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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Are Dunzo!

Or so they claim

We don’t get to see much of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt here on the blog anymore, mainly because their attempts to saturate the public consciousness with their overindulgent and contrived bullshizz had gotten completely unstomachable, but the couple are making news today with news of their split. That’s right, folks … the couple who were destined to rule Hell together have decided to call it quits and break-up. Now, I know what you’re thinking … this does sound like another of their crafty schemes to garner new attention for themselves (which they surely must be missing since no one really pays attention to them anymore) but I suppose there is 0.01% that news of their break-up is true. Let’s just take this at face value and believe for a second that Speidi are dunzo, y’all!

Heidi Montag has separated from husband Spencer Pratt, TMZ has learned. Heidi’s rep tells TMZ, “Heidi is looking to move out due to all the fake bad press that Spencer controls. She’s tired of it and is looking for a place and wants to focus on her acting career.” We’re told Heidi is looking for a new place to live … in Malibu. As TMZ first reported, Heidi and Spencer called the police on Heidi’s mom a few weeks back … so there’s been plenty of turmoil. A source close to Heidi and Spencer tells TMZ the tension in the relationship has been building for a while now … “It wasn’t just a sudden thing.” Now it makes sense … On Tuesday, Heidi tweeted, “I am not Heidi Pratt, I am Heidi Montag.”

Sources tell TMZ Heidi Montag is pulling the plug on her marriage mainly because Spencer Pratt has taken away her friends and family. We’re told she has been complaining bitterly that Spencer is so controlling he isolated her from all her friends. The final straw, however, was earlier this month, when Spencer called the cops on Heidi’s mom when she came a callin’. And, Heidi is saying, she wants to break into acting but says people in Hollywood don’t want to work with her because she has “a loose cannon of a husband.” We’re told Heidi will be renting a Malibu beach house with Jennifer Bunney, one of her best friends. As Heidi herself puts it, “I want more girl time.” Bunney tells TMZ … “Heidi has spent so much time with Spencer and now she wants to be able to spend more time with herself and friendships.” And Bunney says … she and Heidi will be doing their very own reality show which begins filming in July, which will focus on their relationship struggles and … of course … plastic surgery.

You will note that I used a photo of Speidi from last year, before Heidi‘s latest round of plastic surgery. I just cannot look at what she’s done her face and body and take her seriously … at all. You’ll have to pardon my skepticism because it’s completely impossible to believe a single word that is uttered from either Heidi or Spencer. The couple are so good at using every opportunity to garner attention for themselves that everything they say and do is suspect. I mean, a break-up is the only thing that could get them any attention these days.

That being said, and if we are to believe that any of this is true at all … I could see how Heidi might hook up with Jen Bunney to try and pitch a new reality TV show together. I’m hearing that no one, and I mean NO ONE is at all interested in buying a reality show on just Speidi so it makes sense that they would “split up” so Heidi can try and sell a show on her own. Jen Bunney is the saddest, most tragic alum from the Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County days … she would do anything to be back on TV again. This partnership sounds a new marriage made in Hell and it could be real … or just another showmance to garner a little attention. You may or may not have heard … Heidi is trying to get cast in the upcoming sequel film Transformers 3 … might this surprise split be an attempt to get more press mentions in the hopes of scoring that role? Whatever is going on, Speidi are deffo counting on the new attention. What do y’all think … are they worth our caring?

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Speidi Feature In A Commercial That Never Made It To Air

Failure to Launch

A new commercial for Pizza Hut has made its way to the Internets that was supposed to air on national television to promote the NBC competitive reality TV show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! The ad features everyone’s favorite Reality TV villains Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt and would’ve been a boon for their efforts to expand their celebrity. Unfortch, the couple did not have the mettle to last very long on the show and, therefore, the Pizza Hut ad was canned. But now, at long last, all y’all can watch the Speidi ad in full here:

HMMM. Not only did the couple fail on the TV show but they also kinda fail in this ad. The premise sounds funny … but the execution sucks. Mebbe it’s in Pizza Hut‘s best interests that this ad never made it to national TV … I mean, does this association with Speidi make you want to eat their food?


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E! Viewers Vote To Make The Network ‘Speidi-Free’

94% of voters banish Heidi & Spencer from the network

In an election landslide of EPIC proportions, E! viewers have voted by a 94% majority to make the network a Speidi-Free Zone. Last week, E! posed the question to its viewers whether or not the network should chose to ban all news stories on the couple … and the viewers have spoken. E! announced the results yesterday:

Say goodbye to Heidi and Spencer Pratt. As far as E! is concerned, the conspicuous couple occasionally self-referred to as Speidi are so dunzo. A startling 94 percent of you elected for the Hills stars’ immediate expulsion. Consider them gone from our wheelhouse, voted off the island, fired, out and any other appropriate reality-show catchphrase. Their planned attempt at hijacking the I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! reunion special on Wednesday? You won’t read about it here. Barring any actual news (e.g., she gets knocked up, he falls off a cliff or—heaven help us—her album goes to No. 1), consider this their very last post.

