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Watch: Starz Releases A First Trailer For ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ Season 3

The Final Season

On October 24, Starz will premiere the third and final season of their mostly excellent historical fiction drama Da Vinci’s Demons. As I write this post about the release of the show’s season 3 trailer, I’m realizing that I have never written about Da Vinci’s Demons here on the blog before. I’ve been watching the show since it’s debut in 2013 and have enjoyed it along the way. I guess Demons is one of those shows you watch, enjoy but just never get around to talking about with your friends unless someone else brings it up in conversation. The show tells the fictionalized life story of Leonardo Da Vinci who, through his almost metaphysical creativity, gets wrapped up in a quest that takes him around the world in search of the truth about his past … infusing historical facts about the famed inventor that we know within this fictionalized story. The show caught my attention when its release was originally promoted back in ’13 and managed to keep my attention for two seasons. This first look at season 3, I must admit, doesn’t grab me like the previous seasons have but I trust that the forthcoming episodes will be entertaining. Starz has announced that this third season of Da Vinci’s Demons will be the last so we fans of the show have this final season to look forward to before Da Vinci‘s story is complete. Long before Outlander put Starz on the TV drama map, Da Vinci’s Demons paved the way for the growth of quality programming that the network offers now. If you haven’t been watching the show, there is plenty of time to binge watch and get caught up before the final season premieres on October 24. Watch the final season with me, won’t you?

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Watch: Mulder Asks Scully, ‘Are You Ready?’ In This New Promo For ‘The X-Files’

"Are you ready for this, Scully?"

Fox has released a new teaser video for the forthcoming reboot of The X-Files, due out early next year, and as you can see above, this new teaser features Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) actually interacting … speaking with one another. Are you ready?, Mulder asks Scully. OMG. These teaser videos are less than 20 seconds long and they mostly use the same footage but the small bits of new footage is everything! Check out the video above and get MORE excited for the return of The X-Files.

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First Look: Janet Jackson Releases A Music Video For ‘No Sleeep’

Pillow Talk
"You're missing me / I'm missing you"

Since Janet Jackson released her new single No Sleeep back in June, she was honored at The BET Awards with the Ultimate Icon Award and she announced in July a second leg of concert dates for her Unbreakable World Tour. Today, at last, Janet releases the music video for her single No Sleeep. The video is laid back and chill, just like the song, and I think it complements the vibe of the track very well. I’m hoping that the release of this video will mark the end of the No Sleeep promo and push her toward the release of single #2 from her upcoming new album — hopefully a huge dance track. But, in the meantime, let’s get No Sleeep.

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Watch: Demi Lovato Has Released A Music Video For ‘Cool For The Summer’

Summer Anthem
"I can keep a secret, can you?"

Yesterday we got to hear the sick Dave Audé remix of Demi Lovato‘s new smash summer single Cool For The Summer, which will be featured on a remix EP out on August 7. Today we get to see the just-released music video for Cool For The Summer and, people, it’s so great. Demi rounded up some girlfriends, went for a drive around LA on a night completely without traffic and sings the only song that I am obsessed with right now. Check out the video above and see how much fun it can be to spend the summer with Ms. Demi Lovato :)

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Watch: Kelly Clarkson Covered ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ By *NSync In Concert Last Night, It Was Predictably Perfect

"This is a throwback to our junior high days"
"Hey baby, come on"

Kelly Clarkson is back on tour and you know what that means … we are in for a new collection of amazing live cover songs as her tour rolls across the country. Last night, in Buffalo, NY, Kelly performed her version of *NSync‘s hit 2000 single Bye, Bye, Bye and as you can see/hear above, she totally nailed the song perfectly. As she has done on previous tours, Kelly is taking cover song requests and last night night lucky folks in Buffalo got to her her do *NSync. Watch Kelly‘s performance above and hear how well she performed the song. And stay tuned, as Kelly‘s tour continues, we are sure to hear her perform other great cover songs along the way.

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First Look: Here Is The Official Trailer For ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2′

"The Game is coming to it's end"
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 76th Hunger Games"

A few days ago we got to see the preview trailer for the official full-length trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. Today we get to see the actual official trailer itself. Click the embed above to see the 2 1/2 minute trailer that gives us our first really great look at the final installment of the Hunger Games film franchise. Those of you who have read the books know what’s coming and it looks like this final film is going to bring it. As President Snow says at the beginning of this trailer, “the Game is coming it’s end” and when it’s all said and done one side will be victorious — but no one will come out unscathed. Check out this trailer, and get ready. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 will open in theaters on November 20.

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First Look: Here Is The First Teaser Trailer For ‘Empire’ Season 2

New Money, New Power, New EMPIRE!

Last weekend we got to see the first poster artwork for the forthcoming second season of Empire on Fox. Today we get to feast our eyes on the first teaser trailer for Empire season 2. Altho the video is short, it does show us quite a bit about where things are headed in the coming season. Lucious Lyon is still behind bars, Cookie Lyon is still the HBIC and the show’s musical formula appears to be fully intact. Empire season 2 will premiere on Fox on September 23 so we will be back in the Lyon‘s den very, very soon … who’s excited?

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Watch: Paula Abdul & James Corden Performed A Live Version Of Her Animated Music Video For ‘Opposites Attract’ On ‘The Late Late Show’ Last Night

The stuff DREAMS are made of
They come together because Opposites Attract

For the past few months, newish late night talk show host James Corden has been trying out different bits on The Late Late Show on CBS to varying degrees of success but last night, I contend that he has outdone himself entirely … and has finally won a piece of my heart. Corden hosted Paula Abdul as one of his guests last night and the two of them recreated and performed live the animated music video for her hit 1989 single Opposites Attract. The video, as I HOPE you know, features Paula Abdul dancing with an animated rapping cat named MC Skat Kat. For their live recreation, James dressed as MC Skat Kat as Paula performed as Paula and … OMG … I just love this whole performance entirely! I fear that many of the youngsters out there may not be as familiar as they should with Paula Abdul‘s music and music videos, so it’s possible some of the younger folks out there may not understand how truly epic this tribute to Opposites Attract truly is. For the rest of us who know and love Paula‘s song and music video, I know this live performance of the song will be real treat for you. Check out Paula and James‘s tribute to Opposites Attract above and then click below to compare with the original music video released back in 1989. More »

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Watch: Here Is Video Of Jaden Smith Speaking On Things

What is a MSFT?
"I'm gonna be a divergent thinker"

Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, is featured in a new video produced by MSFTSrep where he is allowed to pontificate on pretty much any errant thought that passes through his brain as the camera rolls. The clip starts out with Jaden answering the question, What is a MSFT (misfit) and he goes off from there. Honestly, the subjects he touches on in this video are much more lucid than many of his previous ramblings but even still, I’m not entirely sure what he is talking about at any given time. If you would like to hear Jaden Smith speak Jaden Smith things in his own words then this video is for you. Have a look … and become enlightened.

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First Look: Pixar Releases An Official Trailer For ‘The Good Dinosaur’

"A single moment can change everything."
Boy meets Dino

Back in early June, we got our first look at the first teaser trailer for the forthcoming Pixar animated film The Good Dinosaur, set to hit theaters around Thanksgiving. Today we get to see the just-released first full-length trailer for Dinosaur. See, I can’t say that I’m all jazzed to see this … which is odd because I really love Pixar films. That being said, I was unimpressed with the promo for Inside Out before I saw it and was very plesantly surprised by how much I loved the movie. Hopefully, I will love The Good Dinosaur just as much. Click the embed above to see what you think of this new Pixar film. Does it look like something you’re excited to see? The Good Dinosaur opens in theaters on November 25.

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