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Bret Michaels ‘Doing Good’ After Suffering A Brain Hemorrhage

According to his father

Late yesterday it was reported that Bret Michaels, who just recently underwent emergency appendectomy surgery, was rushed to the hospital after he suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage:

Bret Michaels’s health has taken a turn for the worse, PEOPLE has learned: After an excruciating headache late Thursday night, the star was rushed to an undisclosed hospital where doctors discovered he suffered a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding at the base of his brain stem), according to a source close to the situation. Michaels, 47, is currently in critical condition. “After several CAT scans, MRIs and an angiogram, [doctors] decided to keep Michaels in the ICU and are running several tests to determine the cause. [It] will be touch and go for the next few days while he is under intense observation,” the source says.

Thankfully, according to his father Wally Sychek, Bret is “doing good” altho he remains in Intensive Care. Here is the latest on Bret‘s condition as reported by his father:

Bret Michaels’ father is speaking out for the first time since his rocker son was rushed to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage. In an exclusive interview with, Wally Sychak reveals he spoke to his son by phone on Friday, says Bret is doing well, but is still in intensive care. “I talked to him this morning,. He sounded upbeat and positive but they had him sedated,” Sychak told “But he’s doing good. He sounded like my son.” Sychak told that Bret’s two daughters, ex-girlfriend, Kristi Lynn Gibson, and his tour manager are currently at the hospital with him. While doctors have not determined what caused Bret’s brain to begin bleeding, they all seem to agree that it—along with his recent appendectomy—are complications relating to his type 1 diabetes, Sychak told “We’re all keeping our fingers crossed and saying our prayers,” Sychak said, adding, “He just needs to be quiet now and get rested.”

Wow! This is really scary stuff. I was very worried that the news would not be good in the wake of this brain hemorrhage but thank goodness Bret is doing well. I’m sure he would greatly benefit and appreciate all of our thoughts, prayers and well wishes. Bret Michaels has survived much in his 47 years, here’s hoping he’ll be able to beat this illness (or whatever) and be back to his rockin’ ol’ self again very soon. Heal well, Bret!


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Michael C. Hall Is Now Cancer-Free

So says his wife Jennifer Carpenter

Earlier this week we got to see the first photos of Dexter star Michael C. Hall lookin’ well on the NYC set of his new film East Fifth Bliss mere months after it was revealed that he was suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In a new report from E! News, Hall‘s wife Jennifer Carpenter now tells us that MCH has “fully recovered” from his illness!!

It looks like Michael C. Hall has defeated his biggest bad guy yet: cancer. The 38-year-old Dexter star has “fully recovered” from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to wife and show costar Jennifer Carpenter. Hall announced he was battling the illness in January, shortly before his Golden Globes win for best actor in a TV drama series, describing his condition as “eminently treatable and curable.” Last month, Hall reiterated as much, telling an audience at the TV show-honoring PaleyFest that he was preparing for his final treatment and was “great on the health front.” Hall is set to return to work in June, when the show begins production on its fifth season.

This is just amazing news. I was very heartened when MCH surfaced early this month lookin’ very much like he was on the road to recovery and then when he showed up on that movie set, I knew it was only a matter of time until he got back to his good ol’ self. This latest update from Carpenter just reinforces my hope. I am so excited for the new season of Dexter, I can’t even tell you … I’m just so happy that MCH is now well enough to get back to work on the show and move forward with his life as healthy as can be :)


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David ‘Puck’ Rainey Hospitalized After His Car Accident

Faces DUI & child endangerment charges upon his release

On Wednesday we learned that David Puck Rainey, who rose to infamy on MTV‘s The Real World: San Francisco, was injured in a pretty serious car accident this week in the San Diego, CA area. We also learned at the time that Puck‘s 8 year old son was also injured in this car accident. But just a day later, we learned that Puck — still hospitalized — faces serious charges of drunk driving, driving without a license and child endangerment because police have determined that his blood alcohol level was way over the legal limit and was very likely at fault for the accident. Here are photos, courtesy of TMZ, of wrecked Puck smiling for the cameras in his hospital bed this week:

He’s in a real world of hurt — and could possibly be in a real world of legal trouble — but Puck from “The Real World” is still tryin’ to smile … despite the fact that he’s hooked up to a bunch of hospital tubes. Puck is still expected to spend another couple of days at a San Diego hospital following Friday’s horrifying car crash in which he broke several bones … and his 8-year-old son injured multiple internal organs. As soon as he’s healthy enough to leave his bed, Puck will be booked by the CHP for DUI, driving without a license and child endangerment.

I suspect Puck was happy to sell these photos to TMZ in order to raise funds for his upcoming trial. If convicted of driving drunk WITH his 8 year old child in the car with him, I sincerely hope that Puck not only loses the right to endanger his child any further but also that he gets a little jail time to sober him up. It’s extremely hard to feel sorry for someone who gets injured in a car accident due to their own disregard for the law … especially when they endanger the lives of other drivers by driving drunk. BUT, to endanger the life of a child by knowingly driving under the influence while the child is in the car with them? It’s outrageously irresponsible. Anyone who even remotely remembers Puck from his days of reality TV fame knows that he really doesn’t care for authority figures or restrictions … but endangering the life of his child is another thing altogether. I understand Puck‘s son, tho injured, is not in as bad shape as his father … thankfully.


