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Watch: Michelle Williams, Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland Release The Music Video For ‘Say Yes’

Yassssss, betches, Yaaaaaas
Nobody can't say 'No'

Last month we got our first listen of Michelle Williams‘s new song Say Yes which features her Destiny’s Child groupmates Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland on guest vocals. Earlier this month, we got our first look at the mini D. Child reunion that took place on the set of the song’s music video. Today we get to see the just-released Say Yes music video in full. While Michelle is clearly the star of this video, she graciously allows Bey and Kelly a fair amount of featured screen time. At one point, Beyoncé becomes Beysus Herself to bless all of the music video watchers:

Check out the video above to be blessed … then click below to watch a fun behind the scenes video that was shot on the music video set. More »

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Watch: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are Totally Together Again

LOL. You so dumb Selena.

Remember last week when Justin Bieber posted a photo of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez cradling his head in what seemed to be a desperate attempt to woo her back? Well, it would appear that JB wasn’t frontin’ with that photo … he was basically telling us for sure that he and Selena are really back together. Today we get to see video of Selena partying with Justin last night which all but proves that Justena rides again. More »

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First Look: Lana Del Rey Releases A Music Video For ‘Shades Of Cool’

Shady Lady
Moody 'Blue'

Altho she says she wishes she was dead and she really has no interest whatsoever in feminism, Lana Del Rey is still happy to promote the release of her new album Ultraviolence (in stores today). Last month, we got our first listen of LDR‘s song Shades of Cool and today, on new album release day, we get to see the just-released music video for the song. As you might expect, Lana‘s video for Shades looks like your typical LDR video (eg. lookin’ like it was filmed underwater, circa 1974) but isn’t that what we love about her? Check out the video above, see what you think.

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Watch: ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Releases A Super Serious UK Trailer

Plus check out the full set of character posters
Why so serious?

Thus far we’ve seen a couple of really fun domestic movie trailers for the new Marvel Comics superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy HERE and HERE but today, we get to see a super serious international movie trailer for the film released in the UK. As you can see in the video embedded above, this serious trailer changes the whole tone of the movie from a silly, free-wheeling flick to a — well, more serious film. This movie is going to rule, I’m telling your right now. Check out this international trailer above and then click below to see the just-released full collection of Guardians of the Galaxy characters posters. More »

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First Look: Ok Go Releases A Visually AWESOME Video For ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’

Another Winner

Ok Go has released a new music video for their song The Writing’s on the Wall which means, of course, that they have pushed the boundaries of awesome music videos again. Ok Go are not interested IN THE LEAST of releasing music videos unless they are utterly spectacular. They don’t release just any ol’ music video … they release stunners. As you can see in the embed above, they have come up with yet another killer video. Do yourselves a favor and spend 4 minutes of your day watching this video. THIS is how it’s done, y’all.

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Listen: Brian Williams Raps ‘Baby Got Back’ By Sir Mix-A-Lot Like A Boss

With a little help from Jimmy Fallon
Brian likes big butts, he cannot lie

Back in April, we got to see a brilliantly entertaining lip-dub video of NBC News anchor Brian Williams rapping the song Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg. Perhaps inspired by Sir Mix-A-Lot‘s recent performance of his classic song with the Seattle Symphony, Jimmy Fallon put together a new lip-dub video of Williams rapping Baby Got Back … and honestly, it may be the best lip-dub video ever uploaded to the Interwebs. These videos are always fun but this video of Brian Williams rapping about his love of big butts is simply the best. Wait till you get to the “me so horny” part. LOL! Click the video above and enjoy.

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Watch: This Guy Inserted Himself Into Britney Spears’s Music Video For ‘Work Bitch’ FLAWLESSLY

Game Over. This guy wins everything.
This guy wins at life

A young man named Gal Volinez inserted himself into Britney Spears‘s music video for Work Bitch almost every single time she appears on screen and the result is UTTERLY AND FIERCELY FLAWLESS. I don’t even have anything to say other than, you better watch this video and marvel at the perfection. Seriously, I bow down to this betch. This video will change your life for the better. Watch repeatedly.

Gal Voinez, I salute you.

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Listen: Eminem & Sia’s New Song Is Featured In A New Trailer For ‘The Equalizer’

The Re-Up
Music by Eminem and Sia

Last month Shannon shared a trailer for the new Denzel Washington film The Equalizer (which is based on the TV series of the same name) and while that trailer was all well and good, the trailer we get to see today is a bit better because it features a new song by Eminem and Sia. Em and Sia have collaborated on this as-yet untitled track for the film and as you can hear in the video embedded above, it’s a pretty catchy tune. Sia has been working with everyone lately so this collab with Eminem is not at all surprising. I suspect we’ll get to hear this song in full sometime soon, hopefully with a title. Check out the trailer above and hear what you think of this new song by Eminem and Sia.

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Watch: The ‘Paddington’ Movie Releases A First Full-Length Trailer

"A young explorer must find his way ..."
"... in a strange new land"

Back in March we got our first look at the upcoming big screen adaptation of Paddington, based on the children’s books of the world’s most famous British teddy bear. Today, we get to check out a longer, more significant trailer for the film. The teaser we saw in March looked promising but, as you may recall, we didn’t really get to see much. This new trailer shows us a lot more and, well, I’m not so sure I like what I see. This CGI version of Paddington looks more realistic and, therefore, less cute. I’m not sure that this incarnation of the character is how I want to see this usually adorable and beloved character but … maybe kids will love it? Click the embed above to check out this trailer and mark your calendars, Paddington will open in cinemas this November.

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Hallmark Unveils Its First Gay Dads E-Card

Love is Wherever

Hallmark has been selling greeting cards for same-sex occasions for some time now but this month the greeting cards company has unveiled their first same-sex e-cards in time for Pride month. Transgender artist Kylie Wu created the animated graphics for the gay dads Father’s Day e-card you can see below. The e-cards are part of Hallmark‘s new Love is Wherever campaign and are all worth a bit of your time. More »

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