LMAOOOOOOO! I guess we can wish a hearty Peace the Spork Out to Speidi news on E! To be honest, none of this surprises me at all. While the duo may be outright geniuses at extending their 15 minutes of fame to astronomical proportions, I think they are finally starting to lose steam. Their ridiculous comments about Al Roker last week really started to put the chinks in their armor. Rather than looking like savvy reality TV stars, they looked more like spoiled brats. While I doubt the pair will go away for good after this banishment from E!, I think the couple’s ride may be soon coming to an end. I guess we shall see … I, for one, am not ready to count them out just yet. But if they continue onward with their present course of action, they prolly won’t last for much longer.


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Heidi Montag Maintains She Felt ‘Persecuted’ On The Today Show

"I'm going to pray for [Al Roker]. I think the devil got a hold of him."

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, newly returned from the jungle of Costa Rica after they failed to successfully endure a stint on the NBC competitive reality TV show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!, spent all of yesterday making the rounds in NYC appearing on various TV talk shows to talk about their behavior on the NBC show. Their day started with an appearance on The Today Show where the couple were interviewed on live television by Al Roker. Roker, clearly not a fan of Speidi, grilled them on the behavior they exhibited on I’m a Celebrity and seemed to enjoy making the couple squirm on national TV. Heidi Montag says that she felt “persecuted” by Roker and spent much of the rest of the day giving interviews to that effect. The couple paid a visit to the Extra! TV studios and talked about their appearance on The Today Show:

After surviving in the jungle (and Four Seasons) in Costa Rica, Speidi flew to New York to talk to Al Roker on the “Today Show” — and now they say Al went on the offense! During their interview, Roker asked the “Hills” duo about their stint on “I’m a Celebrity,” and at one point told Spencer that people think he’s a jerk, and quizzed Heidi hardball style. “The guy was a bully — nobody has ever verbally berated my wife like that,” Spencer tells “Extra.” “He got very aggressive with me,” Heidi chimed in. Mrs. Pratt tells “Extra” that she was literally driven to tears by Al’s questioning about the drama on “Celebrity,” saying, “I felt like I was being persecuted.” Heidi adds, “Women should know… he’s not just gonna be, you know, normal and courteous to you.” Spencer admits that he was so upset that he almost threw a punch! “I was like, ‘this guy’s about to get hit.’ My heart was just pounding, ‘be good Spencer, don’t hit him in the face.’” After the interview, Roker wrote on his Twitter, “Heidi and Spencer are an interesting couple. famous for… being infamous. Bad and vacuous behavior. I think we’re at minute 11 of their 15.” Spencer replies, “Congratulations, you get to be talked about for a day. Must be cool.” Heidi adds, “I’m gonna pray for him ’cause I feel like the devil really got a hold of him.”

LMAO!! When Speidi have reached the level where they get into public feuds with someone like Al Roker … you know they’ve made it! But, lest you think that the dynamic duo spent all of their time talking about Roker, they did talk about other issues — like Spencer‘s plan to become President of the United States of America:

“When I’m in the White House as the President of the Unite States, this beautiful amazing, county then I’ll be like, ‘Okay, I’ve done what I’ve dreamt my whole life to be.’ That was the game plan to become the most famous person on the planet, so when I’m campaigning, people will know who I am. No one knew who Obama was and now he’s the President. Just imagine what I’m capable of….I plan to be the President of the United States in the next 20 years.”

As well as plans for the couple to launch their own record label:

“Ready for this. Exclusive. Heidi and Spencer are about to sign….our own distribution deal for each of our records through Warner Music Group. Heidi and Spencer. Speidi have their own record label now with distribution through Warner Music, so we’re both going to put out albums…”

Lord have mercy, heaven help us all. I think I’m more interested in going back to that Al Roker interview. In case you missed it (or just want to see it again), you can see the full Speidi interview on The Today Show to see what all the hub-bub is about … More »

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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Finally Return To The US From Costa Rica

They're baaaaack

After gravely miscalculating an attempt to extend their fame and fortune by choosing to participate in the NBC competitive Reality TV program I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! only to fail at the endeavor at every single turn, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have finally returned to the US from their long sojourn. When last we saw or heard from either of them, Heidi was being rushed to the hospital and Spencer was crying lawsuit claiming that the producers of the show had “tortured” his wife into hospitalization. Since then … there had been no word from or of either of them. But all of that is over … on Saturday night, the couple were spotted making their arrival at LAX Airport only to turn right around and fly out to NYC (where they are now) on Sunday:

