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Watch/Bow Down: Mariah Carey Gets Her Groove & Her Voice Back As Her Concert Tour Continues

No vocal problems here
A Return to Form

A few days ago, we watched painful video of pop star Mariah Carey struggling a few times to stay on key and hit her trademark high notes on the opening night of her new concert tour The Elusive Chanteuse Show. Today we get to see newer video of Mimi sounding back to her usual, flawless self in new live performance video shot by fans. The embed above features Mariah‘s performance of Fantasy in Yokohama, Japan and as you can hear, she sounded great! Yes, Mimi had vocal problems on the opening night of her tour in Tokyo but clearly, she suffered no such problems at her show in Yokohama. Click below to hear Mimi successfully hit her trademark HIGH notes during her performance of Emotions during her Yokohama show. More »

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Watch: ‘Mean Girls’ Star Lacey Chabert Stars In A Movie Based On The Dating Site Christian Mingle

And it's called 'Christian Mingle'
Find God's match for Lacey Chabert

PITNB reader Rachel gave me the head’s up that Mean Girls actress Lacey Chabert is starring in a new movie called Christian Mingle which is based on the dating website Christian Mingle and my head almost exploded from all the weird awesomeness. First, I’m really quite impressed that someone came up with the idea to make a movie based on Christian Mingle. Second, I’m thrilled that Lacey won the lead role in this awesome-sounding movie. Honestly, the premise sounds more like a movie you’d see on the Hallmark Channel but still, I’m intrigued. Lacey‘s character is NOT a Christian but she’s so thirsty to find a man that she pretends to be a Christian on Christian Mingle and then meets and falls in love with a Christian guy named Christian (OK, I made that part up but wouldn’t this movie be better if his name was Christian?!) and she has to keep pretending to be a Christian to keep him until his suspicious mother ferrets out the LIE that she is NOT a Christian. My guess is that the guy, being the good Christian that he is, decides to love her anyways and Lacey‘s character becomes a Christian in the end and the couple proceed to mingle … in the Biblical way (but only after marriage). DOESN’T THAT SOUND LIKE A MOVIE YOU’D LIKE TO SEE? I’m not even kidding, I deffo plan to see this movie. It hits theaters this month so … who wants to come with?

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This Is What Nick Carter Looks Like In A Blue Thong

Yeah, I dunno ... just go with it

So, I guess Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys has a new VH1 reality TV series called I Heart Nick Carter and on the show, he was trying to figure out a way to lose weight … or something (honestly, I haven’t watched VH1 programming since the Flavor of Love days so I may get the details of the show a bit wrong in my description). THE POINT of this post is that in this particular episode, Nick entertains the idea of having the fat zapped off his body and for his consultation, he had to strip down to a tiny blue thong … which, of course, was the highlight of the episode. Have a look below and see what the self-avowed “Fatstreet Boy” looks like in a pair of thong underwear. More »

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Watch: Alfonso Ribeiro Dances ‘The Carleton’ On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Alfonso finally does what he was cast on 'DWTS' to do
Alfonso does 'The Carleton'

Back in September we learned that The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Alfonso Ribiero was added to the cast of Dancing with the Stars and ever since, we have been patiently waiting for him to bust out his trademark dance The Carleton on the show. Last night, at long last, Alfonso and his partner Witney Carson performed a jazz dance to It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones and FINALLY he danced The Carleton. Click the video above to watch Alfonso and Witney‘s full dance performance … The Carleton comes in at the 2:24 mark. From here on out, Ribiero can be cut from DWTS at any second so enjoy him on the show while you still can :D

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Watch: This Music Video Is Actually A Promo Video For The ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-Off ‘Better Call Saul’

Viral Marketing
"Your husband disappeared in a most convenient way?"

Back in August we got to see the first teaser video for the upcoming Breaking Bad prequel spin-off series Better Call Saul that will debut on AMC next February. Today we get to see a new promo video for BCS that comes in the form of a music video for a song appropriately titled Better Call Saul: The Song. I am counting the seconds until this prequel series premieres on AMC and I’m hopeful we’ll get more promo gems like this for the show in the meantime. Wee!

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Watch: Trent Reznor Talks ‘Gone Girl’ On ‘CBS This Morning’

Trying to get inside David Fincher's head
"My job is to be in service of the picture"

This past weekend may have been the first one in 50 years where there were NO Saturday Morning Cartoons on any of the major network channels but it was also a weekend where Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor appeared on a morning TV talk show. Reznor appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss the writing process for the score of Gone Girl and as you can see above, he can handle himself very well on bright, sunny morning TV just as well as he can handle himself on stage in front of a mass of sweaty, moshing music fans. It’s a really interesting interview, I think you will enjoy it.

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Watch: Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj Release An Official Video For Their Performance Of ‘Flawless (Remix)’

The Music Video
The Official

Last month we got to see fan shot video of Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj performing the Flawless (Remix) in Paris, France. Today, Bey has released the pair’s live performance as an official music video for the song. This remix of Flawless was performed LIVE for the first time in Paris during the filming of the HBO concert special On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z which aired on the network on September 20. In case you missed it or just want to watch the performance again, you can check out the official LIVE music video above.

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Watch/Cringe: Mariah Carey Suffers Painfully Embarrassing Vocal Problems On The Opening Night Of Her New Tour

Sorry Lambs, this video is REALLY tough to watch :(

Back in August we learned that Mariah Carey, amidst major personal problems, would be touring in Asia in support of her newest album Me. I Am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse and in September, we saw photos from her tour rehearsals for The Elusive Chanteuse Show. Over the weekend, Mimi kicked off her tour in Tokyo, Japan and as the video above painfully shows, she suffered a lot of vocal problems throughout her entire performance Saturday night. The video is tough to watch, I have to admit, but if you’re curious, click the embed above to hear Mimi struggle to hit her trademark high notes and have difficultly staying on key … among other problems. Ugh. I love Mariah so much … this is just really hard to watch. I sincerely hope these problems were just a few errant mistakes and not a sign that her tour ahead will be a bona fide disaster. OOF!

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Watch: ‘The Newsroom’ Season 3 Releases A First Trailer

The Final Season
"Breaking news out of Boston ..."

Back in August we got to see the first teaser for the forthcoming third and final season of The Newsroom on HBO and today we get to check out the season’s first full trailer. As you can see above, we get to check out the first footage from The Newsroom which will tackle, among other things, the Boston Marathon Bombing that took place last year. Even tho I’m totally bummed that the coming season will be the last, I am very much looking forward to seeing how this short-running series will end.

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Watch/Whoops: North West’s Mother Leaves Hotel And FORGETS The Baby Inside

I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation

Altho I’m not usually a fan of posting items about North West‘s mother, the video above is something that I SIMPLY have to share with all y’all. As you can see by clicking the embed above, North‘s mother made her way out of Le Royal Monceau hotel to her awaiting car and only realized that she forgot her baby inside when she got to the car. The look on her face at the :16 minute mark (O_O) really says it all. AFTER she realizes that she forgot to bring her baby with her, she goes back into the hotel to retrieve her infant … who might’ve been left in the hotel room, the elevator, on a luggage cart … who knows. And while I’m certain there will be denials that she forgot her baby inside the hotel, this video seems to be all we really need to see. You just KNOW that North West wasn’t having any of this bullshizz. SMH, indeed.

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