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Bernie Sanders Is Glad He Doesn’t Have To Make Donald Trump ‘Look Dumb’


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says is happy he doesn't have to spend campaign dollars to make Donald Trump look “dumb” – the fellow Republican presidential candidate is handling those chores all by himself, thank you very much. Sitting down with Comedy Central's Larry Wilmore for his Nightly Show, Sanders said he is still recovering ...

The Fourth ‘Men In Black’ Will Include A Woman, Meanwhile Will Smith May Not Return


Yeeeeeeah. After Linda Fiorentino's character was inducted as a Woman In Black at the end of the first Men In Black, and then they didn't bring her back in the sequels, I was like...WTF?! But it looks like finallllly the producers decided to bring back a female to the franchise. Producer Laurie MacDonald spoke to the BBC, saying ...