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Abercrombie & Fitch Is Facing A Masturbation Lawsuit

True Story

Before we could even finish jamming to their Call Me Maybe video dub, Abercrombie & Fitch disappointed us for what has to be, like, the 18th time since they’ve been in existence (and discriminating all over the place).  A&F model Benjamine Bower is suing his former employee for sending him on a photoshoot with a modeling agency that made him masturbate in front of the camera. Benjamin joins a host of others who have sued Abercrombie & Fitch over the years; he wants $1 million for the abuse suffered.

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Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab . . . Or Does She? [UPDATE]

She's On The Loose?

Contrary to a report released earlier today that claimed that Lindsay Lohan would be extending her stay in rehab in order to receive further treatment for her addictions, it has been confirmed that Lindsay LEFT rehab today and is FREE once again. It would appear that claims that Lindsay was planning to take her sobriety seriously by getting as much help as possible was just a bunch of bullshizz. She’s on the loose again, y’all. More »

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Tila Tequila Stages A Suicide Hoax, Lives

Police authorities angered by Tila's faked suicide attempt

On Friday night, Tila Tequila posted a video to her official website claiming that one of her “multiple personalities” made a violent suicide attempt which left her with “deep slits” of slices in her arm … here is a photo of Tila‘s supposed injuries and the text of her message about the incident:

“I don’t know what happened. People don’t believe I have multiple personalities but this morning the last thing I remember was falling asleep cuz I was so tired. I blacked out and now that I just woke up from excruciating pains all over my body, there was blood and dope everywhere! She is evil! She single handedly smashed and broke EVERYTHING in my bedroom! Both nightstands, the bed lights, all of the surround sound system, my tv boxes and there’s glass everywhere. There’s even chunks of meet coming out of my arm from the deep slits from her slicing up my arm from all the broken glass! My arm meet from inside is starting to bubble up and seep through the cuts. This is so fucked up. Now that I’m awake, she just left but I have no recollection of what happened to me. I’m just crying right now hiding in my toilet…my entire room is in shambles. All the new furniture is broken and glass all over the bed. I don’t know what’s happening! Little Tila.”

As was clearly evident by the fake blood smears on Tila Tequila‘s arm, the whole thing was a sham orchestrated for attention. But, because the authorities take these sorts of things seriously, police officers were dispatched to ensure Tila‘s safety … which turned out to be a huge waste of taxpayer money and police man-hour time:

Several police, paramedics and fire rescue personnel were involved in a frantic search for Tequila over the weekend, after the former reality TV star posted a video on her website of her bloody arm — supposedly sliced at the wrist. The full-scale search spanned several counties and lasted up to five hours. The search was sparked after a series of calls to 911 from concerned readers of Tequila’s blog, has learned. Police confirmed officers from the North Hollywood Police Station were assigned to a “welfare check” on Saturday. However, an LAPD officer would not elaborate on the outcome of its investigation and whether Tequila faced further charges … Tequila was eventually located at her suburban Los Angeles home around 2.30pm PT. When police arrived, realizing her stunt had been exposed, Tila turned to Twitter.

“Peace out u ignorant fuck Not my #TilaArmy but whomever said I’m commiting suicide! FUCK OFF! Why would I??? I got mad $$$ & LOVE! STFU”

Police questioned Tequila for more than an hour before concluding the incident wasn’t real. “Tila assured police she was OK,” said a source, familiar with the operation. “Police went through her apartment and while they didn’t indicate what, if anything, they found, Tila was spoken to and advised that it was a stupid stunt… she was warned.”

Meh … all of this is just par for the course for the very troubled Tila Tequila. As you may have heard, she has been cast to appear on the next season of Celebrity Rehab but because the show is having a hard time casting any other celebrities for the show, the new season may never make it to air. We all know how much Tila craves attention so it makes sense that she would try to drum up publicity for herself in any way possible. I honestly do not fear for her life … not at all. She is having way too much fun to ever harm herself. Her silly ploy to out-trainwreck the trainwrecks isn’t even remotely entertaining. Still, I have to wonder … how far will she actually go in order to win the public’s attention when her hoaxes aren’t enough?

