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FIRST LOOK: ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Teases Its 7th And FINAL Season

The end is NIGH
"Hell Awaits"

In the past few weeks we’ve seen photos of actors Charlie Hunnam and Katey Sagal filming scenes for the upcoming final season of Sons of Anarchy, we’ve also seen photos of season 7 guest star Marilyn Manson chillin’ on the set of SoA AND we’ve learned that actor Walton Goggins will reprise his role as Venus in the final season. Today, we get our first look at the first video promo from Sons of Anarchy season 7. The first full trailer for the final season of SoA will premiere on FX tomorrow night during the season 2 premiere of The Bridge (another great show, which you should be watching) but if you click the embed above you can check out a short teaser for the trailer. Make sure you watch Jax‘s face very carefully. The promo is titled Hell Awaits. Indeed.

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Watch: Fake ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Footage Hits The Internets, Is Still Really Cool

Not real, Still awesome

The video above has been leaked online and it purports to be “footage” from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII. It is no such thing … but, nonetheless, it’s damn cool video to watch. I don’t even know how people are able to put together videos like this so quickly but … I’m impressed. If JJ Abrams‘s Star Wars movie turns out even half as good as this fake video, then I think we’ll be in good shape. Enjoy.

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Watch: The Second Trailer For David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ Has Been Released

Building a Mystery
Did he or Didn't he?

Back in April we got our first look at the first trailer for David Fincher‘s new film Gone Girl. Today we get to check out the just-released second trailer for the film. As you can see above, we get a much better sense for the movie overall from this trailer … and we get to hear the first bit of music created for the film by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. It looks good and mysterious, I think. Have a look, see what you think. Gone Girl hits theaters on October 3.

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Watch: André 3000 IS Jimi Hendrix In This First Trailer For ‘All Is By My Side’

"I want people to feel the music the way I see it"
"I want my music to go inside the soul of a person"

Back in March we got to see the first footage from the upcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic film Jimi: All Is By My Side, which stars André 3000 as Hendrix and today we get to see the just-released first trailer for the film. Due out in September, All Is By My Side will focus on Jimi‘s early days as burgeoning musician in London and from the look of this trailer, André 3000 plays a pretty convincing Hendrix. The voice. He has Jimi‘s speaking voice down pat. While artists like Whitney Houston and Aaliyah are relegated to made-for-TV movies for their biopic movies, Jimi Hendrix is getting theatrical movie treatment … and I cannot wait to see it for myself. Click the embed above to watch this first trailer and set your sites on September 26 when Jimi: All Is By My Side will open in theaters.

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Watch: Miley Cyrus Will Bring Her ‘BANGERZ’ Tour To NBC This Weekend

Sunday July 6

This Sunday night, NBC will air a 2-hour concert special titled Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour that will give fans a behind the scenes look at Miley‘s crazy world tour show. Cyrus, as you might know, took her Bangerz Tour all over the US and Europe and is planning an upcoming second leg with British pop star Lily Allen as the opening act. But before Miley and Lily hit the road together, Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour will air on NBC this Sunday night. Click the embed above to watch a clip of her performance of We Can’t Stop and then click below to see a second clip, this time of her performance of Maybe You’re Right. More »

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Watch: ‘Horrible Bosses 2′ Releases A First Video Teaser

Number 2
Turn Down for What?

Back in 2011, the world was gifted with a little movie titled Horrible Bosses that, I have to admit, was pretty funny. Because we have been good little boys and girls, we learn today that a sequel film is headed our way later this year. A short but fairly hilarious teaser video has been released for Horrible Bosses 2 that I think will satisfy fans of the original movie. You want poop jokes? This teaser’s got you covered. Horrible Bosses 2 will hit theaters on November 26, just in time for the holidays … as the gods intended. Please enjoy.

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Watch: AMC Teases ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 With A Fun Behind The Scenes Video

"It's very much a season about hierarchy"
"It's a great welcome to the season"

Last month we learned from the producers of The Walking Dead that the hope is that the show will live long enough to enjoy at least 12 seasons … but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s just focus on the upcoming 5th season of the show, which will premiere on AMC this fall. Today we get to check out a very cool, very fun behind the scenes video from the set of The Walking Dead that features short interviews with the cast and crew of TWD as they film the upcoming season. There aren’t any real spoilers in this clip, just a lot of neat footage that shows us how much fun everyone is having on the set of the show. I am DYING to see where things pick up when the new season starts this fall. This video is a great way to get excited for what’s to come.

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Watch: ‘The Killing’ Season 4 Releases A First Trailer

Wrapping up loose ends
The Aftermath

Yesterday we got to see the poster artwork for the 4th and final season of The Killing, which will be released in full on Netflix on August 1. Today we get to see the just-released official trailer for the new season of The Killing. As you can see in the embed above, the action in season 4 picks up where season 3 left off … after that thing happened? You know, that thing that you know who did? This first look at season 4 may be spoilery for those of you who are not caught up with the events of season 3 so … be warned. We are now less than a month away from the release of The Killing season 4, can’t wait!!

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Watch: ‘The Voice’ Season 7 Releases A First Video Teaser

Introducing Gwen Stefani & Pharrell Williams
Pharrell & Gwen Stefani are #Happy to be on 'The Voice'

A couple of weeks ago we saw photos of new judges/coaches Gwen Stefani and Pharrell on the set of the 7th season of The Voice on NBC and today we see what they were all working on together. NBC has released a short video teaser of the season 7 judges/coaches dancing around on set to Pharrell‘s unstoppable song Happy. Click the embed above to see the cast of The Voice season 7 loving all up on one another and get ready, the new season will premiere on NBC on September 22.

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Watch: Robin Thicke Enlists The Aid Of Children To Continue His Public Harrassment Of Paula Patton

Here comes 'Crazy'
Kids, Incorporated

Earlier this week, Robin Thicke released a lyric video for his new song Forever Love which features animated characters acting out his desperate attempt to woo back his estranged wife Paula Patton (which is the theme of all of the music featured on his new album Paula, in stores this week). Today he releases a second video, this time a music video for his song Still Madly Crazy. Again, this new video is the latest in his public attempt to harangue Paula in an effort to win her back … but this time, Thicke is using cute kids in his campaign. Check out the video above to see how Robin Thicke is trying to use children to help him publicly harass his estranged wife and cringe along with me, won’t you?

BONUS: Click below to watch video of an interview of Robin Thicke talking to Hot 97 about his new album … and his estranged wife Paula Patton. If you’re at all interested in Thicke‘s messy behavior as of late, the video is a must watch. More »

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