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Drake Might Produce A New Aaliyah Album, But Timbaland Wants In

New Music Soon?

We’ve been hearing for some time about the possibility of a posthumous Aaliyah album release, but so far we’ve got nothin’. Which, actually, is okay by me. Because I’m still listening to her amazing original tracks, along with recent mash-up remixes featuring Gotye. And it seems like Aaliyah is on a lot of minds these days, especially since there are rumors floating around that Drake might produce an album of her previously unreleased music. Drake (who has proclaimed his love for the late, great R&B singer previously) has been all about her, displaying a new tattoo that is part homage to Toronto, part Aaliyah memorium and also announcing that he plans to produce an album of duets with the singer. But when super producer Timbaland heard the news he wasn’t entirely excited about the idea of an Aaliyah project taking off without him and Missy Elliot, who both played a huge role in Aaliyah‘s unique sound and style. They were also very close friends when Aaliyah was alive. Deets on the prospective project inside:
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Justin Bieber Shows Off, Yet Another, New Tattoo

Yes, Another Tattoo

Remember last month when Justin Bieber got the world BELiEVE tattooed on the inside of his left arm to commemorate the release of his new album of the same name? Well, it looks like The Biebs went and got another tattoo, this time on the inside of his right arm, to balance out his ink. JB showed off his newest tattoo while making his way thru LAX Airport this week and, as you can see below, it’s quite an interesting piece of body art. This time around, Justin got the Japanese Kanji symbol for music inked on his flesh. Check it out. More »


Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her New Theodore Roosevelt-Inspired Tattoo

Ink by Teddy

Back in February Miley Cyrus showed off a new tattoo that she had inked on the inner part of her left bicep … the phrase “love never dies”. Today we learn that Ms. Cyrus procured a new tattoo, also on her left arm. This time around, Miley had a bit more text inked into her flesh. As you can see below, Miley appears to be a student of American history because she chose to have part of a speech made by President Theodore Roosevelt tattooed on her inner arm. Check it out. More »

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Justin Bieber Shows Off A New Arm Tattoo, A Real One This Time

'Believe' It

Earlier this week we got a good look (and a hearty chuckle) at Justin Bieber‘s new Sharpie marker arm “tattoo” but today we learn that the rascally little popstar went and got a real arm tattoo to replace his fake one. The Biebs got the word BELiEVE tattooed on his left arm, undoubtedly in honor of the release this week of his new album titled Believe. Click below to check out JB‘s newest tattoo and see what you think of his latest body modification. More »


Justin Bieber Shows Off A GINORMOUS New Arm Tattoo


Back in July of last year, Justin Bieber got his first tattoo … the name Jesus in Hebrew inked on his ribs. In January of this year, we learned that The Biebs got an actual portrait of Jesus tattooed on his leg. Last March, Bieber showed off another tattoo, this time of praying hands on his calf. Yesterday, in celebration of the release of his new album Believe, JB showed off a MASSIVELY HUGE DIY arm tattoo inspired by his fans. BUT, lest you think Bieber‘s new ink is DIY in that badass prison way, I must clarify that his new “tattoo” is DIY in that girls-doodling-on-their-arms-with-Sharpie-markers sort of way. More »


Rihanna Proudly Shows Off Her New Egyptian Falcon Tattoo

"a light that shines in the darkness!"

Rihanna, who clearly is a fan of tattoos, proudly posed for and showed off photos of her newest ink acquisition. Inspired by Egyptian artwork, Ri Ri paid a visit to her favorite tattoo artist, one Keith Bang Bang McCurdy, to get her 17th (?) tattoo on her ankle. Previously, Rihanna has had words and sayings tattooed on her body, this time she wanted an animal … an Egyptian falcon, to be exact. Check out photos of Ri Ri‘s newest tattoo below. More »

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Scarlett Johansson Shows Off Her New Tattoo

Apparently She Loves Thor AND NYC

Scarlett Johansson got herself a new tattoo and she is reluctantly showing it off. As you should be well aware by now, Scarlett is the lead female star of the upcoming superhero film The Avengers and among the featured characters in The Avengers is the Nordic superhero god Thor. Scarlett‘s new tattoo is a clear nod to the god of thunder Thor because she got Thor‘s hammer Mjölnir tattooed on her wrist. BUT, there appears to be a second meaning to her new tattoo. Click below to get a better look at her new ink and see for yourselves. More »

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Justin Bieber Shows Off His Newest Religious-Inspired Tattoo

Put Your Hands Up

Back in January we got our first look at Justin Bieber‘s latest tattoo … his third, on his leg, of Jesus Christ. Today we learn that The Biebs has a new tattoo on his Jesus leg … and it is also religiously-inspired. Justin showed off (kinda) a new tattoo of praying hands on the same leg where he tattooed the head of Jesus Christ. HMMM. It would appear a theme is starting to emerge in Justin‘s taste in body art. More »


Shirtless Zac Efron Shows Off His Bicep Tattoo (Again?)

Hawtness Ink

Remember last March when a very shirtless Zac Efron showed off a new tattoo on his inner bicep when he went skateboarding in SoCal? Well a new report out today is claiming that he got a new tattoo very near the bicep tattoo he got last year … as evidence, a new photo of Zac getting the tattoo has made its way online. BUT, it’s unclear if the photo is new (ie. for a new tattoo) or if it’s older (ie. taken last year when he got his bicep tattoo). Whatever the case may be, Zac is lookin’ super hot in the photo as he lays shirtless while the tattoo artist inks his arm. Check out the photo below and see what you think. More »

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Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her New Bicep Tattoo

"Love Never Dies"

Last July we learned that Miley Cyrus got her 7th 11th tattoo, an equal sign on her finger that is believed to represent equality for all. Today we learn that Miley got her 8th 12th tattoo over the weekend with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in tow. Altho Liam went with Miley to the tattoo parlour, he did NOT get a tattoo. Miley was the only one getting new ink on this visit. She got the phrase Love Never Dies tattooed on her inner bicep. Check it out below. More »

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