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Paris Hilton Got Hitched In Sin City!!!

And NOT to Doug Reinhardt

HMMMM … it appears that congratulations are in order for newlyweds Paris Hilton and British TV personality Piers Morgan because the pair got MARRIED in Las Vegas, NV this week!! Don’t believe me? Here are the photos:

Surely a wedding ceremony this elaborate couldn’t be a joke … right? Well, actually … it was. Morgan, a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, was filming a bit for an upcoming TV special which will air in the UK on Sunday and decided it would be funny to stage a fake wedding ceremony to Paris Hilton (of all people). I guess all the strippers who he asked first turned him down. HMMMM:

He may be a happily engaged man, but that didn’t stop Piers Morgan eloping to Vegas to ‘marry’ a blonde 16 years his junior. And his bride? The socialite hotel heiress Paris Hilton. In typical Vegas style, Mr Morgan, who announced his engagement to writer Celia Walden only two weeks ago, got ‘hitched’ under the watchful eyes of an Elvis impersonator, a Marilyn Monroe lookalike and several Rat Pack mimics. Mr Morgan, 44, joked of his ‘Sin City’ wedding: ‘You know what it’s like – you have a few drinks, spend too long on the blackjack table, get over-excited and decide to do something silly. ‘I have to say, Paris scrubbed up to be a beautiful bride. It was magical.’ However, given The Mail on Sunday columnist’s reputation for self-promotion, it will come as little surprise to discover that the wedding was staged for his forthcoming ITV1 show. Although the 15-minute service at the Little Church of the West was not official, there were times when the Britain’s Got Talent judge feared it may have gone too far. ‘Well, I don’t think I signed anything, so I’m pretty sure it’s not actually legal,’ he said. ‘Having said that, we did go through all the vows, so I can’t be entirely sure.’ Miss Hilton, 28, wore an Enzoani ivory dress for the ceremony, and was given a diamond-encrusted ring by Mr Morgan. They met in a hotel room beforehand and chatted on the bed for the ITV show Piers Morgan On…Las Vegas, which airs on Saturday. Miss Hilton said: ‘You can do anything here, it’s crazy. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!’ In real life, Mr Morgan proposed to Ms Walden, the daughter of former Tory MP George Walden, earlier this month, during a romantic stay in Paris. But Ms Walden took the Vegas wedding in her stride. ‘When I told her the news, she just shrugged her shoulders sadly and said, “How can I ever compete with Paris Hilton?”,’ Mr Morgan said.

Awww, don’t sell yourself short, sweetie … Paris Hilton really isn’t all that. While I have no idea who this Piers Morgan person is, I can’t say that I blame him for getting Hilton in on his gag. Hasty Vegas weddings are notoriously tragic and I cannot think of a more tragic scenario then gettin’ legally wed to Paris Hilton. But, ya know, considering how well Paris and current beau Doug Reinhardt have been doing in the past year or so, it might not be too long before we hear wedding bells for Pug Dilton … what a gloriously tragic day that would be.

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The ‘Balloon Boy’ Family Gets Slapped With A $42,000 Bill

It's time for the Heenes to pay the piper

The long arm of the law may have reached out and touched the Heene family (the morons responsible for the Balloon Boy Hoax) last month but they still have MUCH they need to repay for their irresponsible actions. The Larimer County District Attorney has reportedly sent a bill of $42,000 to Richard and Mayumi Heene so that they can pay the cost for the emergency personnel who responded to their hoax last October:

The parents in the “Balloon Boy” ruse have been hit with a tab of $42,000 from local, state and federal agencies for their October stunt that briefly left many fearing for the fate of their 6-year-old, their lawyer said Monday. The Heenes’ attorney, David Lane, said the Fort Collins couple isn’t ready to pay up, at least not yet. “Let’s see the bills,” he said. “They’re not paying anything until they see some receipts.” Lane said he was e-mailed the amounts by the Larimer County district attorney’s office. The Heenes reached a plea deal on charges stemming from the October hoax, in which they led the world to believe their 6-year-old son was aboard the homemade craft on its 50-mile flight from their Fort Collins home. They are to be sentenced Wednesday in Larimer County. A judge could determine then what they owe in restitution to the agencies that responded, from police to the National Guard and the Federal Aviation Administration. “If they’ve got records to show these are legitimate costs, then we can discuss it,” Lane said. “But, first off, these people don’t have that kind of money.”

