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First Listen: Hilary Duff Releases Her NEW Single ‘Chasing The Sun’

'Sun' shines
Ooooh Ooooh

Last week, Hilary Duff teased her new single Chasing the Sun. Today, we get to hear the song in full. As a HUGE Hilary Duff fan, I have to say A.) I’m very excited that Hil. D is putting out new music and B.) I love the new music she’s putting out. Chasing the Sun is a very cute little pop song, perfect for the summer. Click the embed above to give it a listen and see what you think.

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Watch: ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star Charlie Hunnam Shared A Hilarious Message To The Attendees Of San Diego Comic-Con

The MUST WATCH video of the day
"Hello, lovely people of Comic-Con"

Charlie Hunnam, the star of the FX series Sons of Anarchy, was unable to attend San Diego Comic-Con this week to promote the show and as a consolation prize, he sent a video message that was played in his stead. I don’t want to give too much away because the video works really well if you just watch it without explanation. I will let you know that the video is funny and sexy and DEFFO worth your time. Click the embed above and enjoy (I know you will).

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First Look: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Releases A First Trailer

The Reboot
2015 Belongs to the Mad

Because everything that is old must be repackaged, revamped and rebooted into something new … we get to see, today, the first trailer for the upcoming reboot of Max Max. Titled Fury Road, this new version of the movie (which originally starred Mel Gibson and Tina Turner) stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. I only saw the 1980 Mad Max movie once, many years ago so I’m not too familiar with the overall story. This new version looks gritty and more serious. I love Tom Hardy so I’m intrigued, are you? Click the embed above to check out the trailer and see what you think.

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First Look: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′ Teaser Trailer Is Here!

feat. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore & Natalie Dormer
"Are you here to fight with us?"

Over the weekend I shared some great pictures from the San Diego Comic-Con Hunger Games: Mockingjay event, and I mentioned that fans there got a look at the new trailer for the movie. And today we have our first look as well! For me, the best/worst part was seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman (Plutarch Heavensbee) in the beginning of it. But yeah, it looks pretty awesome. Peep the trailer for more!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 hits theaters November 21.


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FIRST LOOK: Here Is A 5-Minute Clip Of The ‘Family Guy’ & ‘The Simpsons’ Crossover Episode

"I think you are I are going to get along juuuust OK"
"This seems like a one-shot deal"

Back in May we got to check out a pair of promo photos for the much-anticipated Family Guy & The Simpsons crossover episode, set to air on Fox this September. Today, courtesy of San Diego Comic-Con, we get our first look at footage from the ep. A preview video was shown at SDCC this weekend that teases 5 minutes of footage from the ep which you can watch in full above. Some of the jokes are expected but I think you will LOL once or twice. This is a match-up made in animation heaven. This Family Guy & The Simpsons crossover ep will air on September 28 as the 26th season premiere of The Simpsons. Enjoy!

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Amber Rose Is Trying To Get Everyone Pregnant With These New Baby Bash Photos

I am so happy right now.

I consider myself to be an unofficial expert in taking hella cute baby photos, so you can trust me when I say that this photo you’re about to see will make you explode with pure happiness and joy. Y’all know I love checking in on Wiz Khalifa‘s wife Amber Rose and their baby boy Sebastian, so I was psyched to see she’d posted some new pictures. This boy is getting biiig, and remains super cute. Click inside for more!
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First Look: Justin Long Turns Into A Walrus In Kevin Smith’s New Movie, ‘Tusk’

Also starring Haley Joel Osment, which is great
'I don't wanna die in Canada.'

OMG, what is this movie?! I truly have no idea what I just watched, but since it’s a Kevin Smith movie (and he’s responsible for one of my favorite movie characters of all time), I’m kind of into it. Tusk stars Justin Long and Haley Joel Osment, and it’s being described as a “wacky horror thriller” about a man who gets turned into a walrus. Lots of weirdness in the trailer, and lots of great jokes about Canada, so peep the video for more!

Tusk trailer just debuted at Comic-Con and it will be released on September 19.

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Watch/Gross: Why Is Jon Hamm Spitting All Over Jimmy Fallon?

They were on an '80s TV show together, so there's that...

I’m having one of those moments where I realize I am totally and completely obsessed with Jon Hamm. I know it’s cliche, I know I’m in the company of millions, but I just effing love this guy. Everything he does, I find enjoyable, lmao! So please enjoy this video with me, in which he spits and drools crackers and coffee and pie out of his mouth, directly at Jimmy Fallon and still—miraculously—is charming. And, of course, Jimmy can’t hold it together. It’s awesome.



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Watch: ‘Vikings’ Season 3 Releases A First Trailer

"I see a river, two shores, three sides"
"I have no answers"

And the goodies coming out of San Diego Comic-Con just keep on getting better … The History Channel unveiled the first trailer for season 3 of Vikings and as you can see above, it’s a damn fine trailer. Vikings is absolutely one of my favorite shows on TV and I am THRILLED that it is coming back for a third season next year. This first trailer is a great tease for what we can expect in the coming season without giving away too much of anything. The Seer is one of my fave characters on the show and I love that he’s the star of this trailer. Vikings fans, you have to watch this video now … and repeatedly.

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Watch: Here’s One More Hilarious Blooper Reel, ‘Game Of Thrones’ Style

'Do I say something? Is it me? What do I say?'
GoT bloopers make life happy

As I mentioned earlier, I am finally, officially watching Game of Thrones. My entire world currently revolves around HBO Go and I’m about 5 episodes into the first season. So, honestly—I didn’t watch this whole blooper reel because I caught a few small spoilers in the beginning, just from the context of the jokes—and I want to save myself! But what I did see was really funny, so peep the video for more!

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