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Becks's First Date, Kendrick's Orig Album Title, Joni Hospitalized

  • Rihanna has titled her new album R8ed seX and has announced a release date []
  • • This might be the greatest story in all of human existence [Buzzfeed]
  • January Jones and Will Forte, eh? [PopSugar]
  • Beyoncé so got dragged into all this TIDAL biz, you know [LaineyGossip]
  • Ryan Reynolds has big plans for his daughter James [Celebuzz]
  • David Beckham went on son Brooklyn‘s first date [Socialite Life]
  • • I just love Janelle Monaé [MuuMuse]
  • • The original title of Kendrick Lamar‘s album was meant to honor Tupac Shakur [Idolator]
  • • Nope, the Clooneys are not getting divorced [GossipCop]
  • • Who isn’t mocking Indiana for being an asshole? [Towleroad]
  • • Muse At Large [Oh La La]
  • Kit Harington would rather you not sexually objectify him [Queerty]
  • • The Greatest Pranks in History [Ranker]
  • • The governor of Arkansas refuses to be as homophobic as the governor of Indiana [Newser]
  • Joni Mitchell hospitalized but in stable, good condition [Starpulse]
  • Giuliana Rancic says she knows she’s too skinny [Global Grind]
  • Sam Huntington is 33, Rachel Maddow is 42, Method Man is 44 and Debbie Reynolds is 83 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Jay-Z’s New Music Streaming Service Looks Like Spotify But Is More Expensive

Does the world need another music streaming service?

Yesterday, Jay-Z and a supergroup of his most famous musician megastars announced the launch of a new music streaming service called TIDAL that is meant to offer the same services that Pandora, Spotify and Beats offers … but for more money. The idea is that the more expensive service from TIDAL will offer higher quality music streaming and will pay artists whose music is available on the service more money. I mean, everything about this sounds like it’s just not going to work but I’m deffo not their target demo. I don’t use streaming music services so none of the services available really appeal to me. After all of these megastars — including Madonna, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Daft Punk, Jack White and others — hosted the TIDAL press conference, the criticisms and jokes from fans started to pour onto social media. Madonna, in particular, responded to critics on Instagram and, well, the whole thing was kind of a shizzshow, if you ask me. If you’re interested in wading into the mess, click below. More »

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Kelly Rowland Shows Off Her Baby Boy On The Cover Of ‘Essence’ Magazine

Hello there, Titan Jewell

Back in November Kelly Rowland gave birth to a son that she named Titan Jewell. Shortly thereafter, Beyoncé shared a cute photo of Titan‘s little hands. In December, Kelly continued to tease showing off her baby boy when she shared a photo of Titan that didn’t really show us Titan at all. Today, at least, we get to see how adorably cute Kelly‘s baby boy is on the cover of the new issue of Essence magazine. Kelly and husband Tim Weatherspoon happily show off their 4 month old son on the Essence cover you can see below. More »

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Kerry Washington Will Play Anita Hill In An HBO Movie About Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

A real life American scandal

Last spring, a documentary film titled Anita was released about the life of Anita Hill — the woman who famously accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings which, eventually, resulted in his confirmation as a US Supreme Court Justice. Today we learn that Scandal actress Kerry Washington has been cast as Hill in an upcoming HBO film titled Confirmation that will tell a dramatized version of Anita Hill‘s story and the Thomas confirmation hearings. More »

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Britney Spears’s Las Vegas Show ‘Piece Of Me’ Has Grossed Over $45 Million (And Counting)

It's been "an extremely successful first year"

Congratulations are in order for our dear Britney Spears because this week, she was honored with a plaque recognizing the fact that her Las Vegas residency show Britney: Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino has grossed more than $45 million dollars in just its first year. Britney‘s residency was originally scheduled to last for two years but it has been so successful that it has been extended for an extra two years (with dates scheduled through 2017). Now that we know that she is making BANK with her show, it’s easy to see why promoters would want to extend the residency for as long as possible. Click below to see a photo from Britney‘s award ceremony in Vegas this week and let’s celebrate the success of Piece of Me. More »

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First Listen: Johnny Marr Covers ‘I Feel You’ By Depeche Mode On His New Record Store Day Single

The B-Side will be a live Smiths song <3

Earlier today we learned that Garbage will be releasing a 10″ vinyl single featuring two new songs on Record Store Day this year (April 18). Right now, we learn that Johnny Marr will also be releasing a single on Record Store Day … but his will be a 7″ single featuring two cover songs. Johnny‘s RSD single will feature a cover of the Depeche Mode song I Feel You on the A-side and a live cover of The Smiths‘s classic Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want as the B-side. Click below to hear Johnny‘s cover of DM‘s song and get get excited, y’all. More »

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Kelly Clarkson Reveals She Dated Justin Guarini, Confirms That She Isn’t Perfect After All

"We didn’t date during 'Idol' ... but ..."

Kelly Clarkson made an appearance on the late night Bravo TV talk show Watch What Happens Live and in the course of her conversation with host Andy Cohen confessed that she briefly dated her fellow American Idol finalist Justin Guarini. Kelly and Justin, as you may recall, were the final two contestants on the first season of Idol here in the US when Kelly ultimately won. After the premiere season of Idol ended, the pair were forced to go on tour together and even made a super crappy movie titled From Justin to Kelly. Rumors sprung up from the start that the two were dating but it wasn’t until last night that Kelly finally confirmed that she did, in fact, date Justin Guarini … just a little bit … giving us PROOF that she is an imperfect being after all. More »

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Michael Keaton Goes From ‘Birdman’ To A McDonald’s Biopic

He'll play Ray Croc, the "founder"/criminal who started McDonald's

Now this sounds like it’s going to be a big deal. Friggen McDonald’s. What movie scene is it, where the kids all recognize images of Ronald McDonald, but not Jesus Christ? LOL, that was a great scene. And it’s the reason so many of us will be running to see the biopic on the man who claimed to be the founder of the gabillion dollar corporation. Michael Keaton, fresh off the success of Best Picture Academy Award winner Birdman, will play Ray Croc, the man who basically stole the McDonald’s burger from the original founders who started out running a burger stand. Sound interesting? The Weinstein Company thinks so. Click inside for more!

More »

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Watch: Björk Releases A Music Video/Trailer For ‘Black Lake’ To Promote Her Art Installation At The Museum Of Modern Art

March 8–June 7, 2015
The MöMA sound and video installation

The Museum of Modern Art in NYC is hosting a sound and video installation showcasing the artistry of Björk and to promote the upcoming exhibit, Björk has released a music video / trailer for her new song Black Lake. Black Lake is included on her new album Vulnicura and the music video above doubles as a trailer for the MoMA art exhibition titled simply Björk. The MoMA show will run from March 8 through June 7.

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‘Harry Potter’ Actor Tom Felton Joined Pottermore And Was Sorted Into House Gryffindor


A really fun feature of JK Rowling‘s official website for Harry Potter fans is that users get to be sorted into one of the four houses at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When you sign up to join Pottermore, you click on the Sorting Hat and it tells you which house you belong in — Gryffindor (the good guys), Slytherin (the bad guys), Hufflepuff (the other guys) or Ravenclaw (ditto). Actor Tom Felton famously played Draco Malfoy of nefarious house Slytherin in the Harry Potter movies but when he signed up for Pottermore yesterday, he was sorted into the heroic house Gryffindor … much to his disdain. He complained aloud about the matter on Twitter … and author JK Rowling replied. More »

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