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Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Get Into Another Very Public Altercation

The cops were called, it must've been Tuesday night

Another day, another reason to call the cops on Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt who, according to TMZ, got into a very public and loud altercation in the wee hours earlier today after the couple stepped out last night to promote Paris‘s line of “beauty” products. Apparently a night of pimping out hair weaves and brushes led the couple to a situation where they had to scream and, reportedly, push one another in front of her house … which, of course, meant the cops had to be called to check out the situation:

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt got into an epic fight early this morning … so much so the LAPD responded to a call — “Drunk people arguing” — this, according to law enforcement sources. It happened a few hours ago in the Hollywood Hills. An eyewitness tells us he saw Paris in her driveway and Doug getting in his car, when Paris began screaming, “Don’t go, don’t go!” The eyewitness tells us Doug got out of the car and the lovebirds began “shoving each other.” The last the eyewitness saw Paris and Doug go back up the driveway. According to law enforcement, cops spoke to Paris and left.

HMMM … if memory serves, this is something like the fourth time that Pug Dilton got into some sort of argument that involved physical contact between the feuding parties. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Doug tried to choke Paris but the incident was laughed off as they were “only joking” and were seen making out in public the next day to try and brush the incident under the rug. As much as I think that Paris and Doug are the perfect kind of people for one another, I have a horrible feeling that their relationship is unhealthy (to say the least) and possibly dangerous (at the very worst). My guess is that nothing will come of this latest incident … my hope is that these altercations do not escalate into something worse.

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Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Are As Happy As Can Be

No joke, er, I mean choke

Yesterday we read a report from the New York Post that insisted that Paris Hilton and her beau Doug Reinhardt got into a drunken tussle on Hallowe’en night that resulted in Doug choking Paris … well, either reports of their scuffle were greatly exaggerated or the drunken couple sobered up and forgot all about their tiff because Pug Dilton were spotted together on the streets of LA last night lookin’ as in love as they ever were:

Yes folks, Pug Dilton were back to their grossly inappropriate ways as they stepped out for dinner at Boa in West Hollywood, CA last night … clearly it’s a short trip from alleged choking to confirmed spit swapping. While I sincerely hope that no violent physicality transpires between these two, I guess only they know if they are truly made for one another. They seem well suited for one another … I say, let them have each other.

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Doug Reinhardt Reportedly Chokes Out Paris Hilton

"It got very physical. The limo driver was horrified!"

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt, who were in attendance at Heidi Klum‘s annual Hallowe’en Costume Party on Saturday night, reportedly got into a drunken scuffle with one another in the wee hours of the night … which resulted in scary-looking choking tussle. Here is a photo of Pug Dilton gettin’ very physical with one another (as you can see, Doug‘s hands are clearly around Paris‘s neck) and a report from the New York Post which explains what the eff was going on:

Fright Night turned really scary for Paris Hilton. The party-hearty heirhead and her boyfriend du jour, Doug Reinhardt, were spotted in an apparent boozy grapple early yesterday — with him reaching from the back of their limo to put his hand around her throat in a move that stunned even jaded Sunset Boulevard denizens. “She was mad,” said lensman Ramon Alves. “She jumped in the front seat and [Doug] was holding her around the neck saying, ‘Relax, relax.’ ” Hilton, 28, and Reinhardt, 24, started out Halloween night sporting goofy, matching tooth-fairy outfits at a bash thrown by “Project Runway” glamour girl Heidi Klum and her singer-husband, Seal, in West Hollywood. The pair then took off in a limo to The Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood for another round of partying. At around 3:30 a.m., Paris & Co. left the Roosevelt, pouring into their limo for the ride home. “You could see them chugging from a bottle inside the car,” said another witness. But the action was just getting started. At the corner of La Brea and Sunset Boulevard, the reality star’s cellphone was launched out the window. The limo came to an abrupt stop, and a tipsy Paris stumbled out, peering up and down the street to find her phone as traffic — and pedestrians — came to a halt. “She was staggering down the street, up and down,” the second witness said. Failing to find her phone — it was later located and returned by a paparazzo — Hilton climbed back into the limo and began ranting at Reinhardt for throwing it out the window, the witness said. She also started slapping and kicking as he grabbed her and tried to fend her off. His left hand had a firm grip on her throat, according to the witness. “And the guy they were with was trying to block anyone from taking pictures,” the witness said. “It got very physical. The limo driver was horrified!” The incident was witnessed by several photographers … A call to a Hilton spokeswoman was not immediately answered. No police report was filed on the couple’s Halloween incident.

