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New ‘The Hateful Eight’ Trailer Drops, Proving We Won’t Be Boycotting Tarantino


So much for all the brouhaha about police across the country boycotting Quentin Tarantino's films after he spoke at an anti-police brutality rally in NYC! The new trailer for his eight film, fittingly named The Hateful Eight just dropped, and while it doesn't necessarily look better than any of his past films, IMHO, it's still going ...

Watch: You Can Now See President Obama Make History On ‘Fixing The System’


Last night I didn't get to it, but HBO premiered the highly anticipated documentary VICE Special Report: Fixing the System. I'm about to watch now, and I hope you all will tune in. Mass incarceration and its relationship with American racism is an incredibly important topic. Ta-Nehisi Coates' Atlantic cover story is a must-read on ...