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First Look: Meet The Cast Of ‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood Vs. Water’

Premiering September 24
Meet the Cast

We are just about a month away from the premiere of a new season of Survivor on CBS and today we get to meet the cast of 18 people who will compete on the new season of Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water. As you may know, Survivor did a Blood vs. Water season before (pitting teams of loved ones against one another in the game) and because that season was so successful, they’re doing it again. As I understand it, there were supposed to be two same-sex couples in the mix this time but a pair of women had to pull out of the show due to a medical emergency (the pair of same-sex men are in the game). Click the embed above to meet the 9 teams of players this season and get ready, Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water will premiere on CBS on September 24.

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Watch: ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Takes The Spotlight With Its Latest Video Teaser

What’s under the big top?
Swing by if you dare

Earlier this week we got to see the first TWO video teasers for the upcoming new season of American Horror Story: Freak Show. Today we get to see the just-released third teaser. In the same vein as the earlier teasers, this new video does a great job reminding us that the freak show world of American Horror Story is a disturbing one. Are you ready? AHS: Freak Show premieres on FX on October 8.

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Watch: Homer Simpson Accepts The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In The Most Amazing Way Possible

PLUS, watch the cutest little girl accept the Ice Bucket Challenge, too
"I challenge Flanders, Lenny and Flanders again ..."

Thus far there have been GADS of really great Ice Bucket Challenge videos making the rounds (the one we saw yesterday of Henry Cavill dressed in costume as Superman was a pretty damn good one, I think) and today … we get to see two more really great ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos. First up, you can click above to watch Homer Simpson accept The Ice Bucket Challenge in the most Simpsons way possible. It’s fun, believe me. Next, click below to watch the cutest little British girl accept the Ice Bucket Challenge which has the BEST ending of any challenge video that I’ve seen yet. Brilliant. Please enjoy both videos and MAKE A DONATION to the ALS Association!! More »

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Watch: Justin Bieber Covers ‘Ring Of Fire’ By Johnny Cash

Caution: Douchebaggery Ahead

Justin Bieber managed to make it thru a day without having the police called on him (well, since we last heard about the police being called on him) but after you watch the video below, you may want to file a police report for crimes against the humanities. JB posted a short video on his official Instagram profile that is likely to anger quite a few Johnny Cash fans. In the video, Bieber and his BFF Khalili Sharieff (the guy he got arrested with back in January for allegedly drag racing in Miami, FL) perform a short cover of Cash‘s iconic song Ring of Fire. You know you want to hear it below, right? More »

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Watch: Henry Cavill & Amy Adams Accept The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In Costume As Superman & Lois Lane

On Set, In Detroit
Super Challenge

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams are among the latest celebrities to accept The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and today, we get to see the video that they did while on the Detroit, MI set of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The neat thing about this video is that Henry and Amy accepted the challenge in costume as Superman and Lois Lane. Make sure you watch to the very end … this is one challenge that keeps on giving and giving. Hahaha. Enjoy.

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Watch: NBC Previews Season 7 Of ‘The Voice’

The First Full Trailer
The Best Season Yet?!

NBC is really excited about the upcoming 7th season of The Voice and have today released a new trailer that gives us our first look at footage from the new season. As you may know, the upcoming new season of The Voice will feature new judges/coaches Gwen Stefani and Pharrell alongside long-time judges/coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton and this new trailer gives us a taste of how this new panel will interact on the show. I love Pharrell, very much, but I’ll deffo be tuning in to watch Gwen Stefani on my TV every single week. The Voice hit the jackpot with this season’s new judges — they finally brought on people that make me want to watch. Check out the trailer above and get excited! The new season of The Voice premieres on NBC on September 22.

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Watch: Billy Crystal Memorializes Robin Williams At The 2014 Emmy Awards

"He made us laugh"
"Robin Williams, what a concept!"

Last week we learned that comic/actor Billy Crystal was tasked with delivering the memorial speech for the late Robin Williams at the Emmy Awards this year and last night, he did just that. Billy‘s memorial to his dear friend Robin was heartfelt, funny and full of love. I had a feeling when he started speaking that his speech was going to make me cry … and it did. Click the embed above to watch Billy Crystal deliver this loving speech about his late friend … OUR beloved friend, Robin Williams.

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Watch: Charli XCX Takes Us Back To COOL With The Music Video For Her New Single ‘Break The Rules’

Her new album 'Sucker' is out this fall
"Getting high and Getting wrecked"

Charli XCX, one of the most exciting pop stars around right now (who is NOT getting the solo recognition that she deserves, tbqh), has unleashed a music video for her new single Break The Rules which reminds us that music videos are meant to be fun. In the clip, Charli and her friends go back to school to crash a prom and run into an unruly adult chaperone, played by Rose McGowan. The clip ends with a clever homage to the horror prom movie Carrie which you simply have to see for yourselves. Break The Rules will be featured on Charli‘s upcoming new album Sucker, which hits stores on October 21. According to Charli, she wants this new album to inspire young girls to punk heights:

“I remember when I first began writing it, I wanted to write an album that I would’ve been obsessed with when I was 14. I would love to see a punk revolution, and loads of 14-year-old girls with shaved heads. I would love for girls to be able to celebrate this record.”

I love Charli XCX so much. Her song Boom Clap, from the soundtrack to The Fault in Our Stars, is one of my fave songs of the year thus far … and now I can add Break The Rules to that list as well. Check out the video, fall in love and DO seek out more of Charli‘s music. She is deffo the pop star that you don’t even know you LOVE.


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Watch: HBO Releases A First Teaser For ‘The Newsroom’ Season 3

Coming in November

YES YES YES!!! HBO just released a first teaser video for the forthcoming third season of The Newsroom, which will premiere in November, and altho this teaser doesn’t show any new footage from the show, it does a very EXCELLENT job TEASING the new season. The teaser is titled Copier (which is an apt title, as you will see) and you can watch it in full above.

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Watch: Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj Release The Music Video For ‘Bang Bang’

Sponsored by Beats Electronics
bang Bang BANG!

Late last month we got our first listen of the new song Bang Bang, which features vocals by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj (which the ladies performed live at the VMAs last night), and a few days later, we saw a cute photo that was shared from the set of the music video. Last night, the video world premiered at the close of the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and as you can see above, the video is basically a really colorful commercial for Beats Electronics products. Honestly, product placement like this isn’t really anything new but to me, this video looks more like a commercial than a music video. The song is so dope, tho. Watch the video above, see what you think. Does it make you want to buy a Beats Electronics product? Cuz, now I’m really thinking about that hot pink Beats Pill XL speaker … hmmmm.

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