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Birthdays, Brides and Fist-Pumping

Here is this week’s batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers — Grandpapa-razzo John from Fresno, CA sends in an adorable photo of granddaughter Brooklyn celebrating her 2nd birthday at Chuck E. CheeseGail sends in a beautiful photo of her friends Grace and new hubby Tim who recently got married in Lakewood, WA — Hazel sends in a very pretty picture of her BFF Cristie celebrating her 28th birthday at her Perfect Pink PartyMelissa sends in another beautiful photo from her wedding day last month — Jessica sends in a fun photo of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro from MTV‘s Jersey Shore at a recent in-person appearance at a club in Calgary, Alberta:

Yay! Happy Birthday, Happy Weddings, Happy Anniversaries and LOVE TO ALL Y’ALL for sending in your fun photos. As usual, this is a really fun batch of photos … I love them all. Thank YOU for taking the time to send in your photos to share … please keep ‘em coming! Woot!


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Birthday Lurve, A Brave Soldier and A Couple of 'Real Housewives' Stars

Here is this week’s batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers — Jenny sends in a supercute photo of her sons Holden (recently turned 3) and Parker who just turned 1 year old in celebration of their birthdays! — Tara sends in a photo of her husband who was deployed for a year long military commitment right before the couple’s first wedding anniversary on September 26 … let’s send our best wishes, prayers and thoughts for his speedy and safe return home and our heartiest congrats on their 1st wedding anniversary — Keegan and his boyfriend Paul send in a fun photo with Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum (and my good friend) Tom Lenk who they met after Tom‘s recent appearance in Toronto, Ontario — Theresa, who hails from Montreal, Quebec, sends in a fun photo from her 19th birthday party rockin’ a hot pink dress and ready to celebrate the ability to legally consume alcoholic beverages — Martine sends in a photo she snapped with Alex and Simon McCord (and one of their sons) from The Real Housewives of NYC whom she recently met at the Mercedes Benz Polo Challenge in the Hamptons:

Birthday Lurve goes out to little Holden, Parker and Theresa and much, MUCH anniversary love goes out to Tara and her husband … I know all y’all will join me in sending our thoughts and prayers his way while he defends our nation on military deployment. Love and thanks to all y’all for sending in your fun photos. Please keep ‘em coming … it’s always such a pleasure to receive these photos … I love them all. Send in your photos, y’all!!


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Middle School Sweethearts, Birthdays and A Few Glamorous Bachelorettes

Here is this week’s batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers — Inspired by the Awkward Middle School photos link I posted earlier this week, Margie sends in an ADORABLE photo of her husband and her back in Middle School as well as a recent photo of them happily married all these years later — Kendra, who is a beloved and frequent comment poster, sends in a fun photo with her brother Corey, and friends Lisa & Casey (snapped by another friend named Matt) at the LA Galaxy game on September 11 for Kendra‘s birthday — Courtney sends in a fun photo from her BFF Heidi‘s recent Glamour Shots-themed bachelorette party — Jaymes sends in a fabulous photo of his BFFs out on the town in San Jose, CA in celebration of his recent 27th birthday — Courtney sends in a pic with friends Sue and Megan at the Lady Gaga concert in Washington DC last week:

Wow … this is really a great batch of photos, from the bottom of my heart … thank you all. I really love the side-by-side photos of Margie and her hubby and I am thrilled to kinda sorta “meet” the famous Kendra ;) Much love and congrats to Heidi on her upcoming nuptials, Birthday Lurve to Jaymes and LOVE to Courtney and her friends for taking the time to share their fun night out with all of us. I really love posting fun reader photos so please keep ‘em coming!! Love and thanks to you all for all the fun pics that you send our way :D


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Baby Boys, Ode to L. Lo and the Madden Twins

Here is this week’s batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers — Jenny sends in an update on her baby boy Parker along with some Birthday Lurve for her older son Holden who just turned 3 years old! Jenny informs us that Parker is still not 100% but he’s doing well and is happy to celebrate his big brother’s birthday — Geana also sends in a photo of her sister Lisa and Gage (snapped by her friend Jenn) as well as an update on her sweet nephew Gage who recently was able to go outside into the sun for the first time since he was admitted to the hospital 3 weeks ago … Geana wants to express her love for the staff at Kaiser Permanente San Diego and all y’all for continuing to send in your well wishes — Lexy, from Sydney, Australia, sends in a fun photo from a recent costume party she attended as Lindsay Lohan all suited up in her prison jumpsuit and SCRAM bracelet — Kim sends in a cute candid photo of new American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez which she snapped on her recent holiday in South Beach, FL … Kim and J. Lo hung out for a bit, which I think is so damn cool — Shannon and Deana send in a cute photo with my Good Charlotte boys Joel and Benji Madden from their recent in store appearance at the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey:

