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Watch: Jason Stackhouse & Eric Northman Had Sex Last Night On ‘True Blood’

Like ... super hot, really gay sex
Sometimes Dreams Come True

SO … did you watch True Blood last night? ‘Cuuuuuuuuz, if you didn’t then you missed seeing something that many fans of the show have been DYING to see finally happen. Without getting too much into the specifics of this scene came to be (in order to not get too spoilery, or whatever), I’ll just let you know that Jason Stackhouse (played by Ryan Kwanten) and Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgård) had a very romantic, really hot gay sex scene on True Blood last night. Forget the whys … all you need to know is that Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgård had TV SEX … and in case you missed it, you can watch the scene in full above. I’m gonna go ahead and say that this video clip may be NSFW, so watch at your own discretion. But do watch. Trust me, you’re gonna wanna see this.

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Watch: Jay Z Shares Behind The Scenes Rehearsal Video Footage From The ‘On The Run’ Tour

They blow shizz up, y'all!!!
"One family, one crew, one band"

Earlier this week, Beyoncé shared a bunch of behind the scenes photos from tour rehearsals with hubby Jay Z for their On The Run Tour, which kicked off in Miami, FL on Wednesday night. Today we get to see a just-released video that shows actual footage from The On The Run Tour rehearsals so we get to see B-Jay in action doing the creative thing. Because I’m seeing this show later in the summer, I’m trying DESPERATELY to avoid spoilers so … I don’t really know the setlist, nor have I watched much live video (except for THESE two videos). This tour rehearsal video is fun, spoiler free and features MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS. What’s not to love?!

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TMZ Reports That T-Boz Wants To ‘Fight’ Rihanna Despite The Fact That T-Boz Said No Such Thing

Complete And Total LIE

TMZ posted a story just a short time ago that makes the bold claim that T-Boz wants to “fight” Rihanna and “kick her ass” in the wake of that Twitter beef that the two got into a couple of weeks ago. Along with the story, TMZ provides a video interview with T-Boz … so, I watched the video in full to hear exactly what T-Boz had to say because I had a hard time believing that she would threaten to “kick Rihanna‘s ass“. Sure enough, T-Boz not only NEVER uttered the words “kick her ass” but in the video interview that TMZ provides she never once even hints at getting into a physical fight with Rihanna at all. See, this is how fake rumors get spread around. TMZ is almost always correct in their reporting but this T-Boz vs. Rihanna story is such a complete lie that I’m shocked that it would even get published online. More »

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Watch: Beyoncé & Jay Z Kick Off The ‘On The Run’ Tour With ’03 Bonnie & Clyde’ In Miami, FL

And away they go
"Ready B?"

Earlier this week we got to see a batch of behind-the-scenes photos of Beyoncé and Jay Z in rehearsals for their On The Run Tour, which kicked off in Miami, FL last night. Today we get to see a bit of video from the tour’s opening night last night and from the the looks of the videos shared here, the show looks super sick. The show kicks off with B-Jay performing Jay‘s song ’03 Bonnie & Clyde … you can watch a portion of the performance in the video embedded above. Click below to watch the pair perform Holy Grail from Jay‘s most recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail with Bey performing the Justin Timberlake parts! More »

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Watch: The Guys Of One Direction Sing The ‘Alphabet Song’ With Bert On ‘Sesame Street’

"We could just pop it out right now"
A, B, C, 1D

Way back in January, the members of One Direction adapted their hit song What Makes You Beautiful into a cute little song titled What Makes U Useful on Sesame Street. Today we get to see video of Liam Payne and Harry Styles of 1D singing the Alphabet Song with Bert on the Sesame Street set. It looks like the guys were chillin’ with Bert in between takes and they decided to sing their ABCs a capella style. It’s a cute video, have a look above and see for yourselves.

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Watch: President Snow Has A Message For The People Of Panem In This First Teaser For ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′

Together As One
"Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever"

Last week we got to see a neat set of fake propaganda posters that were released in support of the upcoming sequel film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and today we get to see the just-released first teaser trailer for the film. As you may recall, we learned a few days ago that filming production has wrapped on the entire Hunger Games film franchise but we still have two movies headed our way. Mockingjay – Part 1 will hit theaters this fall and the video embedded above is the first video teaser released for the film. President Snow delivers a message to the people of Panem and he is joined by a special guest standing at his side. Watch the video above and see who that guest is. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 will open in theaters on November 21.

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Watch: This ‘Star Wars’ Video Spoofing ‘Frozen’ Is Too Amazing For Words

"Do you wanna kills some rebels?"

What do you get when you mix a movie as awesome as Star Wars with a movie as fun as Frozen? Why, you get a parody video that features characters from Star Wars spoofing the Frozen song Do You Want to Build a Snowman? by turning it into Do You Wanna Kills Some Rebels? I’ve already watched this video about 10 times, so, I’m a fan. Check it out about and see what you think.

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Watch: The Newest Trailer For ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Is The Best One Yet

"They're ninjas"
Not Aliens

The first trailer was totally meh. The second trailer was a bit better. This latest trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the best of the bunch … even tho I still have my worries about the film. The new trailer, which you can watch in full above, gives us our best look at what the Ninja Turtles look like … as well as supporting characters Master Splinter and the villainous Shredder. Honestly, the CGI Turtles look much better than I thought they would. They kinda look like actual rubber costumes so, I’m pleased with that. Check out the trailer and see what you think. TMNT opens in theaters in August. Does this trailer make you want to see it?

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Watch: Veruca Salt Releases A Music Video For ‘It’s Holy’

With A Surprise Cameo By ME
"The needle's in the groove"

Back in April we got to see the music video for the NEW Veruca Salt song The Museum of Broken Relationships, which is one of TWO new songs that the newly reformed band released a couple of months ago on Record Store Day. Today we get to see the just-released music video for Veruca‘s second new song It’s Holy. As you can see in the video embedded above, this new music video features scenes where fans from all over the world are listening to these new Veruca Salt songs for the first time ever … and at the 1:20 min. mark you can see ME head-bopping along to the song. I was asked to appear in the video back in April and I GLADLY said YES! Thankfully, the shots of me screaming, crying, falling off my chair, crying, squealing and crying weren’t used … just a shot of me happily head-bopping along as I screamed with giddy delight on the inside. Sigh. The video is amazing. Huge shout-out and so much love to my friend Gary Kordan who directed the music video for It’s Holy. AHHH!!!!! Enjoy!!

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Watch: In Honor Of The 25th Anniversary Of ‘Batman’, Here Is A 26 Year Old ‘Making Of’ Video For The Film

'Batman' begins
The birth of 'Batman' 1989

25 years ago today, the Tim Burton-directed movie Batman opened in theaters, setting the stage for the massive success of superhero movies in theaters (and I distinctly remember seeing Batman at Star Theaters at the stroke of midnight 25 years ago today). In honor of the 25th anniversary of the film, we get to check out today a rare making of video that was made back in 1988 that was meant to calm the worries of the film’s investors. Distributors and investors were afraid that Batman would turn out to be a silly, campy farce like the 1969 TV series of the same name. Warner Bros. commissioned this making of video to show the non-believers that they were serious about making a serious Batman film. Today, superhero movies are so commonplace that many of us have forgotten that there once was a time where no one believed that superheroes could be taken seriously at the movies. Burton‘s Batman remains one of my fave movies and this making of video is just too interesting not to share. Happy 25th Batman!

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