What? No money? Well, isn’t that a shame. For these people to get all high and mighty and demand to see “receipts” for the costs generated by their idiotic sham is laughable. I sincerely hope they are punished with a sentence that fits their crimes. Hopefully a judge will throw the book at them in order to drive home the point that this type of behavior cannot be tolerated. Whether there is jail time served or the family is forced to pay out of pocket for the rest of their lives, they need to pay for what they did. It’s horribly unfortunate that the Heene children have to suffer because of their parents’ irresponsible behavior but the time as come, payment is due — and they have to pay for their idiocy.


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‘Balloon Boy’ Saved! Or Staged?

The saga that gripped the nation is lookin' to be an elaborate sham

Okay, so by now you have surely heard about a little 6 year old boy named Falcon Heene who was said to have flown away in a balloon, which set off an expensive search and rescue … only to turn out that the little boy was never in the balloon in the first place and was hiding in a box in the attic of his home:

The story started out humorous … then turned serious out of concern for the boy … then turned joyous once he was found safe and sound … and has now turned into very shady biz. Appearing on Larry King Live on CNN last night, mere moments after the boy was found unharmed, little Falcon was asked by guest host Wolf Blitzer why he didn’t come out of the attic when his parents called out his name looking for him. The little boy, with what looked to be a childlike innocence to tell the truth, admitted on live TV that his parents instructed him to hide because they were “doing it for ‘the show’” prompting his father to fidget and attempt to change the subject. Then this morning, the entire Heene family appeared on The Today Show and while his father was telling the story for the umpteenth millionth time, Falcon actually puked in his father’s lap … apparently even he is sick of hearing this story. So … was it a real incident or was it a hoax?

It was, apparently, a heartwarming tale — the 6-year-old Colorado boy who was reportedly carried aloft in a wayward helium balloon on Thursday, only to turn up several hours later after a frantic, widely televised search. Falcon Heene, fearful of being punished for messing around with his father’s balloon, had been hiding out above the garage at the family’s home in Fort Collins, Colo., his parents said. But on Thursday evening, after Falcon and his family appeared on CNN, discussion of the event online turned skeptical. The suspicions began after the family was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer — in the segment embedded below — and the young boy said that he had heard people in the house calling his name but had not responded because, he said to his parents, “You guys said… that, um, we did this for the show.” After Mr. Heene angrily denied that his son was admitting that the whole thing was a hoax, Mr. Blitzer quickly retreated, perhaps fearing that he would be accused of engaging in what is called “Gotcha journalism” with a six-year-old, saying, “I don’t want you to misunderstand, just asking the question doesn’t mean, Richard, that we are suggesting anything untoward or anything like that — we’re just thrilled that Falcon is alive and well.” He added, “I got to tell you personally, as a reporter who reported that he was alive and well, it was a thrilling moment for me.” People inclined to believe that Thursday’s balloon drama was a publicity stunt will want to see this raw video of Richard Heene explaining his “experiment” to reporters on Thursday night. In the video, published by, the Web site of a Colorado television news station, Mr. Heene explained that his whole family was present when he launched the balloon and that he hopes that his invention can one day be used by commuters instead of cars. “It’s a low-altitude vehicle,” he said, “and we’re working on a way to perhaps get rid of modern vehicles, so we can just levitate, and go to work at fifty to a hundred feet, to and from work. And this works off a million volts to move horizontally. It uses helium to levitate, much like a blimp.” Then, after appearing to struggle with his emotions while recounting for the press the moment when one of his sons, Bradford, told him that his brother Falcon was inside the experimental vehicle when it took off, Mr. Heene regained his composure and thanked the media “for being kind to me.” One reporter then asked Mr. Heene what he thought his son meant when he told CNN he had hidden out for so long because it was “for the show.” Mr. Heene blamed the media for asking the local police about what he called “this publicity stunt crap.” He added that after “everything that I went through, everything my wife has gone through, I just find that just disgusting, its absolutely appalling to me, after all the crap that we went through, that they would say that. Getting back on track, Falcon is the key thing [...] what I heard him say was something about you guys asking the same question about the attic [...] so I thought he was talking about, when the garage door opened up and all the media was standing there and he was showing them how he got in.” At the very end of the news conference Mr. Heene — who called the 9news television channel for help on Thursday when he said he feared his son was floating away in the craft — told reporters that his family doesn’t watch television and “quite frankly for me its been a luxury not to have cable TV” … After the CNN interview on Thursday, Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden told The Associated Press that the boy’s comment on TV “has raised some questions.” “Our personnel who were dealing with the family all day are convinced this is a legitimate incident and this is not a hoax,” Mr. Alderden told The A.P. But with Falcon’s remark about “the show,” he said his investigators would “go back and further ask the family to cooperate with our investigation through answering more questions and resolve this issue” … On Friday morning, the family members appeared tired and emotional and on the “Today” show on NBC, Falcon vomited on camera.