Much love and thanks to you ALL for continuing to send in your fun photos. It’s so great to hear from Jenny and Geana about Parker and Gage respectively … these adorable little guys are going to get well 100%, I just know it :D Please keep your fun photos coming … I love them all. Thanks so much again, LOVE Y’ALL! xoxo


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Newlyweds, The First day of 2nd Grade & a special PhD Grad

Here is this week’s batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers — Christie sends in a beautiful photo of her BFF and new hubby Mr. and Mrs. Mainville on their wedding day a few weeks ago — Cathy from Livonia, MI sends in a supercute pic of her daughter Audrey (who we got to see on her first day of 1st Grade last year and her first day of Kindergarten in 2008) on her first day of 2nd Grade — Erin, who will be officially graduating next May with her PhD, sends in a photo of the dissertation that she wrote which includes a discussion of Pink is the new Blog! — Sabrina sends in a cute photo of her adorable baby boy posing with his beloved Buzz Lightyear doll — Nicolle sends in a photo of her pooch Riley who bears a striking resemblance to Chewbacca:

Much, MUCH love goes out to all y’all for sending in an especially exceptional batch of photos this week. Big Love goes out to Cathy for sending in a new photo of Audrey on another first day of school … I cannot believe it’s been 2 years since her first day of Kindergarten!!! MEGA LOVE goes out to Erin for sending in her dissertation photo … she and I spoke on the phone years ago when she interviewed me for her dissertation and now she’s a PhD graduate — much love and congrats. All my love to everyone else for their fun photos … congrats to the Mainvilles on their nuptials, smooches to Riley and OMG how cute is Sabrina‘s baby boy! Click HERE to watch the video Beat It Buzz Lightyear that shows her baby boy in action :)

Thank you all so much … these photos are fantastic, please keep them COMING!! xo


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A message of Hope, An upcoming Art Show and a really pink soccer uniform

Here is this week’s batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers — Geana sends in an unfortunate update on the condition of her baby nephew Gage … after recently being released from the hospital after undergoing cancer treatments Gage had to be re-hospitalized due to a fever :( The poor little guy will likely be in the hospital for over a week so let’s get those thoughts and prayers going back out to Gage for his recovery — Alejandra from Chile is also asking for good thoughts and well wishes for the miners who are trapped there. I understand that it will take months for these men to be rescued from the mine that they are trapped in but they appear to be doing well and in fine spirits … let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers — Stephanie, who attends the University of California in San Diego, is hosting her first art show this October but she needs a bit of help to raise funds for the event. You can click HERE to read about how YOU can help Stephanie fund her art show — Winona sends in a cute pic of her almost 4-year old daughter Megan posing with Zac Hanson of Hanson as they took a break during their Talk the Walk walk for autism in Cincinnati, OH last Monday — Amanda and her hubby send in a fun photo of the new PINK away uniform for the Everton soccer team:

Much love and thanks to you all for continuing to send in the fun photos!! I’m so bummed to hear that Gage is back in the hospital but if the little guy can beat back leukemia, he can take on a fever with no probs :) Let’s keep sending all our love and well wishes his way. Thank you all for sharing your fun with all of us … please keep the photos coming! It’s Emmy Weekend, if you host or attend any parties make sure you take some pics and send them in for sharing! XOXO


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Gage is in remission, Aloha from Maui, Green Lantern love

Here is this week’s batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers — Geana sends in a couple of updates about her 13 month old nephew Gage who is bravely battling leukemiaGeana sends in 2 new photos of Gage, the first was snapped after his first week of chemo and the second was snapped the day before he was released from the hospital this week! The oncologist says that Gage is in remission and the leukemia cells in his bone marrow are all gone! He still has a long road ahead but Gage appears to be beating the Hell out of his illness. Check out for further updates on this brave and very strong little guy — Lisa and her husband Halemanu send in a cute pic of the two of them in Maui, HI — where they live! Lisa sent me this photo before David and I went to Maui last weekend and it turned out that Halemanu was in the band that played at Marissa’s rehearsal dinner cocktail partySarah, who is a big Green Lantern fan, sends in a fun photo of her newest tattoo — Julie sends in a pic that we snapped together last night at the Rufus Wainwright concert at the Greek Theater here in LA last night … she tells me I have to send a HUGE shout-out to her sister-in-laws Nika and Mia:

