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10 Things to Know About This Season’s ‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher


Our favorite guilty pleasure, the Bachelorette, premiered last night — and boy should we expect an exciting season! So who's the lucky girl who gets to meet 25 (hot!) men? It's JoJo Fletcher, but we're sure you already knew that. America fell in love with her during her journey for love with Ben Higgins, but it didn't work all ...

LOL with Chewbacca Mom, James Corden and Special Guest, J.J. Abrams


Facebook star Candace Payne aka Chewbacca Mom continues her 15-minutes of fame, appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden and recreating her hilarious viral video moment. If you haven't already seen this video, here it is. In it, Payne speaks to the camera in her car, relating that she has just purchased a Chewbacca ...

Sia Drops in on the Survivor Finale


**Warning: Survivor Spoilers  Wednesday night on Survivor season 32's finale, Michelle, the beauty, beat Aubrey the brains with a vote of 4-2 (no votes for Tai).  The final tribal council, with its surprise jury elimination (bye Neil), fit perfectly into the strategic, blind-side filled season. The last twist of the season was when ready-for-tour Sia, sporting her infamous wig, ...