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Watch: Zac Efron Teaches Bear Grylls Some Dance Moves On ‘Running Wild’

Sadly, they're both fully clothed :/
Dance, Dance

Last week we saw video of Bear Grylls teaching Zac Efron how to rappel down a mountain while shirtless (woot!) before their episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls aired on TV over the weekend. Today we get to see an exclusive digital only clip from the show that didn’t air on TV but is totally worth seeing — even if the guys are both fully dressed (boo!). Click the embed above to watch Zac try and teach Bear some sweet dance moves. If you like what you see and you want to see more, you can click below and watch their episode of Running Wild in full. More »

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Here Are A Bunch Of Photos That Show Us What We Missed At San Diego Comic-Con This Year

Photography by Emilie Elizabeth

My good friend and photographer Emilie Elizabeth was in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con this year with her trusty camera and she snapped some of the best photos that came out of SDCC this year … and she is graciously sharing some of her photos with us. Emilie was in San Diego all weekend long shooting many of the major events and as you can see in the gallery presented here, she really captured the fun of Comic-Con. She snapped photos of the Batman cowl/cape exhibit, she ran into folks like George RR Martin and Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead and she snapped lots of really amazing photos of many of the attendees all dressed up in costume. This gallery is just a sample of the photos she took all weekend long at SDCC — I think you will love them all. You can see more of Emilie‘s work on her official website HERE. Enjoy.

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Here Are Photos Of Lea Michele On The Set Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

Oh, hey! There's Charlie Hunnam, too!

Yesterday we learned from Lea Michele herself that she will be appearing in the upcoming 7th and final season of Sons of Anarchy on FX. Today we get our first look at Lea on the set of the show. As I understand it, Lea will be playing a single mother who works at a truck stop diner in her one episode of the show. Click thru the gallery to see photos of Lea in and out of her SoA costume … and as a bonus, I threw in a few photos of Charlie Hunnam on set, too. You’re welcome :)

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Freddie Prinze, Jr. Says He Really Hated Working With Kiefer Sutherland On ’24′

And Kiefer Responds

Freddie Prinze, Jr. gave an interview at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend where he revealed, in no uncertain terms, that he absolutely hated working with actor Kiefer Sutherland on 24. Calling Kiefer “unprofessional” and the experience overall “terrible”, Prinze revealed that he almost quit acting because of how much he hated working with Sutherland on the show. In response to this interview, a rep for Kiefer Sutherland issued an official statement letting us know how he feels about FPJ‘s comments. Click below to hear audio of Freddie Prinze, Jr. making his initial comments and then read Kiefer Sutherland‘s official response. More »

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Watch: Here Is The ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Preview Video From San Diego Comic-Con

Introudcing Ra’s al Ghul
"There's a new player that we've been tracking"

The cast of Arrow made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend to promote the upcoming third season of the show and they brought along with them a 3+ minute preview video for season 3. The video showcases the burgeoning romance between Oliver and Felicity and at the very end, introduces the new big bad in town — Ra’s al Ghul. Arrow season 3 looks great, click above and see for yourselves.

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‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele Has Joined The Cast Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

Um ....

First we learned that Marilyn Manson had joined the cast, then we heard that Courtney Love has joined the cast … THEN we learned that The Cosby Show star Malcolm Jamal-Warner has joined the cast of the final season of Sons of Anarchy. Today we learn from Lea Michele herself that she, too, will appear on SoA when season 7 premieres on FX in September. Clearly, the decision has been made to cast any/everyone on the final season of Sons of Anarchy. More »

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Watch: ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star Charlie Hunnam Shared A Hilarious Message To The Attendees Of San Diego Comic-Con

The MUST WATCH video of the day
"Hello, lovely people of Comic-Con"

Charlie Hunnam, the star of the FX series Sons of Anarchy, was unable to attend San Diego Comic-Con this week to promote the show and as a consolation prize, he sent a video message that was played in his stead. I don’t want to give too much away because the video works really well if you just watch it without explanation. I will let you know that the video is funny and sexy and DEFFO worth your time. Click the embed above and enjoy (I know you will).

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On Women ‘Provoking’ Men To Violence: Can A Feminist Agree With Stephen A. Smith’s Comments?

PITNB's Weekly Discussion Forum

Shannon, one of these guys is gonna f— you up.” Okay, we’ll get to that quote (from one of my friends, circa 2003) shortly. I don’t know how much you all have heard about this story, or whether or not any of you watch First Take (I do, and I love it) but Stephen A. Smith of ESPN got himself in some serious trouble over comments about women and men in domestic violence cases. The specific subject of his discussion with Skip Bayless was Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (who knocked his wife out and dragged her unconscious body out of an Atlantic City casino elevator… and was suspended from a whole two NFL games as a result), but I want to open things up a bit and talk about some of the greater questions about domestic violence that this raised.
More »

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FIRST LOOK: Here Is A 5-Minute Clip Of The ‘Family Guy’ & ‘The Simpsons’ Crossover Episode

"I think you are I are going to get along juuuust OK"
"This seems like a one-shot deal"

Back in May we got to check out a pair of promo photos for the much-anticipated Family Guy & The Simpsons crossover episode, set to air on Fox this September. Today, courtesy of San Diego Comic-Con, we get our first look at footage from the ep. A preview video was shown at SDCC this weekend that teases 5 minutes of footage from the ep which you can watch in full above. Some of the jokes are expected but I think you will LOL once or twice. This is a match-up made in animation heaven. This Family Guy & The Simpsons crossover ep will air on September 28 as the 26th season premiere of The Simpsons. Enjoy!

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Watch/Gross: Why Is Jon Hamm Spitting All Over Jimmy Fallon?

They were on an '80s TV show together, so there's that...

I’m having one of those moments where I realize I am totally and completely obsessed with Jon Hamm. I know it’s cliche, I know I’m in the company of millions, but I just effing love this guy. Everything he does, I find enjoyable, lmao! So please enjoy this video with me, in which he spits and drools crackers and coffee and pie out of his mouth, directly at Jimmy Fallon and still—miraculously—is charming. And, of course, Jimmy can’t hold it together. It’s awesome.



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