provided a preview clip of Mariah‘s interview with Babs and as you can see below, she gets it all out there. More »

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