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Watch: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 Releases A Promo Teaser Featuring Daenerys Targaryen & Her Dragons

A Mother's Lament
"Can't Be Tamed"

Yesterday we got to see a MASSIVE batch of character posters for the upcoming 4th season of Game of Thrones on HBO and today we get to check out another promo goody. A short teaser video that focuses on Dani and her dragons has been released for our viewing pleasure. Click above to check it out. It’s a short clip but it does teach us a valuable lesson about raising dragons. Enjoy!

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Watch: Miami Beach PD Release New Jailhouse Footage Of Justin Bieber In Custody

Does this help or hurt his case?
Bizzle Walks the Line

Earlier this month we got to see surveillance video from inside the Miami Beach Police Department jail where Justin Bieber was taken last month after he was arrested on charges of drag racing, DUI and resisting arrest. As you may recall, that video showed JB getting searched by police just after his arrest while in custody. This week it was reported that more surveillance video would be released by police and right now, we get to see that footage. As I understand it, police believe that this video is their best evidence that Bieber was drunk when he was arrested … but it looks to me like he is walking that straight line pretty well. Check out the video embedded above to see the world’s most popular popstar trying to prove to police that he is not drunk. Do you think this video footage helps or hurts his case?

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Watch: Rihanna Joins Drake On Stage In Paris For A Performance Of Their Song ‘Take Care’

These Two
Quelle Surprise

Fans in attendance at Drake‘s concert at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy in Paris, France last night got a special surprise treat when Rihanna came out on stage to perform her duet Take Care with Drizzy. The pair (who have long been rumored to be romantically linked and were just spotted at a nightclub together in Paris Monday night) just so happened to both be in Paris at the same time so they thought it might be neat to perform together in order to drive the crowd wild. Check out the video above to watch Drake and Ri Ri do the damn thing together last night. Do you think these two are together together or is it more likely they’ve got a friends with benefits situation going on? Friends or more than friends?

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Watch: Kanye West Performs A Career-Spanning Medley Of Hits On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

Plus, Kanye talks Art with Seth in a reasonable manner
Greatest Hits Only

Kanye West took some time away from his Epic Concert Rant Tour to sit down and chat with Seth Meyers on his second night as host of Late Night on NBC. If you can believe it, Kanye showed that he can have a reasonable conversation about his art without yelling or cursing out anyone else, in a way that actually makes him come off as an intelligently creative person. Who knew? But, before we get to his interview, let’s take a look at his life musical performance from Late Night with Seth Meyers last night. Kanye busted out a career-spanning medley of his biggest hits … songs that have defined his musical evolution over the years. Click the embed above to watch Kanye perform his songs Jesus Walks, Touch The Sky, Stronger, Heartless, All Of The Lights, Mercy and Black Skinhead. Then, click below to watch his interview in full with Seth Meyers. More »

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Watch: HAIM Show They Know How To Boogie Oogie Oogie In The Music Video For ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’

Boogie Down Productions

HAIM, that sister band that has been infecting the airwaves with their catchy debut single The Wire for the past few months, have released a music video for their new single If I Could Change Your Mind. As you can see in the video embedded above, the sisters (Este Arielle, Danielle Sari and Alana Mychal) are out to prove that they can do more than just sing and player their instruments … they can also dance choreography with the best of them. Honestly, I’m not the biggest HAIM fan (mostly because they sound too much like Amy Grant for my liking) but there is something special about this video that appeals to me. Check out the video above and see if it appeals to you as well. Are there any big time HAIM fans out there? What do you think of the ladies’ dancing?

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Disney Introduces The Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon At Disneyland

The Inaugural Event Takes Place in November

Disney announced today that they will be hosting a new running event at Disneyland starting this Fall that will be themed around The Avengers which, I’m sure you can imagine, is AMAZING news for a geeky runner like myself. As you may know, I started training in March of 2012 so that I could run my very first half marathon at Disneyland that September. Since then, I’ve managed to keep on running and have completed to date 8 full marathons, 13 half marathons and quite a few 10K and 5K races (my 9th marathon will be the LA Marathon in 2 weeks). Among the races I’ve completed are quite a few Disney races including the Disneyland Half Marathon (twice), the Disneyland 10K, the Walt Disney World Marathon (twice), the WDW Half Marathon (twice), the WDW 10K, the WDW 5K and the WDW Tower of Terror 10 Miler (and I’m running the WDW Expedition Everest 5K in May) … SO OF COURSE I’m going to run this new Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon as well :D Woot!! More »

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Watch: Morrissey Concert Footage From 1991 Hits The Internets

He hates it when his friends become successful
Live 10.31.91

This week Morrissey‘s classic album Your Arsenal has been remastered and rereleased for sale and included with the CD version of the album comes an entire live Moz concert that was filmed at the Shoreline Amphitheater way back on October 31, 1991. Video of his performance of We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful, taken from that live show, has been made available for viewing online and you can do so by clicking the embed above. Your Arsenal is one of my all-time favorite albums so I’m very excited that it has been remasters for rerelease … but I’m MOST interested in getting my hands on the DVD of this live performance from ’91. I was too young to see Morrissey in concert during his hey day (which is why I do my best to see him in as much as I can these days) so I’m really excited that this particular concert has been released. Enjoy this performance of We Hate It … and then get your buns down to your local independent record store and pick up the remastered rerelease of Your Arsenal like a good little Moz fan.

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Watch: HBO Releases A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 Promo Video Featuring The Dwindling Stark Family

The Survivors
Meet the (remaining) Starks

As we get closer to the season 4 premiere of the HBO series Game of Thrones, we continue to enjoy fun new promo items to get us excited for the show’s return. Earlier this month we got to see the epic second trailer for GoT season 4 and today we get to check out a just-released new promo video. This video focus solely on one of the most important families in the world of Game of Thrones. Click the embed above to watch the just-released video that showcases the remaining members of the dwindling Stark family and stay tuned … there are more fun promo items on the way!

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First Look: A First Full-Length Trailer For ‘Godzilla’ Has Been Released

And it shows ACTUAL footage from the film
"In 1954, we awakened something"

Back in December we got our first look at a teaser trailer for the upcoming film remake of Godzilla. Last week, we got to see how big the new Godzilla monster really is in the film’s first movie poster. Today we get to see an actual, full-length movie trailer for Godzilla that shows us actual footage from the film. Yes, there are peeks at the monster itself but we don’t get to see much of the giant lizard. We DO get to see enough film footage to give us a pretty good understanding of the film’s storyline. I’m not sure what it is about this trailer but I actually felt a bit of fear in the city destruction scenes. At around the 2:00 mark, when you see this giant monster laying waste to everything in its path … and then it roars? Uh, yeah, I felt some feelings. Check out the trailer above and see what you think. Thus far, I am loving what I’m seeing.

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Cibo Matto Returns, Thoroughly Slays LA

The TV Guide

Last night I made my way to the El Rey Theater to see the amazing band Cibo Matto live on stage for the first time since 1998. I heard a few weeks ago that Cibo Matto was releasing a new album and when I found out that they would be playing LA on tour, I knew I had to see them live. Honestly, I had forgotten how great their music was but last night’s show, chock full of their greatest hits and select new songs, not only took me back but reminded me how much I’ve missed them! Click below to see a few photos and a couple of short Instagram videos from the show last night and get a tiny taste of what their live experience is like. More »

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