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F— Ray Rice: Here’s Video Footage Of Him Knocking Out His Then-Fiancée, And Dragging And Kicking Her Unconscious Body


*Deep breath* Okay. I almost want to take back every single thing I wrote in that piece that was sort of in defense of Stephen A. Smith's comments about domestic violence. I almost want to say—nevermind, I was kidding. Or, more to the point, I was wrong. But it's hard to admit when you're wrong, ...

Joan Rivers Has Been Moved Out Of Intensive Care, Into Her Own Private Room


For the past few days, Melissa Rivers has been giving us updates on her mother Joan Rivers's condition as she recuperates in the hospital after she stopped breathing during a medical procedure last week. Earlier this week, it was reported that Joan was put on life support while she rested in a medically-induced coma. ...

Joan Rivers Is Reportedly On Life Support


Very sad news to pass along today ... it is being reported that Joan Rivers is now on life support with only machines keeping her alive. As you may recall, Joan suffered cardiac arrest a few days ago when she stopped breathing during a throat procedure she was undergoing in a medical clinic. ...