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Bryan Fuller for ‘Star Trek’, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, Michael Jordan cry face
Kanye West
  • • If you can guess the name of Kanye‘s album, you’ll win a prize [Idolator]
  • Bryan Fuller is taking over the new Star Trek series [Buzzfeed]
  • The Daily Show calls out Beyonce‘s Super Bowl critics [PopSugar]
  • • Who do we think Liam Neeson‘s secret girlfriend is? [LaineyGossip]
  • Jacob Tremblay is winning awards season [Socialite Life]
  • • Wishing DMX a speedy recovery [GossipCop]
  • • So you can keep tabs on the New Hampshire primary [Towleroad]
  • • Ready for season two of Fear the Walking Dead? [Oh La La]
  • • This is what it’s really like filming a sex scene [Queerty]
  • • Melt cheese on everything [Ranker]
  • • Remember Casey Anthony? She’s a photographer now [Newser]
  • Michael Jordan is okay with his crying face meme [Global Grind]
  • • Tom Hiddleston is 35, Michael B. Jordan is 29, Rose Leslie is 29, Charlie Day is 40, Mia Farrow is 71, Judith Light is 67, Avan Jogia is 24, Joe Pesci is 73 and Carole King is 74. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Rihanna Would Love To Tour With Drake, Plays ‘Never Have I Ever’ On ‘Ellen’

Rihanna is back — and we couldn’t be happier! The singer appeared on Ellen to discuss everything from her dating life to her eating habits. She even played a round of “Never Have I Ever” with Ellen DeGeneres and George Clooney! What random, but pretty perfect candidates for the game, huh? During her interview, RiRi even admitted that she would LOVE to go on tour with Drake (who BTW is featured on her first single “Work”). Her Anti tour begins later this month and she’s supported by Travis Scott and The Weeknd. But not Drake. “I would love to go on tour with Drake actually,” she told Ellen. “That has to happen.” More »

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Watch: You Will Probably Cry Watching This Gorgeous Ballet To Adele ‘All I Ask’

Adele 'All I Ask' ballet
Maybe grab a tissue

At least I cried. And there’s a very good chance you will too when you see the breathtaking ballet choreographed by Will B. Bell above. Dancers Dj Smart and Zola Williams are totally stunning in the piece, where it feels like they’re taking turns with the role of Adele, as it were. “All I Ask” is definitely one of the more heartbreaking songs on her album 25 (especially if you’ve just been broken up with and spent your last night with that person), and this piece totally captures that feeling. If Adele wants to release a music video for “All I Ask” she should just use this. Watch it above, and let me know if you got as emotional as I did. 

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Listen: Miley Cyrus And Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ Has Leaked

Miley Cyrus and Kanye West

Well that was a leak several years in the making. If you’ll recall, in 2013 Page Six ran an article claiming that Miley Cyrus skipped out on her own VMAs afterparty to hit the studio with Kanye West and record a remix of his song, “Black Skinhead”. (This was the same night as her now infamous “twerking” routine.) We never heard much about the remix after that until today, when the full song, featuring Travi$ Scott, was leaked online. Care to give it a listen? More »

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The ‘Suicide Squad’ Assembles In A New Photo, Plus Details On Ben Affleck’s Role

YES! Warner Bros. has released a new image from David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad, featuring a group shot of the antiheroes. There may still be eight months until the release of the high-anticipated movie, but fans have been given another sneak peek! The gang looks basically ready to take on the bad guys in this epic new photo. How badass does Margot Robbie‘s character Harley Quinn look? Even Tom Hardy‘s look-a-like Jai Courtney looks ready to kiss some serious ass! In addition to the new pic, the director and Ben Affleck teased Batman’s cameo in the upcoming film in an interview with USA Today! More »

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Dakota Johnson Laughs Off Her Wardrobe Malfunction At The 2016 People’s Choice Awards Like A Real Pro


Dakota Johnson almost flashed the audience at the 2016 People’s Choice Awards last night, but totally handled it like the professional that she is! When her friend Leslie Mann accidentally unhinged her Armani Prive Couture crop top as she was presenting her with the award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress, Dakota revealed she almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction. The trio laughed it off before she announced, “Leslie just broke my dress.” The 26-year-old also managed to amazingly laugh off the accident by referencing her sex scenes with Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey. “Well, it’s not like nobody here hasn’t already seen my boobs,” she joked. Once that was out of the way,  she proceeded with her acceptance speech, which was equally as charming. Watch above to see Dakota’s hilarious save!

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Jennifer Lawrence Thinks We All Pay Too Much Attention To Her

Jennifer Lawrence is literally everywhere — and to be very honest we really don’t mind! However, she does. In fact, the Joy star says we pay wayyyyy too much attention to her. In her Glamour magazine “No-Filter, No-BS Interview of Your Dreams,” J.Law opens up about everything from her friendships with Emma Stone, Adele, and Amy Schumer, to why she refrains from using social media. She also discusses her style, calling it (LOL) “slutty power lesbian” and why she doesn’t date a lot. Trust us, this is the interview you want to read if you’re looking to find out almost everything you wanted to know about Jennifer! More »

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Ryan Reynolds Tries To Convince Us That ‘Deadpool’ Is A Love Story In New Promo

Deadpool aka The Bachelor

Ryan Reynolds knows his way into women’s hearts! In a new TV promo for his upcoming film, Deadpool, the actor gets all romantic for his Bachelor fans. Considering the movie is coming out right before Valentine’s Day, it’s kinda genius. In the promo, we see Deadpool laying down on a couch, holding a rose. ”Hello, you’re probably thinking, ‘My boyfriend said this is a superhero movie’ Well, surprise! This is actually, lucky you, a love story,” he says dressed in character. “When your worst enemy is after your best girl, it’s time to be a superhero.” While we doubt it will persuade any girlfriends out there that the movie is “a love story,” we do give credit to Deadpool for at least trying. However,  we do get our first glimpse at Ryan shirtless, so that MIGHT get women to go watch the foul-mouthed anti-hero on the big screen. Watch the all-new romantic TV promo above!

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John Oliver Offers Advice On How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

John Oliver rang in the New Year by posting a web exclusive (during Last Week Tonight‘s hiatus)  to help viewers keep their resolutions! “Every December for some reason we decide that next year will be the one where everything turns around,” he said. And every year most of us never follow through with our resolutions. Well, John has some advice for us to achieve our New Year‘s resolutions this year. Of course his advice isn’t so much positive and motivational as it is realistic — suggesting that we should lower our standards. John says that instead of beating yourself up for not going to the gym, maybe your should change your definition of a “working out” to anything that increases your heart rate — like waking up late for work, or taking a pregnancy test! That way, “You haven’t failed your New Year’s resolutions, you’ve just succeeded in a different way.” That’s one way to shake things up LOL! If you want more “realistic” tips, watch the video above!

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Kristen Stewart Offers Advice To Daisy Ridley On Her Newfound Fame

Kristen Stewart has offered a few words of wisdom to The Force AwakensDaisy Ridley in the wake of the film’s enormous success. If anyone knows sudden stardom and fame, it’s the Twilight star! Daisy has shot in to the limelight since the release of the movie earlier this month thanks to her role as Rey – which she’ll be reprising in Episode VIII in 2017. Speaking in a podcast for The Hollywood Reporter, Kristen – who had a similarly meteoric rise to stardom after being cast as Bella when she was just 17 – advised Daisy to keep her mind on her work! More »

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