The Heene family, who claim they don’t watch TV, have appeared on at least one reality TV show — Wife Swap. It’s entirely likely that this whole thing was staged. If you watch video of the interviews, you see that Richard Heene (the father) never really looks into the camera … his nervous and fidgety manner really makes it seem like he is not being truthful. The mother, Mayumi Heene, never offers anything of value and just seems to be going along with the circus. This entire matter seems so shady to me … especially considering that the entire thing was set in motion because the Heene family called the police (click HERE to hear the 911 call) and told them their child flew away in a flying saucer!!!! HELLOOOOOO!!!! After the jump, check out clips of the Heene family on Larry King Live and The Today Show — you make the call if they are lying on camera or not … More »

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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt DID NOT Legally Wed

The truth is out there

Okay, so this post isn’t really a recap post of last night’s ep of The Hills (that is yet to come) but it does concern the events that transpired in last night’s episode. You may recall that a few weeks ago, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt appeared on the cover of US Weekly magazine announcing to the world that they had eloped and were married in a quickie wedding in Mexico. After scrambling to shoot video footage of the couple’s supposed nuptials in Mexico, MTV hastily broadcast re-staged scenes of the events leading up to the “wedding” on last week’s episode of The Hills and showed preview footage of this week’s ep that appeared to show the couple standing before a judge in SoCal presumably legalizing the wedding they had in Mexico. After a bit of investigating, it was determined that no marriage license was ever filed for the couple anywhere in Los Angeles county calling into question the legality of the marriage … in response, Spencer went on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio program and staunchly defended the legality of his marriage to Heidi. On last night’s ep of The Hills, we finally learned the truth … the couple DID NOT legalize their wedding after returning to LA, balking at “the last minute” so that the pair could enjoy a real dream wedding sometime in the future. Yes, folks … it was ALL a SHAM!

In the final minutes of The Hills season finale, Spencer nixed his plan to legalize his Mexican wedding to Heidi Montag – at least for now. After eloping in a Mexican ceremony on November 19, Heidi and Spencer both vowed to make their union legal stateside. Pratt told Ryan Seacrest recently they had done just that by marrying again in a Beverly Hills courthouse. Pratt said to Seacrest on his radio show: “We checked the confidentially box, so good luck [finding our marriage license] people!” The Associated Press questioned the legality because the judge shown in the trailer doesn’t sit on the bench at the Los Angeles Superior Court, and civil wedding ceremonies are usually performed in chambers instead of courtrooms. At the time, a MTV spokesperson told in a statement: “MTV crews captured Heidi and Spencer at the Beverly Hills Courthouse with the Deputy Commissioner who handles all civil unions. We filmed after hours at the request of the courthouse so our cameras would not inconvenience other couples getting married that day.” But in the end, it was their families that convinced Spencer not to follow through with the quickie courthouse ceremony. During the finale, Heidi’s mom, Darlene, told Spencer, “I know you manipulated and plotted this whole wedding. It’s too fast, too much. You know she had dreams of a bigger wedding. I can’t let you go to the courthouse and make this wedding legal.” Last month, Darlene Egelhoff told Us Weekly that she didn’t trust Spencer. “He’s manipulative and seems to have power over Heidi. I would like to see a blood test from Mexico. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had her drugged.” Pratt responded on Seacrest’s radio show, “I am sure she is just hurt and reacting crazy because she wasn’t there.” Spencer’s sister, Stephanie also had a strong opinion about the civil ceremony, telling him, “”You can’t do this. She’s going to regret this. I think this is wrong.” Finally, in front of Deputy Commissioner, Donna Jones, Heidi proclaims, “I, Heidi, take thee Spencer to be my lawfully wedded husband for better or for worse for as long as we both shall live.” After a tense few seconds, Spencer pauses, and tells Montag, “I feel like we’re doing something sneaky and shady.” As Montag begins to cry, she says, “Of course I want my mom here.” Pratt responds, “I just want to give you the wedding of your dreams that you have been talking about for three years. I’ll deal with it It’s worth it to be with you the rest of my life. We’ll do it the way you want, I’m sorry, I love you so much.”