I am SO THRILLED to hear that little Gage is doing so well already!! I hope all y’all will continue to keep the little guy in your thoughts and prayers because altho he is now cancer-free, he has a lot of chemo to endure and I’m sure he can use all the good, healing vibes we can send his way :) Make sure you check out to keep up to date on Gage‘s progress and maybe find out how you can still help. I really want to send out extra special love to all y’all for continuing to send in your fun photos … please keep ‘em coming. It’s a pleasure getting to “meet” so many of you even if we cannot do so in person. Send in your fun pics! Love to you all!


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Prayers for Gage, Newlyweds & Twin Darlings

Here is this week’s batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers — Geana sends in a sweet photo and asks for prayers and well-wishes for her sister Lisa and Lisa‘s husband Troy on behalf of their 13 month old baby boy Gage who was just tragically diagnosed with leukemia last week — Leslie sends in a beautiful photo from her recent wedding as she shares her first dance with her new husband EugeneBarbarann sends in a supercute photo of her adorable son JamesAdriana sends in a fun photo with her BFF ChelseaAshley sends in the cutest photo EVER of her twin daughters (born on July 12) celebrating the “terrible(y wonderful) twos”:

Firstly … I hope you will take some time to send your thoughts and prayers to Geana‘s nephew Gage … it’s so horrible that such a precious little baby should be suffering from leukemia but here’s hoping the little guy is able to beat this disease and get better very, very soon. Also, love and congrats goes out to Leslie and Eugene on their happy nuptials … and belated birthday love to Ashley‘s twins. Thank you all so much for taking the time to share of your lives … it’s always so nice to see how awesome all you Pink readers are :) Keep the photos coming … I love them all!

Get well soon, Gage! We’re all pullin’ for you!!


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A Birth, A 'Pink' Cupcake and A Snooki Mugshot

Here is this week’s photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers — Melissa from Dallas, TX sends in an amazing photo of her sister Angie and her newborn baby girl Dahlia Elena (8 lbs, 19 ½ inches long) who was born on July 12 … which is also my birthday ;) — Syrina, who hails from the Netherlands, sends in a great photo with her friend Janneke on a recent trip to Mauritius, Africa. The ladies were celebrating their birthdays on holiday together … Janneke‘s birthday was July 6 and Syrina‘s birthday also shares my birthday on July 12 :) — Erika, who I got to meet at Starbucks earlier this week, sends in a fun photo of a Pink is the new Blog cupcake that her mother made expressly for my blog! You can find other delicious cupcake creations at LittleSugarCupcakes.webs.comRichard from Oklahoma City, OK sends in a photo from his recent family trip to Colorado — Vanessa sends in a fabulously timed photo from her friend’s recent Jersey Shore-themed party where she showed up as Snooki‘s mugshot … which is hilarious considering that the real life Snooki got arrested in Seaside Heights, NJ yesterday:

Much love and many thanks to you all for taking the time to send in your fab photos. Much love goes out to the birthday girls Dahlia, Syrina and Janneke! Love, Love, Love goes out to YOU all for continuing to send in your amazing photos. Please keep ‘em comign! I need more, more, more :) xoxo


‘Despicable’ 3

The TV Guide

Yesterday was Tracey’s last full day here in SoCal and after we spent the whole afternoon hanging out and enjoying the sun (which finally came out after hiding behind the clouds for the last week) we decided to venture out for a sushi dinner at Fat Fish before going to The Grove to see Despicable Me. I’ve been dying to see this movie for weeks now and, if you can believe it, Tracey has never seen a 3D movie before so … away we went:

While I still contend that Toy Story 3 is the best animated film released this year, Despicable Me is also very, very good. The whole story is really cute and the ending is super sweet … it’s really one of those movies that the whole family can enjoy. I will say that I didn’t really care for Steve Carell‘s supervillain accent in the film but once I got used to it it didn’t really bother me so much. I love the 3 little girl characters in the film … Agnes has to be one of the cutest little animated characters around. She really made me want to have a unicorn of my own … one that is really FLUFFFFFFFFFY! We all enjoyed the film, Tracey was blown away by the 3D effects … a great time was had by all.

After the jump, check out a few more photos I snapped last night and meet a couple of Pink readers who I got to meet at Starbucks last night … More »

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