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Watch: Ryan Adams Performs His Taylor Swift ’1989′ Covers On ‘The Daily Show’

He brought his '1989' covers to TDS

Ryan Adams gave his Taylor Swift‘s 1989 covers their late-night debut last night on The Daily Show. Trevor Noah picked Adams for his first musical guest since taking over for Jon Stewart early this week. The singer/songwriter performed “Bad Blood,” “Style, and “Blank Space” (which he dedicated to Sandra Bullock‘s character in the movie The Net), and it was just as great as the album. More »

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WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal And Conan O’Brien Are Here To Settle How Tall Jake Is Once And For All

Jake Gyllenhaal on 'Conan' Conan O'Brien Height Starlee Kine
Can you guess how tall he is?

The subject of Jake Gyllenhaal‘s height has been a very highly debated topic. Things got so crazy in fact that in June, Jake called into the podcast Mystery Show–where host Starlee Kine was trying to figure out his height–to settle it once and for all. As he had told her then, “I am actually five foot eleven and one half of an inch.” So you’d think people would accept that from Jake, right? Except no. People were still fighting! So when Starlee popped by Conan last night, Jakey showed up to be measured on national television and try to FINALLY settle this debate. Jake is pretty much the cutest. Although we might still not have a correct answer to how tall he is. Can we measure him in love instead? Cause we’ve got plenty of that for him. 

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North West Playing ‘My Little Pony’ With Ellen Will Melt Your Heart Today

There's a new squad in town

Care for something to make you smile after that last post? How about this. Just when we were getting over our jealousy for Taylor Swift‘s group of friends, and Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence‘s newfound friendship, North West and Ellen DeGeneres go and redefine #SquadGoals. That’s right, these two have their own exclusive girl group now. While Kim Kardashian was busying preparing her her appearance on Ellen, little North had her own fun. The pregnant reality star posted an adorable snap of her two-year-old playing My Little Pony with Ellen, and we can barely deal. More »

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Les News, 100115

Serial TV, Kurt Cobain, Honey Boo Boo Rapper
Peeple App
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  • Julie Andrews is 80, Zach Galifianakis is 46, Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy) is 35, Brie Larson is 26, Rupert Friend (Homeland) is 34, Tom Hooper (director) is 43, Christian Borle is 42 and Cindy Margolis is 50. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.
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Watch: How Will Olivia Pope Handle Her Own Scandal?

"The President is about to get Poped"

In tonight’s episode of Scandal, the Pope and Associates team need to solve their most important case to date. It didn’t take long for the show to crush our Olivia-and-Fitz-are-finally-together dreams. After photos of them are leaked for all of America to see, Fitz is determined to find out who did it, while Olivia leaves D.C. So who’s responsible? We want to say it’s Mellie, but who knows! It could also be Fitz who doesn’t care who knows about the two of them. Or maybe it’s Jake, who just wants Olivia back. There are so many possibilities! But if you’re itching for more details before tonight’s episode, People just released an exclusive sneak peek at episode two called “Yes”, and you need to see it.  More »

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Watch: Tom Hanks Ponders Life’s Biggest Questions With Stephen Colbert

These guys know what they're talking about...
Life's biggest questions answered by Tom and Stephen

Everyone has questions about the universe, but Stephen Colbert likes to contemplate the mysteries of the universe with Tom Hanks. On yesterday’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert (minus his sexy beard) and the Hanks lay down on some fake grass in another segment of “Big Questions with even Bigger Stars.” So you can imagine what went down. “What would you do with a time machine?” Stephen asked, with Tom hilariously responding, “What would anyone do with a time machine? Go back in time and hold myself as a baby.” Of course that’s what we would do too. Duh. Watch the hilarious clip above for more important questions answered. 

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Watch: Fox Releases An Official Trailer For The Return Of ‘The X-Files’

"We have a small problem"
"You are on dangerous ground here"

Yesterday, Fox teased the forthcoming return of The X-Files with a promo video that featured entirely new footage of the next limited season of the series, set to debut in January. Today we get to check out the first official trailer for The X-Files, clocking in at 2 full minutes of new footage! As you may recall, we got our first very quick look at the new season of The X-Files back in July with the release of a very short teaser video but now we’re getting into the serious promo push for the show. This official trailer sets up the premise for the series return of The X-Files, which should delight any fan of the show. The X-Files returns to Fox in January.

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Watch: The Gag Reel For ‘Outlander’ Season 1 Will Have You LOLing In The Isles


As we look forward to the season 2 premiere of Outlander on Starz (coming most likely in the spring of 2016), we learn that the DVD/Blu-Ray version of Outlander: Season One – Volume Two hits stores today and with it comes fun extras and bonus material to go along with the individual episodes. Among the bonus materials included on this DVD/Blu-Ray release is the gag reel that is embedded above. As you may know, those of you who watch this brilliant TV series, Outlander is a lush, sweeping, romantic and very serious story … which you would never know from watching this very funny, very cute gag reel. If you are a fan of the show, I think you will enjoy watching this Outlander gag reel very much.

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First Look: Kim Fields Joins & Shereé Whitfield Returns For The 8th Season Of ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

Oh hai, Tootie

Back in August, we learned that Bravo reportedly added actress Kim Fields (aka Tootie from The Facts of Life) and transgender model Amiyah Scott to the cast of the upcoming 8th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Today, we get to see the just-released first trailer for RHOA season 8 that introduces Kim Fields as a castmember on the show … and reveals that former RHOA castmember Shereé Whitfield has re-joined the cast. As you will see below, Amiyah Scott is not featured in this trailer but that doesn’t mean, necessarily, that she won’t be on the show. There is a lot of drama (duh) and lots of tears (double duh) in this first trailer for The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8, check it out. More »

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After 26 Years, Waylon Smithers Will Come Out As Gay On ‘The Simpsons’


For 26 years, the writers of The Simpsons have had a bit of fun hinting at the sexuality of one of the show’s beloved animated characters and today we learn that said character will finally come out and admit his homosexuality on the show. Waylon Smithers, one of the original characters on The Simpsons, has long served as the dutiful assistant/right hand man of the delightfully evil businessman Montgomery Burns and those of you who have watched the show should be well aware of Smithers‘s not-so-secret crush on his boss. In an upcoming episode of the new season of The Simpsons, Smithers will finally come out as gay over 2 episodes. Read on for all the deets. More »

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