Lest you think that Heidi was suffering in a Costa Rican hospital since we last heard from them, think again. I understand her hospital stay was brief and that the couple quickly checked into the five star Four Seasons resort in Guanacaste, Costa Rica for the remainder of their stay in the country. I suspect the couple were not allowed to return to the US nor were they able to court the media until their contractual requirements with the show were upheld as much as possible. Their vacation in Costa Rica was a vacation for us as well … except for the news of Heidi‘s upcoming appearance in Playboy magazine, we lived a fairly Speidi-less existence for the past week or so. But … they’re back now … and, for the time being, they are NYC’s problem.

[Photo credit: WENN, INFdaily]

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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Return To LA In Shame — But Not Really

"Quitters never win and a winner never quits!" -- UPDATE

After making good on their threat to quit the NBC competitive reality TV show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! due to living conditions that did not meet their needs, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt returned to SoCal from the jungles of Costa Rica last night and DID NOT want to be photographed for a change. The couple made their way thur LAX Airport arrivals wearing black sheets, covering them from head to toe … behold:

Clearly, NBC wants nothing more to do with Speidi and is NOT interested in having them back on the show. TMZ is reporting that NBC contacted Audrina Patridge to take Heidi‘s place on the show and she responded with a resounding Hell NO! He response:

“Not in a million years. Audrina is moving in a completely different direction than those two … she’s a star.”

Additionally, TMZ is also reporting that NBC contacted Brody Jenner to take Spencer‘s place on the show, his response to the offer was similar to Audrina‘s response:

“No … Brody’s not that hungry for bugs or camera time.”

Clearly, Speidi are regretting their decision to quit the show … Spencer has been tweeting on his official Twitter profile all night long begging NBC to take him and Heidi back — he’s also begging others to beg NBC for him. Here are a few of his tweets:

@mileycyrus I hope you saw my shout out to you on tonights episode of “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” Pray NBC let’s Speidi back on!

The devil fooled speidi in to making an awful decision and we are praying to Jesus to get NBC to give us another shot to redeem

say a prayer that NBC let’s us go back on and eat more disgusting things! Heidi ate a rats tail and three scorpions?

@mileycyrus God Bless you!!! Were Praying to Jesus that NBC forgives us for being quitters! Quitters never win and a winner never quits!

It seems obvs that dignity has gone completely out the window. My guess is that Speidi never really wanted to quit the show … they prolly wanted to throw a diva tantrum and eventually get back on the show and prove everyone wrong that believed they couldn’t hack it in the jungle. My guess is that they miscalculated NBC‘s response and didn’t count on not getting back on the show. Whatever the case may be … they quit, NBC don’t want them back and now they’ve got egg on their faces (underneath those black sheets). I suppose it’s too much to hope for that Speidi will live the rest of their existence underneath those black sheets … so we should prolly enjoy it while we can.

UPDATE: I knew it was too good to be true. TMZ is now reporting that Speidi are still in Costa Rica and the couple photographed at LAX above are fakes … which, to be honest, wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Additionally, says TMZ, Spencer is responding to Audrina‘s refusal to join the show — calling her a “ho”. So, I guess, they are still trying to get back on the show … which very well could happen (considering how much attention their antics are getting). As marginally entertaining as all of his ridiculousness is, I do feel sorry for the charities that are associated with Speidi‘s antics.

UPDATE 2: Reps for Speidi are now saying that the couple are still in Costa Rica, are still on the show and that their siblings were the ones under the black sheets at LAX Airport last night:

Heidi and Spencer Pratt are remaining on NBC reality show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! after all, has confirmed. “Heidi and Spencer are still in the jungle and part of the show,” their rep told Us Wednesday morning. Us can also exclusively report that Spencer’s sister Stephanie and his friend Spenser (yes, there’s another one, only spelled with an ‘s’) were the people under the blankets at L.A.’s LAX airport Tuesday night. They were simply used as decoy to throw people off and give the illusion that Spencer and Heidi had returned to L.A., says a source.

So … if they are still on the show, how was Spencer able to use Twitter last night? Do they have cell phone towers in the jungle? Are cellphones even allowed on the show? What a joke! But really … should we expect anything but this sort of thing from Speidi?

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source, Source, Source, Source]

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Speidi Quit ‘I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here!’

