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Prepare Your Ears! Channing Tatum And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Have Signed On For An R-Rated Musical Comedy


On Friday evenings I like to read happy news and what could be happier than a movie musical comedy starring Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt? We know that Joseph has the voice of an angel, and from what I've heard of Channing in Hail, Caesar!, the dude can carry a tune. Plus, he can dance, so ...

My Other Half


Since this is the second to last edition of The TV Guide that I will be writing for Pink is the new Blog, I want to spend my time today writing about one of the greatest gifts I've ever received in my life ... and her name is Shannon Houston. Back when I partnered ...

Amazing Grace


I know that I do more than my fair share of gushing around here. It seems that whenever I go to a show or participate in an activity, I oftentimes have a hard time toning down my excitement when relaying the story the following day. Most times, it's a matter of exaggeration but ...

Trent Is the New Blog


My Saturday was a really fun, totally jam-packed day complete with old BFFs, new BFFs, booze, dancing and Jewel. I met up with my friend Caleb for a catch-up session over lunch which was really great because he and I always have the best convos. Then I met up with my friends Austin ...

Thursday Night Live


Again, I was planning to have a quiet night in after I finally got around to getting some (but not all) stuff done around the house. But, again, I got a call from a friend who was all, Let's go out ... and I was all, OK! My friend Austin (who really deserves ...

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