This is not the first time we’ve heard of Doug getting physically violent with Paris. As you may recall, Pug Dilton reportedly got into a physical fight which resulted in tears from Paris and sparked the couple’s break-up shortly thereafter. Just a few weeks after that incident, tho, Paris got back together with Doug and all was right with the world again. Now we not only hear that Doug put his hands on Paris, we SEE what looks like photographic evidence. My guess is that Paris will prolly downplay the whole incident and say the couple were just joking around … but it is my sincere wish that if Doug Reinhardt really does get physically violent with her that she dump his ass immediately. Paris Hilton may not be my fave person in the world but I would never, ever want her or anyone else to endure this type of treatment from anyone. Again, we don’t know for sure what exactly happened … so it’s really going to have to be up to Hilton herself to determine what sort of treatment she is willing to endure from the man in her life.


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Heidi Klum Celebrates Hallowe’en With Some Of Her Celeb Friends

Something to crow about

Heidi Klum stepped out last night for her first public appearance since giving birth two weeks ago to her fourth child Lou. As a HUGE fan of Hallowe’en, Klum decided that her 10th Annual Hallowe’en Costume Party would be the event to bring her back out onto the red carpet. Here are a few photos of Heidi with hubby Seal dressed as creepy crows along with some of the celeb guests who came out for her big party last night:

I understand that Heidi has been planning this year’s costume since July … she made quite a scary-looking bird. The SKYY Vodka sponsored event was held at Voyeur in West Hollywood, CA and managed to inspire Eliza Dushku and beau Rick Fox to dress up as vampire/zombie versions of Bonnie & Clyde … the affair also inspired Paris Hilton and beau Doug Reinhardt to dress up as a swan and the Tooth Fairy respectively … and inspired Rachel Zoe to dress up as her usual scary self …. EEEEEERIE!! As far as Hallowe’en parties go, it’s tough to outdo Heidi Klum‘s annual affair … it looks like it was a grand time, indeed.

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Pug Dilton Invade The Venice Film Festival

All apologies, Venetians

It’s been about a hot minute since last we checked in on Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt who miraculously got back together earlier this Summer after breaking up after a spat a SoCal nightclub in the Spring. When last we saw Pug Dilton here on the blog, they were quietly vacationing in the tropics and have, also miraculously, been keeping a semi-low profile. BUT, Pug Dilton surfaced publicly this weekend in Venice, Italy to make an appearance on the red carpet at the 66th Annual Venice International Film Festival for the premiere of The Bad Lieutenant … behold:

From what I understand, Pug Dilton were only in Venice for a short while … they did some sightseeing and then attended this premiere and are now on their way back home to LA. It’s curious that they would fly all the way to Venice for just one premiere, particularly since a cursory check at IMDB shows that Paris has nothing at all to do with the film. No matter, I’m just happy to see that Pug Dilton are still happily attached to one another … which means the world is safe for every one else who will be spared from either Paris or Doug‘s communicable love.

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Pug Dilton Sneak Off On A Tropical Holiday

Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt officially back together

Paris Hilton posted a couple of tweets on her official Twitter profile over the weekend confessing that she snuck off to a vacation destination in Tahiti but she failed to mention that she snuck off to said locale with her on-again boyfriend Doug Reinhardt (you may recall we learned a couple of weeks ago that Pug Dilton have gotten back together). Here is a photo snapped of the happy couple trying to be all incognito while on holiday this weekend (clearly, if they are vacationing together, they are truly back on again) along with her tweets:

Love Wadigi Island, had the most incredible stay. It is true Paradise, so beautiful and private. It’s the perfect place to vacation. LOVE!!

Then, as a service to her fans, she tweets info on how YOU too can enjoy the tropical holiday getaway that she enjoyed:

For reservations to Wadigi Island – Contact Tracy @ Check it out – What a Magical Island! :)

I believe this is the first time we’ve seen Pug Dilton together in a photo since they broke up earlier this year. I wonder where else they have been sneaking off to together … HMMMM.

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Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Are Back Together

Pug Dilton lives again!!

I’ve got great news for those of you who are still mourning the death of Pug Dilton. According to US Weekly magazine, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt, who broke up in June, are back together again and IN LURVE!

Less than two months after splitting, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt are back together, has confirmed. “They are definitely happy again,” a source close to the couple — who called it quits in June after four months of dating — tells Us. A rep for Reinhardt has no comment. On Monday, Reinhardt, 23, posted on Twitter: “What an amazing weekend with my beautiful girlfriend. I love her so much!” The day before that, he wrote: “Laying in bed watching SportsCenter with my girl.”

You may recall that we heard that Paris went begging back to Doug in the hopes that he would take her back … not long after she hooked up with soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo after her break-up with Doug. Who knows, mebbe Pug Dilton have been back together for longer than we realized? I have to say, this is amazing news!! A communicable love like the one that Pug Dilton shares should not be inflicted on anyone else! They deserve each other and I truly hope they make it work and stay together forever!! Happy Day!! Pug Dilton lives again!!!

