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Kerry Washington Brings Her Baby Bump To The 2014 NAACP Image Awards

And she brought home an award trophy

Kerry Washington, lookin’ radiantly pregs, made an appearance at the 45th annual NAACP Image Awards at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, CA last night to attend the awards … and walk home with the award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for her work on the ABC series Scandal. As you can see in the photos presented in this gallery, Kerry looked utterly amazing in a custom dress that was designed for her by Thakoon. As you may recall, Shannon reminded us a few days ago that Scandal is returning from its winter hiatus with new episodes this coming week (we saw the first new promo video for the new eps HERE) … but before the return of Scandal, Kerry had a make a stop at the Image Awards last night to collect her trophy, lookin’ fine as can be. Enjoy the photos, she looks amazing.

[Photo credit: WENN]

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Watch: Jennifer Garner Says She’s Seen Ben Affleck’s New Batman Suit

She says it's ...
"I've seen the suit"

WAY back in September we got to see concept art that alleges to show us the look of the new Batman suit that will be worn by new Batman Ben Affleck in the upcoming sequel to Man Of Steel (aka Superman vs. Batman) and, as you may recall, we heard from Affleck‘s BFF Kevin Smith that he has seen the new Batman suit with his own eyes and, as a Batman fan, he approves. Today we are hearing from Ben‘s wife Jennifer Garner and she, too, says that she has seen the new Batman suit (dang, at this point, who hasn’t seen the new suit?!) and she says it’s “unbelievably cool”. Ben and Jen, as you may recall we learned last month, will be living in Detroit, MI this summer as the Man of Steel sequel moves into filming production. Click the embed above to hear what Jen has to say about the new Batsuit. Honestly, I’ll believe the “unbelievable coolness” of this suit when I see it for myself. I’m curious, tho. Aren’t you?

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‘RoboCop’ Premieres In Hollywood

At last, the movie is OUT

It has been many years since we first learned that RoboCop was being remade as a new film … waaaaay back in 2008 we first heard that plans were in the works to bring RoboCop back to the big screen but it took a long time for casting to get done and for filming to begin. THEN, the movie release date was pushed back from last summer to this winter … and last night, at long last, RoboCop finally premiered in Hollywood. The movie opens in theaters tomorrow and I’m hearing really good things about it. I’m very much looking forward to seeing this new RoboCop film in large part because it is set in the Detroit, MI of the future. Sigh. Click thru the gallery presented here and see some of the film’s stars, including Joel Kinnaman, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Gary Oldman and more, on the red carpet last night. I can’t decide if I’m going to see the movie at midnight tonight or wait until tomorrow. My anxious thirst is real so … we’ll see ;D

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Shia LaBeouf Wears A Paper Bag Over His Head On The Red Carpet Of His New Movie Premiere

"I Am Not Famous Anymore", he says

Shia LaBeouf is doing everything he can, in the wackiest way possible, to generate as much attention to his attempt to inform the world that he is “not famous anymore”. While promoting his new film Nymphomaniac, he delivered one odd line to the assembled journalists at a press conference and then walked out and left the room. Then, later in the day, he walked the red carpet of his movie premiere in Berlin with a paper bag over his entire head with the phrase “I Am Not Famous Anymore” written on it … thereby ensuring that the incident would get more coverage then if he just walked the red carpet without a paper bag over his head. Some people find his behavior “crazy” or “odd” but I, personally, find it calculated and contrived. More »

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Live Stream: Watch The Grammy Awards Red Carpet LIVE On Pink Is The New Blog!

Here we go
Watch it LIVE

MTV is broadcasting LIVE from the red carpet of the 56th annual Grammy Awards today and by clicking the embed above, you can watch along right here, right now. The red carpet is a great way to get a first look at all of the fashions that will be making their way into the Staples Center for the Grammy Awards this year. It’s Grammy time! Let’s do this!!

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Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis Are Expecting A Baby Boy

She's due in April

Back in October we learned the very happy news that actors Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are pregnant with their first child together. Today we learn that Olivia and Jason are expecting a baby boy due to be born in late April. Olivia was a vision of motherly beauty on the red carpet of the Golden Globes on Sunday night and she talked quite a bit about her beautiful baby bump. IMHO, Olivia was one of the best dressed ladies on the red carpet Sunday night … mainly because she wears her baby bump very, very well. Click below to see how great mom-to-be Olivia looked on the GG red carpet and learn more about the imminent arrival of her son. More »

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Kerry Washington Arrived At The 2014 Golden Globe Awards, And Nothing Else Mattered [UPDATE]

There Were Other Arrivals? WHAT Other Arrivals?!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you know exactly when and why I lost my mind last night. I was watching the red carpet arrivals at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards when it happened. It. Happened. Granted, we’ve kinda seen Kerry Washington‘s baby bump before, but last night it was so official, I just lost it. She. Looked. Effing. Amazing. And sooo pregnant in the face, LOL! I legit felt like my big sister was pregnant or something and I just couldn’t believe it was real. Kerry wore a custom-made Balenciaga gown and I thought it fit her so perfectly. I know a lot of other women looked great last night but I only had eyes for Kerry. Hopefully, her hubby Nnamdi makes it to the next show… on her arm, cradling that bump, lol. Peep the gallery for more!

UPDATE: AGH! HERE is a photo of Nnamdi at an after party with Kerry! AGH! The love is real!

[Photo Credit: Wire Images/Splash]

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Joe Jonas Unleashes His Porn’stache Upon The World

No One Is SAFE

Back in September we got our first look at the pitiful excuse of a mustache that popstar Justin Bieber attempted to grow and show off before he threw in the towel and accepted the fact that he’s not quite grown enough to actually rock any real semblance of facial hair. His popstar cohort and colleague Joe Jonas, on the other hand, proved last night that he is quite capable of growing a mansize mustache. Joe was spotted on the red carpet of a Nylon magazine party last night and as you can see in the photos below, he was rockin’ a mustache that Magnum, P.I. himself would be proud of. Cue the 70′s porn music and let’s have a look at Joe‘s sexy ‘stache. More »

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The Late Nelson Mandela Honored At The London Premiere Of ‘Mandela: Long Road To Freedom’

"We were just reminded what an extraordinary & inspiring man Nelson Mandela was"

Yesterday the world learned the sad news of Nelson Mandela‘s passing at the age of 95 after he was struck will illness 6 months earlier. As news spread of Mandela’s death, tributes and memorials to the man’s life and legacy began to flourish all around the globe. In London, the biopic film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (which is based on Mandela‘s autobiography) was screened at a premiere event that was attended by the film’s stars Idris Elba and Naomie Harris along with Prince William and Kate Middelton and others. Click thru the gallery presented here to see these folks on the red carpet of the Long Walk to Freedom premiere in London last night and then click below to read some of the tribute paid to the late freedom fighter-turned-president-turned-legend Nelson Mandela. More »

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David Beckham & Harry Styles In The Same PHOTO!

BOOM! You're Pregnant!

David Beckham and One Direction‘s Harry Styles both attended the London premiere of the film The Class of ’92 last night, which is exciting in and of itself, but the fact that the pair posed for photos together on the red carpet before the event makes the occasion all the more epic. Fans of a more mature age tend to love Becks while the younger fans tend to love Harry. Seeing the two of them together, it’s easy to see how fans both old and young can love them both in equal measure. Click below to see a few photos of Becks and Harry together and try not to fall desperately in love. More »

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