I mean … yeah … not really that big a shock to me. That the couple would go to such lengths to fake a wedding and milk the media attention to the fullest is not at all a surprise to me at all. For the most part, we all ate it up hook, line and sinker … so, in the end, I guess they win. Truth be told, I think I’m glad that the couple managed to pull off (at least for a while) their sham marriage … it kept things interesting and managed to make this season of The Hills a wee bit more compelling. While none of it was anywhere near the realm of believability … it was entertaining. That said, I think I’m done with the show. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing of the Speidi wedding … I’m pretty sure the couple plans to stay relevant in the media for as long as possible. I suppose we can only guess what’s to come from the couple in 2009. Whatever they’ve got planned, I’m sure it’ll be as “legal as the ring on [Spencer's] finger”.


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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt ARE NOT Legally Married

At least, not according to official US court documents

This past Monday night on MTV‘s hit reality TV series The Hills, we got to see what is being alleged as the wedding of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt … well, actually … we only got to see the recreated events leading up to the supposed nuptials as well as the “morning after” events — we never actually were allowed to witness the wedding ceremony itself. In the teaser preview video for next week’s season finale episode, we were shown quick scenes of Heidi, Spencer and his sister Stephanie Pratt walking into an LA courthouse, standing before a judge and a tiny portion of their wedding vows — scenes that are to have us believe that the couple officially and legally married here in the US. BUT, a new report out today by MSN questions the validity of these nuptials reporting that no public marriage license has ever been filed or submitted for these two, that the courthouse shown in the preview video was rented out by MTV afterhours … and that the judge shown in the clip isn’t even a real judge at all:

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag don’t appear to be any closer to getting legally hitched. A brief tease for the fourth season finale of MTV’s “The Hills” that aired Monday seemed to indicate that the reality TV couple have made their unofficial Mexican wedding ceremony a legitimate marriage in California. The pair were shown walking into a courtroom with Pratt’s sister, Stephanie Pratt, while a judge smiled down on them from the bench. “I, Heidi, take thee, Spencer,” Montag coos in the preview. Despite all the official trappings, the tease of legitimate nuptials for the pair may be just that. A Los Angeles Superior Court official said Tuesday that MTV was recently granted permission to shoot in a courtroom in Beverly Hills, but it was done after hours — and that’s not one of their judges sitting on the bench in “The Hills” footage. MTV was granted permission to film “what purported to be a wedding outside of court hours” at the Beverly Hills courthouse, court spokesman Allan Parachini said Tuesday. He did not know who the participants were in the wedding, but Parachini said court officials wanted the filming to be treated as a news event. The preview for next week’s season finale features a wood-paneled courtroom with the California state seal perched on the wall behind a judge. Civil ceremonies are sometimes performed at the Beverly Hills courthouse, but not in the manner portrayed in the brief preview. If a judge does preside, it is typically in chambers during a break, Parachini said. Pratt, 25, and Montag, 22, acknowledged that their Nov. 19 marriage ceremony near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, was entirely symbolic, despite appearing on the Nov. 26 cover of Us Weekly with the headline “Heidi & Spencer Elope!” Monday’s episode of “The Hills” depicted the pair spontaneously agreeing to exchange vows after downing several shots of tequila. “In my mind, it’s as legal as the ring on my finger,” Pratt told Us Weekly. A check of marriage records last week did not reveal any filings by Pratt or Montag in Los Angeles County, although the couple could get married in any county in California as well as opt for a confidential license. Officials at two courthouses in neighboring Orange County said they have not received requests from MTV to film in their facilities. The couple and MTV did not immediately return messages seeking comment Tuesday.

