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Watch: Nicki Minaj Owned ‘SNL’ With Her Live Musical Performances, Portrayal Of Beyoncé

Thank you, Nicki

James Franco was the guest host on Saturday Night Live last night but it was musical guest Nicki Minaj who stole the damn show. Not only did Nicki slay with her performances of her songs Only, All Things Go and Bed Of Lies (with a special appearance by Skylar Grey) but she also got in on the skit fun. Nicki portrayed Beyoncé in one of the skits and she even appeared as Kanye West‘s wife during the Weekend Update portion of the show. Click below to watch video of Nicki‘s skits as well as her live musical performances on Saturday Night Live last night. More »

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Keep Calm: The ‘Yo Bitch’ Messaging App From Aaron Paul Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Is Finally Here

Interwebs, rejoice!

This is hilarious… and now you know just what to get your Breaking Bad-obsessed friend for the holidays. Aaron Paul took to Twitter to share some exciting news about a project he’s been working on. And although I have not completed the Breaking Bad series (I KNOOooow, I’m a horrible person who basically doesn’t exist) I think this is awesome news, and I can definitely think of a few people who are probably downloading the Yo Bitch app right now. Click inside for more!

More »

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First Look: ‘The Simpsons’ Holiday Couch Gag Pays Obligatory Homage To ‘Frozen’

From the episode 'I Won't Be Home For Christmas'
The Couch Gag Before Christmas

Fox has just released the couch gag video for The Simpsons holiday episode I Won’t Be Home For Christmas and it’s a veritable work of absolute genius. The whole opening credits video has been Xmasified entirely (love the quick shout out to the Hindu god Vishnu) and the couch gag part at the end has been devoted to Frozen, naturally. It’s effing brilliant, is what it is. Check it out above and fall in love.

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Watch: Here Is The Best Of The Worst From ‘Peter Pan Live!’

'Peter' Panned

So … after many, many months of anticipation, NBC aired their musical production of Peter Pan Live! live on national television last night. The responses to the program are very mixed with one camp heralding the production as a triumph while an opposing camp has demonized the production as a musical theater travesty. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle for most people, I think. I have some things to say about Peter Pan Live!, as I’m sure you do as well, so … click below to watch a few videos from last night’s televised musical theater special and let’s discuss the broadcast television event of the week! More »

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MTV Will Dedicate ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II’ To Late Castmembers Diem Brown And Ryan Knight

Coming January 26

Last month we learned that MTV Challenge star Diem Brown lost her battle with cancer and passed away at the far too-young age of 32. Just last week, it was reported that fellow MTV Challenge star Ryan Knight, 29, passed away as well. Today we learn that MTV has announced the release date for the new season of The Challenge titled Battle of the Exes II (which was filmed earlier this year). Along with the release of the first cast promo photo, MTV is also announcing that the new season of the show will be dedicated to the memory of Diem and Ryan. More »

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First Look: HBO Releases A First Trailer For ‘Looking’ Season 2

Coming January 11
"You're his dirty little secret"

Last month we got our first look at the forthcoming second season of the HBO series Looking and today we get a second, longer look. The network has just released a first official trailer for Looking season 2 that shows us actual scenes from the show, giving us our first taste of the drama to come. New boyfriends, love triangles and hot tubs. Yep, it looks like Looking is coming back for more of the same. The new season of Looking will premiere on HBO on Sunday January 11.

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Listen (If You Dare): Mariah Carey Has Difficulty Singing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ On Live TV


OY! Mariah Carey was a featured performer tonight on the NBC TV special Christmas in Rockefeller Center with her live performance of All I Want For Christmas Is You in honor of the Xmas tree lightning ceremony. As you can hear in the embed above, Mimi had a ROUGH time hitting many of the notes throughout the song, making for a painful listening experience. The TV special hasn’t even aired on the West Coast yet but video of her performance has already hit the Internets. Check out her performance above and see what you think. I love me some Mimi but, LORDE have mercy, she did not sing her song well tonight at all. UPDATE: Audio of Mimi‘s performance with just her isolated vocals (no music accompaniment at all) has surfaced and you can hear it below. More »

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Watch: Ellen DeGeneres Shows Off ‘The First Photo’ Of Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes’s Baby

"Isn't she beautiful?"

For a few months now, ever since Eva Mendes gave birth to Ryan Gosling‘s baby, the world has been clamoring for its first look at the couple’s baby daughter Esmerelda Amada. As you may recall, Eva gave her first interview last month since giving birth in September and revealed the inspiration for her daughter’s name but today, at long last, we get our first look at the baby courtesy of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Have a look below. More »

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An Evening With Charlie Brown & SAMCRO

The TV Guide

Yesterday was the coldest, wettest day that LA has seen in months so I decided it would be a perfect day to not leave the house. Laundry didn’t get done but I’m still calling it a very successful day for me. I managed to get work done by day and then watched some important TV by night. ABC aired A Charlie Brown Christmas last night (which seems kinda early in the season, if you ask me) and the FX aired the second to last episode of Sons of Anarchy (which was intense, I can assure you). Yeah, I know it sounds like these two things don’t really go together — and they really don’t — but they did work out very nicely for me last night. More »

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Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Releases James Franco Promo Videos

with musical guest Nicki Minaj

NBC just released the promo videos for this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live which will feature actor James Franco as the guest host and as you can see above, these promo videos show James Franco acting all James Franco … which means this weekend’s episode of SNL will be all James Franco-y soooo … yeah. On the plus side, Nicki Minaj will be the musical guest this weekend so that’s something to look forward to. Right?

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