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Watch: Nick Carter Says *NSync Should Reunite Without Justin Timberlake

“I still think that they can get back together."
A BSB talks *NSync Reunion possiblities

Last week *NSync member Joey Fatone started a bit of a boy band feud when he publicly lambasted the Backstreet Boys for reuniting because he said they were only doing it cuz they “need the money”. In response to that jibe, Nick Carter called out Joey and voiced his displeasure with his sentiments. Today, as they do promo for their new group Nick & Knight, Carter and Jordan Knight appeared on HuffPost Live to talk about their new musical venture … and discuss their feelings about a possible *NSync reunion. In the video embedded above, Nick says that he sees no reason why *NSync shouldn’t get together for a reunion even without Justin Timberlake. According to Nick, no one person in any group should determine whether or not a reunion can take place. More »

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A ‘Will & Grace’ Reunion Is NOT In The Works [UPDATE]

8 years and counting

It has been 8 years since Will & Grace went off the air back in 2005 but according to a new report, it looks like the cast is getting ready to reunite once again. At this point, details about how this W&G reunion will turn out are nonexistent but apparently, all four of the main cast — Erick McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullaly and Sean Hayes — as well as the show’s producers have all signed on for a reunion. It’s also not known when, exactly, this reunion will take place but … it’s coming, they promise it’s coming. UPDATE: RATS! NBC has followed up on this report with a firm denial that no reunion is in the works :( Read on to see what NBC and Sean Hayes have to say on the matter. More »

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Watch: Courtney Cox Reiterates That The Cast Of ‘Friends’ Is Never, Ever, Ever Gonna Get Back Together

"I have been trying to put together a cast dinner for 10 years"
"It's not gonna happen"

In April of 2013 we last heard talk of a long-rumored/always-talked about Friends reunion that, once again, turned out to be nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of fans. Last night, during a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman, Courteney Cox reconfirmed very plainly, very succinctly that a Friends reunion will never come to be. Never. Ever. “It ain’t gonna happen“, she says. As much as we fans may REALLY REALLY want the cast of Friends to reunite in full … we have to just let that dream go. Courteney says that she has been trying to get the cast of all 6 Friends together for just a private dinner and has been unsuccessful in getting everyone together for a decade now. If Monica Geller can’t get the cast of Friends together, than no one can. Sorry, folks. Never. Ever.

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Watch: Joey Fatone Says There Is ‘Absolutely 100% No’ Chance Of A *NSync Reunion

Plus, he says BSB are only on tour cuz they need the money
0% chance of a *NSync Reunion

Back in August, the members of *NSync reunited for a hot minute (er, a hot 30 secs) at the MTV Video Music Awards which honored Justin Timberlake with a special award. Soon after, folks wondered if a full blown *NSync reunion was in the works. Lance Bass has gone on the record to say, nope, there will be no reunion. Today we get to see a video interview with Joey Fatone who says that there is 100% no chance of a *NSync reunion right now. Sorry, folks.

Joey also talked a bit about boy band rivals Backstreet Boys being on tour. According to Fatone, they’re only on tour because they need the money. Shade Shade Shade! Watch video of Joey making his BSB comments below. More »

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An Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued For Porsha Williams From ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

Plus, preview the upcoming reunion special for 'RHOA'

Last month we learned that Porsha Williams may be fired from the Bravo reality TV series The Real Housewives of Atlanta over a physical altercation she got into with castmate Kenya Moore during the taping of this year’s reunion special for the show. Yesterday we got to preview the altercation which Bravo is teasing before the 3-part reunion special premieres this Sunday night (click below to see a bunch of preview videos from the RHOA reunions special episodes). Today we learn that an arrest warrant has been issued for Porsha because Kenya filed a criminal complaint against her. It sounds like reality TV is getting really real in Atlanta right now. More »

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Outkast Reunites At Coachella, WATCH Their Full Concert Set Here

Outkast Reunited AT LAST

Back in November we first got wind that the members of OutkastAndré 3000 and Big Boi — where thinking about reuniting sometime in 2014 and back in January, we learned officially that they would be making their 10ish year reunion on stage on Day 1 of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Yesterday was Day 1 of Coachella and Outkast rightfully headlined the fest with a 27 song setlist that thrilled their longtime fans … and, very unfortunately, failed to energize the majority of younger folks in the crowd. Kids, smh. Click the video embedded above to watch Outkast‘s FULL concert performance from last night … their first in about 20 years. You can see the setlist for all 27 songs below and find out which musicians came out to either perform on stage with Outkast or watched adoringly in the wings. More »

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Courtney Love Backtracks On The Hole Reunion Talk, It Looks Like It’s Not Going To Happen After All

"Nothing might happen"

Last week, Courtney Love made headlines by announcing to the world that the original members of her band Hole have reunited. Today, we learn that Courtney is now recanting a bit from the Hole reunion talk because she now says that the reunification of Hole may not happen after all. In a new interview with The Telegraph, Love reveals that the members of the band — guitarist Eric Erlandson, bassist Melissa Auf der Maur and drummer Patty Schemel — are now “flipping out” about Courtney‘s revelation that they have gotten back together. As a result, it sounds like the Hole reunion won’t take place after all :( More »

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O-Town Announces That They Are Reuniting!


I know, I know … it’s probably hard to believe anything that I have to say today after THIS post and THIS post but I SWEAR TO GODNEY, this is not a joke. The early 00′s boyband O-Town is staging a comeback. I know, I had a hard time believing it myself. The guys launched an official website yesterday announcing to the world that they are reuniting and are coming back with new music. The only problem is that the most famous member of the group, Ashley Parker Angel, has opted out of taking part in the reunion. Boo. BUT EVEN STILL, all of your Liquid Dreams are coming true right now, right?! Watch the video above to see the older version of O-Town (Erik-Michael Estrada, Dan Miller, Trevor Penick and Jacob Underwood) making their reunion announcement … then click below to see what non-returning member Ashley Parker Angel is up to these days. More »

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Porsha Williams Reportedly FIRED From ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ After She Physically Assaulted Kenya Moore During The Reunion Special

Bye, Felicia

Fans of The Real Housewives reality TV show franchise on Bravo TV are well aware that the various casts like to bring the drama on any given day. All season long, the castmembers fight and make up and then fight and then make up again … then they all gather together on the reunion special at the end of the season to fight all over again before they make up and film a new season together. This week, the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta taped their reunion special and it is being reported that Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore got into a physical altercation during taping. As a result, it is also being reported that producers are pissed that Porsha would get physical with Kenya and she is apparently being cut from the show. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s reality TV entertainment for ya. More »

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Jason Priestley Says There Will NEVER Be A ‘Beverly Hills, 90120′ Reunion

"I can say with 100 per cent confidence ..."

So, if you’ve been patiently waiting for the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 to reunite for a TV special or something … I’ve got some bummer news for you. In a new interview that surfaced today, Jason Priestly (the bouffanted actor who played Brandon Walsh on the series) makes it very clear that there will never be a reunion of the 90210 folks. Even if you think that there may be a slight chance, no matter what Jason says, he is adamant with 100% certainty that it’s not going to happen so … all of your dreams have just been crushed entirely. More »

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