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Pandora is back!


  The legendary movie maker James Francis Cameron announced this past Thursday, on a surprise guest appearance in Las Vegas, that there will be four “Avatar” sequels. Not two or three, but four. Cameron said that he was originally aiming for three sequels, however due to the great amount of material, he faced limitations within the ...

Watch: The Trailer For ‘Love And Friendship’ Gives Us A Peek At The Hilarious World Of Jane Austen


Even if you're not a fan of Jane Austen's novels and the movies based on those novels, you might still find something to enjoy in Love and Friendship, the big screen adaptation of Austen's epistolary novella, Lady Susan. Starring Kate Beckinsale as Lady Susan, the movie follows the widowed lady as she stays with her ...

Stacey Dash Attacks Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Speech: ‘Quit Being Chicken Little’


What the heck is this chick saying? Stacey Dash must be on something because why would she purposely attack Leonardo DiCaprio and his well-received Oscar speech. After her awful appearance at this year's Academy Awards, I think it's time for her to stop talking — at least for a little bit. Anyway, she seems to think ...

Host Chris Rock Teases It’s Going To Be A #Blackout Good Time At The Oscars


The 2016 Oscars host Chris Rock has stayed relatively quiet about the whole #OscarsSoWhite controversy, only tweeting a quippy comment right after nominations were announced. When the all-white acting nominees list sent everyone into overdrive, Rock simply tweeted, "The #Oscars. The White BET Awards." Succinct and funny. Now, it's almost time, and people are wondering ...

Les News, 020916


• If you can guess the name of Kanye's album, you'll win a prize [Idolator]• Bryan Fuller is taking over the new Star Trek series [Buzzfeed]• The Daily Show calls out Beyonce's Super Bowl critics [PopSugar]• Who do we think Liam Neeson's secret girlfriend is? [LaineyGossip]• Jacob Tremblay is winning awards season [Socialite Life]• Wishing DMX ...

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