If you can't take the heat, get out of the jungle

Yesterday we learned the sad news that newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have not been adjusting to life in the Costa Rican jungle very well and have threatened NBC that they would quit the competitive reality TV show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! if conditions did not improve for them. The first ep of the show aired last night and, as you might expect, Speidi turned on their usual charm. Well, it looks like the couple just couldn’t handle the rigors of surviving in the jungle cuz TMZ is reporting that the duo have made good on their threat and have quit the show. They’re dunzo, y’all!

Heidi and Spencer have followed through on their threat — they have quit the NBC reality show “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” A source close to production tells TMZ the “Hills” duo walked off the set for good after the live portion of last night’s show. It is unclear how the show will handle their leaving on tonight’s episode. Guess they weren’t faking … for a change.

LMAO!! I, too, thought they were faking the tears at the onset to try and curry the favor of the viewing audience … but I guess they just didn’t have the fortitude to endure the competition. From what I understand, they were not very much liked by the rest of the cast … I doubt anyone will be sorry to see them go. I’m actually a bit surprised, tho … I thought all that tough talk would manifest itself in some way. I guess you can add the title of Quitters to the long list of names to call Speidi.


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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Want Out Of ‘I’m A Celebrity . . .’

Ain't cut out for life in the jungle

Apparently newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt aren’t cut out to make it as survivalists which, to tell the honest truth, doesn’t particularly surprise me in the least. E! News is reporting that Speidi are not handling life in the jungle on the NBC competitive reality TV show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! which is currently in production in the jungles of Costa Rica. According to E!, the couple were dealt the harsh reality that they would not be catered to in the style of which they’ve become accustomed and threatened NBC that they would quit if they weren’t treated better. Yeah, that sounds about right:

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag may or may not believe they are celebrities, but they definitely want out. The duo tried to quit NBC’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! the very first day they arrived in Costa Rica to shoot the “C-Listers in distress” reality show, which premieres Monday. “They wanted to be treated like stars,” a high-level source on the series tells E! News’ Ryan Seacrest. “[Spencer] literally thought he and Heidi were staying in a Four Seasons, working out and getting a tan.” The two refused to eat the same food as the rest of the cast, and complained about being teamed with low-wattage stars, among them former model/reality show queen Janice Dickinson, actors Stephen Baldwin and Lou Diamond Phillips, former NBA star John Salley and American Idol castoff Sanjaya Malakar. An NBC exec had to coax the newlyweds to remain on board. “I wish they got some real celebrities like K-Fed,” groused Montag, per the network insider. We can just imagine the producers are thinking the same thing.

Hahahaha … while I tend to believe that some of this nonsense is just good PR for the show, I bet there is some bit of truth in the report. Neither Heidi or Spencer (despite his harsh demeanor) strike me as survivalists — at all. That said, I figured the couple would fight tooth and nail to come out on top if only because of their overriding thirst for world domination. I guess they aren’t made of the mettle that their egos would have them believe. It should be noted that the couple threatened to quit and didn’t actually quit … it remains to seen how long Speidi will be able to survive in the jungles of Costa Rica … but my guess is that they won’t last much longer.


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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Get Thrown Out Of An Airplane

Don't get excited, it's not what you think

Newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have joined the cast of the new competitive Reality TV series on NBC titled I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! (think Celebrity Survivor) and in a new promo video for the show, Speidi (along with their fellow celebrity contestants) get thrown out of an airplane and are seen “hurtling” to the ground:

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) the couple were only pretending to be falling to their doom. Starting June 1 on NBC, Speidi will face contestants like Janice Dickinson, Sanjaya from American Idol, John Salley (ex-Detroit Pistons basketball player) and more in a month-long LIVE reality survival battle to be named King and Queen of the Jungle … or some such nonsense. This series has been imported from the UK where the show has been a marginal hit. After the jump, check out this new promo video and watch Speidi and co. “plummet” in front of a CGI green screen … More »

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The New Mrs. Pratt Hides Her Face In Shame

Second Thoughts?

Newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have only been married for 2 weeks but the new bride is already hiding her face in shame … HMMM. Speidi made their exit from a SoCal eatery this weekend and Heidi was snapped uncharacteristically covering up her face so that she couldn’t be photographed. Could she be having second thoughts about becoming Mrs. Spencer Pratt?

There aren’t many things that Heidi Montag does that really surprises me (the least of which is the rumor that she may be interested in posing for Playboy magazine) but shying away from being photographed in public? Yeah, that’s some extremely strange behavior, y’all. Mebbe poor Heidi was hiding a heinous blemish or something cuz I’m really having a hard time believing that she was actually trying to avoid being photographed. I suppose it’s in the realm of possibility that the newly married couple have turned over a new leaf and are henceforth planning on keeping a low profile out of the public eye in an effort to live their lives in private … right? Why do YOU think Heidi is suddenly so shy?

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