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The Pope Urges The Catholic Church To Show More Acceptance Toward Same-Sex Marriages, Couples Living Out Of Wedlock & Divorcées

"Work in progress"

In September of last year, Pope Francis urged the Catholic Church to focus on other, more important, things than abortion, contraception and gay marriage. Today we learn that Pope Francis is now urging the Church to show more acceptance and tolerance toward couples in same-sex marriages, couples who live together romantically but aren’t married and people who are divorced. In terms of a sitting pope advocating such socially liberal ideals, this is revolutionary. But, then again, I guess it’s what we can expect from a pope who managed to land the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. More »

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Got Cozy At Bible Study, Apparently


Sigh. I guess the on-again/off-again relationship betwixt Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is on again because the couple were spotted getting close (again) at a Bible study meeting this week. Additionally, the pair were also spied acting very “tactile” together at the movies recently so it does sound like Jelena are back together again … at least for now. The photo of Selena kissing Justin‘s cheek was posted to his official Instagram profile this week but has since been deleted, the caption read “Right now everything else is a blur“. HMMMM. I guess, here we go again. More »

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First Look: Gay Teens Are Shown Getting ‘Kidnapped For Christ’ In A New Documentary

REPEAT: This Is A Documentary. As In, A TRUE STORY.
'I Got Sent Down Here Because I Am Gay'

Watching this horrifying trailer, I was reminded of my interview with Natasha Lyonne. I got to chat with her at an Orange Is The New Black press day, and I brought up her 1999 movie But I’m A Cheerleader. One thing she said was that it’s absolutely insane that she made that movie so long ago and we’re still, basically, having the same discussion about homosexuality. She went on a great rant, and I was thinking of it while watching this. So, there’s a Christian behavioral modification program called Escuela Carib that sends unknowing kids to the Dominican Republic to… what? Kidnap the gay out of them? This is a true story. ‘N Sync‘s Lance Bass, and The Real World star Mike C. Manning executive produced Kidnapped For Christ, and you won’t believe what you see. Also great to know this is a billion dollar industry. Jesus, Yeezus, somebody take the wheel.

The documentary won the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature at Slamdance Film Festival this year. It premieres on Showtime July 10th.

And this:We’re in the business of trying to save prodigals.” Dude, this is sooo not what that scripture means. Literally, “prodigal son” means someone who willingly comes home… Grrr…. step up your Bible game before you come at me!


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Everyone Is Getting This Toni Braxton Abortion/Autism Story Wrong

No, She Doesn't Think God Punished Her With An Autistic Child

There’s been a story going around for the past few days that really bothered me, and I’m glad I did a little research before writing about this. So, do you guys remembered when I partied with the Braxton sisters earlier in the year, and interviewed them (and it was all awesome and fancy)? Yes, me too. Well, one thing Toni Braxton told me was that her first reaction to her son’s autisim diagnosis had a sort of “juicy” story behind it. And she was right. Now that her memoir is out (Unbreak My Heart), everyone’s up in arms about some statements she made about her prior abortion, her God, and her son. But the story is being mis-reported and it’s pissing me off. Click inside for more!
More »

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First Listen: Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland Guest On Michelle Williams’s New Song ‘Say Yes’

Destiny's Child REUNITED

Destiny’s Child has reunited, y’all, on a new song that you can hear in full below!!! Michelle Williams is readying the release of a solo album titled Journey to Freedom which is full of gospel music and for her song Say Yes, she managed to get her fellow members of D. Child to sign on the track. Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland provide guest vocals on Michelle‘s song below … have a listen. More »

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Watch: Justin Bieber Explains God In 30 Seconds

"For God loved the world so much ..."

Justin Bieber makes a cameo in Brandon Burke‘s music video for The Pledge … but not as a guest vocalist. JB appears at the very end of the video sitting on a couch, talking about God to Burke … and the music video audience. In a mere 30 seconds, The Biebs boils down what he thinks is so cool about God. While I have a hard time taking Justin Bieber seriously when he’s discussing religious matters, I suppose he deserves some credit for voicing his beliefs? I guess? Preach on, Bieber.

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Here Is The Baphomet Statue That Satanists Want To Install In Front Of The Oklahoma Statehouse

The Devil is in the Details

Back in January, The Satanic Temple decided to crowd-fund a statue of Baphomet so that they could install it in front of the Oklahoma statehouse, right next to the big state of the Ten Commandments that was installed there back in 2012. Because the Commandments state was a “gift”, the Satanists wanted to give the state of Oklahoma a gift of their own. The crowd-funding campaign sought to raise $20,000 for the statue and ended up getting about $30,000 in donations. The state of Oklahoma is trying to get out of letting the Satanists install this statue but the Satanists are moving full speed ahead with their statue plans. Click below to see what the statue will look like if the Satanists are successful in installing it in front of the OK statehouse. More »

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A New Beyoncé-Inspired Religion Called ‘Beyism’ Has Been Created

Behold, The National Church of Bey

Back in January we learned that a new Kanye West-inspired religion was created by a 23-year old man so I guess it should come as no surprise to learn that a Beyoncé-inspired religion has also been created as well. Beyism is the name of this new religion which was created by a group of 12 friends in Atlanta, CA, led by a self-proclaimed Minister Diva named Pauline John Andrews. HMMM. The group claims that the inspiration for Beyism came from one of their weekly hang sessions where the friend would gather every Sunday to sing her songs. While smoking marijuana, they say, the inspiration for this Beyoncé-inspired religion sprang froth. Imagine that. More »

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Why Are There Are No Black People In Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’

"My black, woman’s body ... is not represented in Aronofsky’s movie"

For weeks now, we’ve been hearing criticisms of the new Darren Aronofsky film Noah from folks who claim the movie isn’t Biblical enough for their liking. Today, tho, I came up on a blog post by Reverend Wil Gafney, Ph.D. who saw the movie on opening night last night and realized very quickly that there are no Black characters AT ALL in the entire film. Not that that this is a good thing but even in horror films there are Black characters who are features and oftentimes killed off early on in the story … but Noah is essentially an origin story that tells the tale of the only surviving human beings to exist after all life on Earth was destroyed by a flood (which Aronofsky‘s film maintains was caused by environmental means and not necessarily the hand of God, which is where the original controversy stems but that’s a discussion for another time) and, as such, should at least give some representation to people of color in the world. That there are no Black people at all in the world featured in Noah, Rev. Gafney maintains, suggests that Black people simply do not exist. More »

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Madonna Dresses As Daenerys Targaryen From ‘Game Of Thrones’ For The Jewish Holiday Of Purim

"Happy Purim!!!!!"

The Jewish holiday of Purim is upon us once again … a fact that I know only because Madonna has posted photos of the costume she has selected for the holiday this year. Purim, as you may know, is a Jewish holiday of deliverance that is celebrated by (among other things) the wearing of masks and costumes. In years prior, Madonna has dressed up as her teenage daughter Lourdes Maria, she has dressed as Charlie Chaplin, she has dressed as a Betty Page-like pin up girl and this year, she has dressed as Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones. Check out her fun photos below. More »

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