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Jamie Lynn Spears Reportedly Defended Her Friend With A Serrated Bread Knife During A Sandwich Shop Attack


As far as crazy stories go, this one has to be THE craziest I've heard in a while ... deff one for the That-Ish-Cray Hall of Fame ... TMZ is reporting that Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister of our dear Britney Spears, got into a dangerous-sounding altercation at a sandwich shop in Hammond, Louisiana last ...

Chris Brown Tells The World Karrueche Cheated On Him With Drake While He Was In Jail


Happy Sunday, folks! You may be tired, you may be busy, and you may have relationship drama—but something tells me you didn't log on Instagram to see that your ex had outed you to the entire world. Whooo! Methinks Chris Brown and Karrueche, who have had QUITE the relationship, are officially dunzo. And the same ...

Who Is Nathan Fielder, And How Did He Nab Marion Cotillard For A Christmas Duet???


So, last night my partna-in-babymaking was channel surfing, and as he went past Comedy Central I could have sworn I saw Marion Cotillard. But then I was all like, What would MY Marion be doing on Comedy Central? Apparently, she was doing this! Shouts-out to @TVPam for sending this my way, because OMG Marion Cotillard ...