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Mark Ruffalo Shares New Photos From The Set Of ‘The Avengers: Age Of Ultron’

The Inside Scoop

Last week, actor Mark Ruffalo (who plays The Hulk/Bruce Banner in The Avengers) posted a photo that he says he wasn’t supposed to snap on the set of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Today we get to see two more photos that Ruffalo snapped and shared from the set, which seems to suggest that he has been given the green light by the powers that be at Marvel to share the photos. This time around, Mark shared two photos of two of his co-stars … which you can see in full below. UPDATE: Robert Downey, Jr. shares an on set photo of his own, see it below. More »

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Here Are Photos Of Gisele Bündchen Modeling Swimwear For H&M

Summer Begins Now

Earlier this week we got to see the the Heart of Glass music video that Gisele Bundchen released in conjunction with H&M for their new summer swimwear campaign. Today we get to see photos of Gisele in the new H&M summer ad campaign and as you can see in the gallery presented here, the supermodel is rocking these new summer looks right. This new line of summerwear will hit H&M stores worldwide shortly. In the meantime, enjoy this first look at the outfits as they look on Gisele‘s model-perfect body.

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Beyoncé & Jay Z Are APPROVED To Play A Stadium Concert In Pasadena, CA

It looks like the 'Mr. & Mrs. Carter' Show is really happening

A week ago today we heard the VERY EXCITING report that Beyoncé and Jay Z are planning to go on a joint stadium tour later this year and altho the pair have yet to formally confirm the news, we learn today that B-Jay successfully lobbied the city of Pasadena, CA to play a joint concert at the Rose Bowl in August. Shows at the Rose Bowl require approval by the city of Pasadena when the limit of concerts per year is exceeded. The Rose Bowl is already overbooked for shows in 2014 so Beyoncé and Jay Z had to ask special permission to play there this year. The great news is that they’ve been approved … which seems to be a STRONG indication that the so-called Mr. & Mrs. Carter Show Stadium Tour is deffo going to happen. More »

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First Look: Veruca Salt Releases A Music Video For ‘The Museum Of Broken Relationships’

Whole Again

Last Saturday, in honor of Record Store Day 2014, the original members of Veruca Salt released their first new single in 16 years on the double A side 10″ The Museum of Broken Relationships and It’s Holy (with their 1993 single Seether as the B side). Today, we get to SEE the newly reunited Veruca Salt in the just-released music video for The Museum of Broken Relationships. We may have heard the song a few days ago but this is our FIRST LOOK at Nina Gordon, Louise Post, Steve Lack and Jim Shapiro together as Veruca Salt once again. AHHHH!!! My very good friend Gary Kourdan directed the music video and I must confess, I was able to preview this video last week … I’ve been DYYYYYYING for it to be released so I can share it with all y’all. Veruca Salt is back, like, FOR REAL! The vocals, the harmonies, the guitars, the bass, the lyrics, the drums — VERUCA SALT IS BACK! Don’t mind me, I’ll just be playing this video on repeat for the next few years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do <3

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Kelly Clarkson Takes Her Baby Bump Out For A Stroll

She put a ribbon on it

Back in November, Kelly Clarkson announced that she and new husband Brandon Blackstock were expecting the birth of their first child together but it took until January for us to get our first peek at her burgeoning baby bump. It has taken until TODAY for us to get our second look at Kelly‘s belly as she enters her approximately 30th week of pregnancy. As you can see below, Kelly is rocking her bump like a boss :D More »

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First Listen: Lily Allen Namechecks Rihanna, Lorde, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga & More In Her New Single ‘Sheezus’

Plus, check out the 'Sheezus' album tracklisting
She is Risen

Back in February Lily Allen announced that her new album would be named Sheezus and in March she dropped the music video for her most recent single Our Time. Today we get our first look/listen of the title track of Lily‘s new album which, as you can hear above, namechecks a few of Allen‘s popstar contemporaries … Beyoncé, Lorde, Katy Perry, etc. The song is a slower jam (produced by DJ Dahi), the lyrics are fantastic (I’ll take the hits, roll with the punches / I’ll get back up, it’s not as if I’ve never done this / But then again, the game is changing / Can’t just come back, jump on the mic and do the same thing) and the video itself is kinda freaky. Sheezus has risen, y’all. After you watch the video above, click below to see the full tracklisting for the Sheezus album which hits stores on May 6 here in the US. More »

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Rebel Wilson Shares The First Photo From The Set Of ‘Pitch Perfect 2′

"1st day of rehearsals"

Back in February we learned officially that the cast of Pitch Perfect would be returning for a much-anticipated sequel and last night, actress Rebel Wilson shared the FIRST PHOTO of members of the cast on the first day of rehearsals for Pitch Perfect 2 on her official Twitter profile. Folks, me included, have been dying for a Pitch Perfect sequel and this first look at the follow-up film is VERY EXCITING! Have a look below to see the photographic proof that PP2 is a go. More »

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Watch: Stephen Colbert Delivered His Own ‘Top 10′ List On ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ Last Night

The "New Kid"
The Top 10 Cocktails for Santa

Last night, Stephen Colbert paid his first visit to The Late Show with David Letterman since it was announced a couple of weeks ago that he has been chosen to succeed Letterman as host of the late night talk show when he retires next year. As expected, all Letterman and Colbert talked and joked about was Stephen‘s forthcoming ascension to the hosting gig of The Late Show. Colbert revealed that he was up for an internship on The Late Show many years ago but he decided not to accept the position. As part of the application process back then, he submitted a Top 10 List that he wrote for the show and read that list on air last night. Click the video above to see the Top 10 Cocktails for Santa as delivered by Stephen Colbert. Then, click below to watch a couple extra video clips from The Late Show last night as well as a fun selfie that Stephen snapped with Dave on set last night. More »

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Stephen Colbert Visits ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ Tonight

Gettin' the lay of the land

Last week we learned that Stephen Colbert would be paying a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman and tonight’s the night. Colbert, as you may be well aware, has been tapped to replace Letterman as host of The Late Show when he retires next year and tonight’s episode of the show is the first that Colbert and Letterman meet face to face on national TV since the deal was announced. I can only imagine what these two guys will have to talk about on The Late Show tonight. More »

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Watch: Tori Amos Talks Experimentation On Her New Album ‘Unrepentant Geraldines’

"People will hear each song, hopefully, as a sonic painting"
"I needed to try things"

Tori Amos has been promoting the forthcoming release of her new album Unrepentant Geraldines like a boss in recent weeks. Yesterday, we got to see a cute selfie that she snapped during her media promo tour in Paris, France but for the most part, she’s been releasing interview snippets at pretty regular intervals. Today we get to see a short snippet of video where Tori talks a bit about the experimentation she did on her new album. We still have a few weeks left to go before Unrepentant Gerladines is released so I guess we’ll have to make do with these promo bits in the meantime.

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