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Thank You For Being A Friend


Before things get going on the site today, we just wanted to take a moment to say a quick hello to you guys. It's not easy coming after someone so beloved as Pink is the New Blog's founder Trent, but as huge fans of the site ourselves we will do our best to honor his legacy. ...

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You Know You’ve Thought About It: Who Plays YOU In The Movie On Your Life?


Today's YATNB topic comes courtesy of PITNBr missboston, who wrote a really insightful comment earlier today on our story about Emma Stone being cast as an Asian woman in Aloha. missboston highlighted the differences between casting a person of color in a role traditionally played by a white person and casting a white person as ...

You Must Choose: ‘GOT,’ ‘Silicon Valley,’ ‘Mad Men,’ And ‘The Good Wife’ Are All On TONIGHT


Looking at my Sunday To Do List (which is actually a rectangle made up of squares numbered 1-4 so that I know my priorities and don't get overwhelmed/my therapist is a genius) like FMLiiiiife when am I going to watch TV?! Tonight is a huge, huge night in TV and I don't think I can ...