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Watch: Here Is Video Of Nancy Grace Debating Marijuana Legalization With 2 Chainz


Nancy Grace invited rapper 2 Chainz to appear on her HLN show Nancy Grace to debate the merits of marijuana legalization and, as you might have guessed, their showdown was wholly entertaining. Grace, who I have a hard time stomaching, kept pinning her argument against the legalization of marijuana on the story of a ...

Watch: This Fanmade Movie Trailer Pits The Marvel Comics Superheroes Vs. The DC Comics Superheroes In An Epic Showdown


An industrious fan compiled footage from various movies, TV shows and video games to put together an impressive video trailer for an imagined movie that would pit the superheroes from the Marvel Comics universe against the superheroes from the DC Comics universe in an epic battle royale that will likely NEVER actually take place on ...

Ariana Grande Responds To Bette Midler’s Criticism, Bette Has The Final Word


Yesterday we learned that legendary singer Bette Midler went on the record in a new interview to describe Ariana Grande as a "ridiculous" singer with a "silly voice". Elsewhere in her interview comments, Bette also voiced her opinion on Ariana's misused sexuality. In response, Grande took to Twitter to fire back at Bette's ...