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Watch: Here Is The First Trailer For The 7th Season Of ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

"The Friend Contract is DEAD!"
This season on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Earlier today we learned of the POSSIBILITY that Bethenny Frankel may return for the upcoming new season of The Real Housewives of NYC (which Bethenny has neither confirmed nor denied) and right now, we get to check in with the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The 7th season of RHOA will premiere on Bravo on November 9 and as you can see in the just-released first trailer above, the new season is full of D-R-A-M-A. There are new Housewives this season (Demetria McKinney and Claudia Jordan) who will, of course, rile up the other castmembers. Porsha Williams has been demoted from a full castmember to just a recurring castmember (much like the Countess LuAnn de Lesseps was demoted on RHONY) and Phaedra was forced to call the cops on her estranged husband Apollo. Yes, the new season looks goooooood, y’all. Get your first look at the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta above and determine if the new season looks interesting to you.

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Watch: ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Releases A First Trailer AND IT IS AMAZING

"Where are the freaks?"

OH MAN! After a couple months of teasing us with short promo videos, American Horror Story: Freak Show has just released the first proper trailer for the new season AND IT IS EVERYTHING! Click the embed above to see actual footage from the forthcoming season of Freak Show and get ready because even tho you think you’re ready, I know you’re not really ready for the PREMIERE of AHS: Freak Show on October 8. If you can’t watch the trailer above or you just ONLY want to get another GREAT look at the scary ass villain known as Twisty the Clown, you can have a look below. OMG. This season is going to rule all. RULE ALL, I tells ya! More »

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Watch: Here Is Your FIRST LOOK At The First Trailer For ‘TAK3N’

'Taken 3' hits theaters in January
"I'm going to finish this"

Last week we learned the exciting news that a third Taken movie is coming our way and today we get to check out the just-released first trailer for TAK3N! Liam Neeson and co. will be back in movie theaters in January with the third and SUPPOSEDLY final Taken movie and I couldn’t be more excited. Let’s stop blabbing and get down to watching the trailer. We learn a LOT about the plot in this first trailer so have a look and see what you think. TAK3N opens in theaters on January 9.

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Watch: ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Releases A Second Trailer

I hate that I'm excited for this movie

Back in June we got to check out the first trailer for the new sequel film Dumb and Dumber To, due out in November, and today we get to check out the just-released second trailer for the flick. This trailer has been released for airing on TV and it features a lot of the same footage from the first trailer … but it’s still very funny. I don’t know WHY but I am really looking forward to this movie. I remember hating Dumb and Dumber when it was released in theaters but having seen it on TV multiple times since, I’ve gotten a strange appreciation for the mindless popcorn movie. The trailer for Dumber To make me believe that this sequel is going to be fun. This is what Jim Carrey does best so … I’m in. Are you?

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LMAO: Kanye West Asked Seth Rogen And James Franco To Perform ‘Bound 2′ At His Wedding

This would have been incredible.

Seth Rogen and James Franco have some seriously hilarious Kanye West stories under their belt. This one is hilarious. Apparently, Kanye lit’rally called Seth Rogen up one day, and pitched him an idea that was probably the worst idea, but also would have been incredible. I’m so, so, sad that this didn’t happen. Remember the Bound 2 video? Yeah, no, me too. I’ve also deleted that from my memory for all time. But, remember Seth and James‘s Bound 2 parody, Bound 3? Of course you do. Well, Kanye loved that video so much, he made a special request to see it live… at his wedding. LMAO… please click inside for more!

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First Look: ‘The Good Wife’ Season Six Preview Looks Amazing

It's going down tonight!
Florrick, Lagos, and...

Okay, Good Wife fans. I’m not going to spoil you, but I will say that one of my writers at Paste just sent me her review of tonight’s season premiere and she gave a 10/10. She’s a tough critic, and the ONLY time she has given that score before was for the season finale of The Americans back in May. Check out the preview above for tonight’s Season Six premiere and GET READY/YOU’RE NOT READY!

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First Look: Christoph Waltz And Amy Adams Are Incredible In Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’

Also starring Krysten Ritter and Jason Schwartzman
"Sadly, people don't buy Lady Art."

We heard about this movie ages ago, and the trailer for Big Eyes is finally here! I have to say, I was excited based on the casting news we heard back in April of last year, and now I remember why. Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams in a Tim Burton movie (based on a true story, and set in the ’50s and ’60s) is brilliant. Adams plays a painter whose life takes a complicated turn when her husband (Waltz) decides to take credit for her paintings so that people will buy them. This looks amazing, and I’m truly excited. Peep the video for more!


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Watch: For Some Reason, A Sequel To The Nazi Zombie Horror Film ‘Dead Snow’ Is Headed Our Way

'RED vs. DEAD'
The zombie Nazis of 'DØD SNØ' are BACK!

Back in 2009, I saw a Norwegian horror film titled Dead Snow (Død Snø) that I found ridiculously entertaining. Later this year, a sequel titled Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead will be released in theaters and by the look of the trailer embedded above, this follow-up movie looks like it will be even more ridiculously entertaining. It would seem that Død Snø 2 will be a bit more humorous than the first film, which I think works for a movie about zombie Nazis. Have a look at this trailer and see what you think. If you are a fan of Dead Snow then I’m gonna guess that you may also be a fan of Dead Snow 2.

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Watch: Neil Patrick Harris Releases A Brilliant Video Trailer For His Autobiography

Pick One
Choose Your NPH

Back in May we got our first look at the cover of Neil Patrick Harris‘s upcoming autobiography titled Choose Your Own Autobiography. Today we get to see the just-released video trailer for the book. In only the most cleverest NPH way, this trailer shows you exactly why YOU MUST buy his book as soon as it is released next month. You will note that NPH is wearing his new wedding band in the video so, yeah, you’re gonna wanna watch the whole thing. Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris will be released on October 14.

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First Look: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′ Releases A First Trailer

"Miss Everdeen, it's the things we love most that destroy us"
"I never wanted any of this"

It’s here! The first full-length trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 has been released and as you can see above, it looks like the movie is going to be a HUGE improvement from the book. It’s very rare that I prefer a movie adaptation to the original book source material but Mockingjay was not my fave book of the Hunger Games series. This first look at the movie version already looks much more exciting and engaging than the book … but, obvs, I’m making a snap judgement. Thus far, Mockingjay has been promoted with promo photos and posters. Now that the trailer is out, we can look forward to seeing actual footage from the film before it is released in theaters on November 21. This movie looks great! Do you love this trailer or what?!

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