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Watch: Hilary Duff Releases A Tinder-less Music Video For ‘Sparks’

"Skin to Skin we get it on"

Thank you sweet baby Jebus for hearing our prayers!! Hilary Duff has *just* released a new version of her music video for her new single Sparks that features NO advertisement for the Tinder dating app that she is really enamored of lately. As you may recall, Hilary released a music video for Sparks earlier this month that was jam-packed with way too many Tinder references, essentially turning the music video into a commercial for the dating app. The new version, embedded above, is all Hilary, all Sparks, NO Tinder … just as the gods intended. I am still obsessed with this song and I am really in love with this video so … please enjoy.

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First Look: Jenny Lewis’s Music Video For ‘She’s Not Me’ Is A Brilliant Homage To ‘The Golden Girls’, ‘Troop Beverly Hills’ & ‘The Wizard’

Jenny Lewis FTW!
Video of the Year

In late March, singer/songwriter Jenny Lewis teased that she would be paying homage to her child actor appearance on The Golden Girls in the music video for her new single She’s Not Me. Today, we get to see Jenny‘s music video in full and see that she not only references her guest appearance on The Golden Girls (1987) but also her starring roles in the movies Troop Beverly Hills (1989) and The Wizard (1989). Lewis, as you may know, was a kinda successful child actor back in the day but has since become a much more accomplished musician both as a solo artist and as the frontwoman of Rilo Kiley. I love this song, I LOVE her nods to her acting past and I really love Fred Arminsen as GG‘s Sophia Petrillo. This has to be the music video of the year!

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Watch: Here Is The LEGO Version Of Britney Spears’s Music Video For ‘Pretty Girls’

Genius Level
"All around the world / LEGO girls"

An industrious fan decided to take the new music video for Britney Spears‘s new single Pretty Girls, which features Iggy Azalea on guest (c)rap vocals, and give it a LEGO make-over … and the results are utterly and completely brilliant. As you can see above, the video is a scene-by-scene recreation of the Pretty Girls video but with LEGO figures and building blocks. I about died when the short hair version of Britney first appeared at the car wash … then did, in fact, fall down #DEAD during the final dance scene in the club (Her hair! I can’t!!). As much fun as the original video is, I think this LEGO version is pretty damn great, too. Have a look, fall in love.

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First Look: The ‘Point Break’ Reboot Has Released Its First Movie Trailer

"What kind of people are we dealing with here?"
The only law that matters is gravity

So … back in February of 2014 we learned officially that the remake of the 1991 movie Point Break was moving forward and a year later, we learned that altho the cast was changed up a bit, the movie was finally in filming production. Last month, we got our first look at the first promo photos for this new version of Point Break and today … today we get to see the just-released first trailer for the movie. Folks, it doesn’t look that great. Granted, this is just a first trailer but as you can see above, it looks like the movie has far too serious a feel to it for me to be able to really take it seriously. I like the clever way that some elements of the original film are updated and incorporated in this remake (the Presidents masks, in particular) but … I dunno … this first look at the new Point Break just feels … off. Check out the trailer and see what you think. This new Point Break will hit theaters in December. Does it look like a movie that you think you’d like to see?

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Watch: Here Is Video Of Justin Bieber Performing ‘I’ll Make Love To You’ By Boyz II Men

Yeah, that happened
Boy does 'Men'

Justin Bieber celebrated Memorial Day yesterday by popping by the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA last night to perform an impromptu concert for the lucky fans in attendance. JB showed himself to be a true fan of the ’90s group Boyz II Men by honoring them with his version of their hit ballad I’ll Make Love To You. To be honest, Bieber‘s vocals aren’t half bad. The music is loud but you can deffo hear that he’s singing marginally well. So, if you can take the sound of The Biebs telling YOU that he’ll make love to YOU then I think this video might be right up your alley. Click the embed above and have a listen.

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Watch: This New ‘Hannibal’ Featurette Reveals That The Red Dragon Will Appear In Season 3

Meet Francis Dolarhyde
"It's a completely new 'Hannibal'"

NBC has released a new video featurette for the upcoming new season of Hannibal that features new scenes from the show, interviews with the main cast and the revelation that the infamous Red Dragon character will be introduced in season 3. For some time now, there has been speculation as to when the Hannibal TV series might feature Francis Dolarhyde / The Red Dragon on the show and today we learn that he will be featured on the show this season … which is almost too good to be true. Hannibal, already, is a brilliant series. That we will get the Red Dragon storyline thrown into the mix as well in season 3 seems like an abundance of riches. Check out this First Look video featurette for Hannibal season 3 and GET SUPER EXCITED, the new season of the show will premiere in just over ONE WEEK on June 4.

BONUS: The official Hannibal Twitter account also shared a new TV trailer for the upcoming 3rd season, which YOU MUST WATCH below. More »

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Watch: This Video Game Trailer For Batman: Arkham Knight Features Music Composed By Trent Reznor

The Wretched

Not content with being the musical mastermind of one of the greatest groups in modern music or being an Academy Award-winning film composer, Trent Reznor is now composing music for video game trailers … like this one for Batman: Arkham Knight. Reznor has LONG been a fan of video game composition. Back in the mid-’90s, Reznor composed an entirely original score for the Quake video game, years before anyone else was seriously paying attention to video game music composition. I LOVE that TR is now working on the Batman video games because, honestly, I can’t think of a better pairing. Check out the Be The Batman trailer above to hear a new version of the Nine Inch Nails song The Wretched adapted for this video game see how well Reznor‘s music works in the video game world of Batman.

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Watch: Here Is A Great International Trailer For ‘Fantastic Four’

"When you change the world, Prepare to defend it"
"We are stronger together than we are apart"

Earlier today we heard from actor Michael B. Jordan about the racist comments that he’s been receiving ever since it was announced that he won the role of The Human Torch / Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot movie. Right now, we get to see MBJ and his fellow F4 castmates in a new international trailer for their movie. I can’t say that I’m yet wowed by what we’ve seen thus far of this new F4 movie (tho I am very impressed with the way Jordan is handling himself) but I’m a longtime fan of the comic book characters so I’m deffo interested in seeing this movie when it comes out on August 7.

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Watch: This Is What A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Musical Composed By Coldplay Might Look Like

"This is the best idea we've ever had"
"Welcome to the crazy, wacky world of 'Game of Thrones'

Last night, NBC aired a telethon to benefit Red Nose Day here in the US which is an initiative to raise funds for needy families. Among the skits and performances aired during the telethon, was the bit embedded above that shows us what a Game of Thrones musical composed by Coldplay might look and sound like. I didn’t watch the telethon last night but I do love this clip. Check it out, see if you like it, too. And if you would like to donate to support Red Nose Day, you can do so HERE.

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Watch: Tyson Beckford Performed ‘Freakshow’ On Stage With Britney Spears In Las Vegas


Britney Spears performed her last Britney: Piece of Me show in Las Vegas this week before she breaks for the summer for a little hiatus. To celebrate her last show for a while, she invited model (and Toxic music video co-star) Tyson Beckford to perform on stage with her during her performance of Freakshow (you may recall that Nicole Ritchie is another celeb who performed Freakshow with Britney in Vegas last year). Click below to watch video of Britney and Tyson getting freaky in Las Vegas together and savor the moment … our dear Britney Spears won’t be performing in Vegas again until after the summer is over. More »

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