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The Break-Up Is Off, Pug Dilton Getting Back Together

Is the break-up now dunzo?

So … mebbe Paris Hilton can’t live without Doug Reinhardt after all. In a roller-coaster week of break-ups, fights, hook-ups it seems that Pug Dilton may be getting back together. You may recall that Paris issued a statement to People magazine on Tuesday that she had officially broken-up with Doug and then spent her Wednesday night mackin’ on soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo. But now, according to TMZ, Paris may be having second thoughts about that “official break-up” and claim that she went back to Doug last night begging him to take her back. Um … true love wins out?

Paris Hilton traded the Euro for the good ol’ U.S. last night — she spent the evening with Doug Reinhardt. Wednesday night/Thursday early early, Paris hooked up with Cristiano Ronaldo — who can forget our pic of Paris’ ass as she mauled the soccer star? But our spies say last night Paris begged Doug to take her back. She told him she loved him and had made a mistake by breaking up with him. We’re told she was texting him all night and then showed up at his house at 4 AM this morning, banging on his door. Apparently Doug succumbed to her charm … which means he scored.

Please ye gods above and below … thruout the ether of the vast expanse of infinity … let Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt stay together FOREVER! I truly hope that this news of reconciliation turns out to be true because I fully contend that the population of Earth would be much served if Pug Dilton kept their communicable love between themselves. I cannot stress this enough … Paris and Doug are PERFECT and they absolutely DESERVE one another. Please gods … let them keep it together.

This is … good news … yes?


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Meet The Woman Who Reportedly Came Between Pug Dilton

The 'Deal' breaker

On Wednesday we learned that the fairytale romance between Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt came to a sad and abrupt end after some sort of incident took place at The Darkroom nightclub here in Hollywood, CA on Tuesday night. According to reports, a blonde Paris Hilton “look-alike” played a role in the circumstances that lead to the split of Pug Dilton and In Touch Weekly magazine has her side of the story. Meet Deal or No Deal model Kendhal Beal … the “other woman” who reportedly helped break up Pug Dilton:

Paris Hilton is single again and In Touch can exclusively reveal why! Paris ended her relationship with Doug Reinhardt on Tuesday night after she caught him hanging out with his gorgeous ex, 23-year-old former Deal or No Deal model Kendhal Beal at Darkroom in West Hollywood. “Everyone was there having a great time, sitting at the bar, and I happen to be talking to Doug,” Kendhal tells In Touch exclusively. “Out of nowhere, Paris comes and starts throwing lemons and limes at me. It was kind of crazy! ” Kendhal claims that Paris was screaming at Doug in front of everyone, then the pair left together. But Doug’s ex may not be the only reason for the split — insiders say Doug’s constant need for publicity was starting to wear on Paris. “He is a good guy and I couldn’t see him dating her for publicity,” adds Kendhal. “I’m sure that it was real.” Although the two have dated for a summer in the past, Kendhal says “We have a history but we are currently just friends.” Could Paris have been a little jealous? “Definitely,” says Kendhal. But the breakup hasn’t slowed Paris down. She headed out last night and met up with U.K. soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo at Myhouse in Hollywood. “They were making out in front of some of Doug’s friends,” a witness tells In Touch. Paris, Cristiano, and her sister Nicky Hilton all headed to Nicky’s house and partied until 5 a.m.

At last … the final piece of the puzzle has been laid in place. We know have the pretty good picture of what went down on Tuesday night that lead to the dissolution of Pug Dilton‘s relationship. Since that time, Paris has dug her claws (and her tongue, apparently) into Cristiano Ronaldo and Doug has been left a crying, begging for attention mess at Paris‘s doorstep … so, pretty much life goes on as usual.


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Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Are Dunzo!


Oh man … something really bad must’ve gone down last night. We just learned that Paris Hilton was involved in some sort of altercation last night that involved (either directly or indirectly) her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt … and now, People magazine is reporting that Paris and Doug have broken up! Pug Dilton are dunzo, y’all!

It’s over for Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt of The Hills, PEOPLE has confirmed. “In response to the inquiry on whether Paris Hilton has split up with Doug Reinhardt, yes, this is true they are no longer together. They remain friends and ask that you please respect their privacy,” a rep for Hilton says. Hilton, 28, and Reinhardt, 24, had been together for six months. Reinhardt’s rep had no immediate comment.

What.The.Eff?!? Whatever went down last night has to have something to do with this sudden split. The couple were doing just fine yesterday … they just got back from an extended vacay together … and they were even talking about the possibility of marriage later on in the Summer. This really sucks … I LOVED Pug Dilton together … that way, both Paris and Doug would stay away from other innocent people. I, for one, will really miss Pug Dilton … I thought for sure they’d stay together forever … I mean, you can’t fake a love like THIS. Man … we have to find out what went down last night.


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