OMG … this is really turning out to be the biggest Hollywood sham to come along since the alleged pregnancy of Katie Holmes! Nothing about this supposed Speidi wedding appears to have any semblance of truth to it. It makes no sense that the couple would choose to be wed in any county other than LA county (especially since they filmed their “wedding” in an LA courthouse) nor does it make any sort of sense that the couple would opt for a confidential license — there is NO REASON for them to hide the legal paperwork for their wedding at all. The only logical conclusion is that those legal papers do not exist. It doesn’t help their case that Spencer was quoted as saying, “In my mind, [our marriage] is as legal as the ring on my finger” because A.) how can a ring be legal, B.) the ring in question is a piece of leather (reportedly purchased in a souvenir gift shop) wrapped around his finger and C.) “in my mind” implies that there is NO legal bearing of his statement. Again, all of this staged, seemingly completely fabricated nonsense continues to anger me as a fan of the show. That MTV would go so far as to FAKE a wedding and broadcast it as a real event is totally insulting. The “reality” portion of this show has been dwindling to minuscule proportions for the past couple of years now … this latest sham looks to be the final straw in destroying any smidgen of credibility the show used to have. Thoughts?


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Has The Beckham Bulge Been Enhanced?

Has Becks been Stuff'd?

Far be it for me to besmirch David Beckham‘s good name and the good name of his bulge which he is currently promoting in the name of Armani Underwear but the question has been asked and I feel there is evidence to be inspected and scrutinized to judge for ourselves … was David Beckham‘s package enhanced in those sexy new Armani Underwear ads? MSNBC by way of The Daily Mail suggests that a side-by-side comparison of Beckham‘s bulge back in 2006 with his bulge today, in 2008, shows a marked difference in … well, bulgeness … which leads some to believe there was manipulation of some sort done to Becks‘s bulge to make it seem more ample. Let’s take a look:

The latest Emporio Armani underwear ads show David Beckham in all his glory, but rumor has it the soccer star may have had some help filling out his tighty-whities. The “enhancement” buzz started shortly after a 100-foot tall image of David wearing the famous undies made its debut at Macy’s in San Francisco earlier this week, and some found David’s form too good to be true. That’s when sleuths at the Daily Mail uncovered a photo of Becks on the beach sporting a similar look. The surfside shot, taken in 2006, features the L.A. Galaxy player in a white bikini with one notable difference from the Armani pics — the fabric appears less, um, inflated. The paper offered a side-by-side comparison and speculated that the difference could be the result of digital manipulation, but a spokesperson for David denies the claim. “There wasn’t any enhancement to that said region,” the rep insisted.

Interesting … back in 2006, David Beckham famously donned a pair of white Speedos while chilling on Roberto Cavalli‘s private yacht as he vacationed on the Italian Coast. While he looks pretty damn amazing in those little white shorts, his bulge is noticeably smaller than the one we see today. HMM. What could possibly be the cause? If only there was another photo of Becks‘s bulge to compare these pics with … More »

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Wedding Announcement

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie Married?!?

Joel Madden, of Good Charlotte, updated his blog with a new post today of a picture of a wedding cake and the following information: WE DID IT!! NICOLE AND I FINALLY GOT MARRIED!! click here for the pictures!! CHECK OUT MY BLOG FOR A PICTURE OF ME AND MY BEAUTIFUL BRIDE. ALL I CAN SAY IS I AM SO VERY HAPPY…….

Which of course had me checking out his blog to find out what the hell was going on. More »

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