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Injured David Beckham Gets Back On The Soccer Field

Spectator Sport

On Tuesday we learned that David Beckham and his father Ted made their way to SoCal from the UK after Becks spent a few days in the motherland to recuperate after undergoing successful Achilles tendon surgery in Finland the week prior. Today we learn that Becks made it home to LA safe and sound … and made a beeline back to the soccer field to try and remain a part of the game. Well, as much as he can while hobbling around on crutches:

11 days after blowing out his Achilles’ tendon, David Beckham returned to the soccer field Wednesday to get a little workout with his Major League Soccer team — there was just one minor problem … he still can’t walk. With crutches on both arms, Beckham limped around to observe the L.A. Galaxy run through drills in Carson, California. Beckham underwent surgery to repair the tendon the day after he tore it — but he’ll still miss his chance to play in the upcoming World Cup tournament.

I have to give it up to Becks for getting back in action (as it were) so soon after undergoing surgery, especially since the poor guy can’t even walk on his own two feet. Some may dismiss this as publicity but I honestly believe that Becks wants to live as much of his life on the soccer field and he won’t let a thing like a reliance on crutches keep him off the field. I doubt any training that he gets done while hobbling around on crutches will be very fruitful … but I do believe that the practice will help him psychologically. Becks has a long recovery period ahead of him … if he keeps his head “in the game” during his rehabilitation period, it’ll make his eventual return to the game as seamless as possible — at least, that’s the hope. Stay strong, Becks! Do your thang!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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David Beckham’s Injury Inspires A New Poem

'Achilles (for David Beckham)'

I think it is safe to say that many people are very upset that David Beckham was seriously injured in gameplay last weekend, resulting in his inability to play in the World Cup soccer tournament later on this year (the last of his career). I would’ve guessed that Beckham himself is the most upset person of all … but I’ve since come to believe that UK poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy may be even more upset at his injury than even Becks is. Duffy was so affected by Beckham‘s injury that she wrote a little poem about it … like to hear it? Here it go:

David Beckham has become an unlikely muse to Britain’s poet laureate, who has written a verse about the soccer star’s career-threatening injury. The former England captain tore his Achilles’ tendon in a game on Sunday and will miss the World Cup in June as he recovers from surgery. Carol Ann Duffy’s poem imagines Beckham as the ancient Greek hero Achilles, who according to myth was dipped as a baby in the River Styx, making him invulnerable – except for his exposed heel, the origin of the modern terms Achilles’ tendon, and Achilles’ heel. The poem weaves the mythical story together with references to Beckham’s life, including his marriage to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and his experimental fashion sense. It speaks of the hero concealed “in girls’ sarongs; days of sweetmeats, spices, silver songs.” It describes him on the field, “his charmed foot on the ball.”

“But then his heel, his heel, his heel…”

Duffy told the BBC Tuesday she was inspired because Beckham “is almost a mythical figure himself, in popular culture.” Beckham’s injury shattered his hopes of becoming the first English player to appear in four World Cups and put the 34-year-old player’s future on the national team in doubt. Duffy, a soccer fan, said she had been moved by the image of Beckham in tears at the side of the pitch after his injury. “You just thought how all the money in the world and private planes can’t sort this. It was a very moving moment.” But she said she doubted she would be hearing from Beckham. “I’m a lot more likely to watch football than he is to read poetry,” Duffy said.

Er … it was very nice of Duffy to pen this poesie about Becks but did she just make a dig about him not reading poetry? LOL!! Still … the poem is interesting, to say the least. After the jump, read Achilles (for David Beckham) by Carol Ann Duffy in full … More »

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David Beckham Released From His Finnish Hospital

Homeward Bound

On Monday we learned that David Beckham successfully underwent ankle surgery on his injured Achilles tendon (after he injured it in gameplay the day before) and yesterday we learned that wifey Victoria Beckham made her way to Finland from LA to be with her hubby as he recuperated from his surgery. Today we get to see the first pics of poor Becks being released from the hospital in his foot cast as Les Beckhams made their way to the airport to leave Finland. It’s unknown where the couple were headed but it is presumed they will be making their way back home to LA (possibly with a stop-over in London) for his recovery period:

David Beckham is given a helping hand by wife Victoria as he struggles into a waiting car – two days after emergency surgery on his torn Achilles’ tendon. The couple flew out of Finland, where the procedure was performed on the former England captain, by private this afternoon. The plane carrying the couple took off in a light snow shower shortly after arriving from the clinic where Beckham had surgery on his left foot. The injury will keep him sidelined for about six months, meaning he will miss the World Cup in South Africa. The couple made no comments, and it wasn’t immediately clear where they were heading. Beckham’s doctor, who had earlier said they would likely travel to London and later to the United States, said Wednesday he ‘had no idea where they are flying to.’ Earlier, police pushed back dozens of shouting fans as the couple got into a silver Volkswagen van parked outside the clinic in southwestern Finland just before 2pm (1200 GMT). Escorted by two police cars, they were taken to the local airport.

It makes sense that Les Beckhams would make a stop in London, mebbe for a few days, so that Becks can rest a bit at the famed Beckingham Palace home they have there. Becks‘s family lives in London so a little lovin’ from mum might be part of his rehabilitation. Les Beckhams will be back in SoCal in no time, I’m sure. This sight of Becks on crutches and in this cast is one we’ll have to get used to. Becks will likely be hobbling around LA for many months to come as his ankle heals. Poor guy. Rest well, Becks! Perhaps a green beer on St. Patrick’s Day today will help numb the pain. Bless.


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Michael Lohan Suffers A Heart Attack

But is able to send emails from the hospital bed

Michael Lohan, estranged father of Lindsay Lohan and all around toolbag, suffered a minor heart attack yesterday while training in NY for an upcoming “celebrity” boxing match. Apparently, Lohan was having chest pains that began to radiate thru his arm … so he was immediately rushed to the hospital:

Lindsay Lohan’s dad had a heart attack today, according to his girlfriend/non-doctor Kate Major. Michael Lohan was taken to a hospital in New York after suffering chest pains that radiated to his arms. Kate says an EKG showed evidence of a heart attack. Kate says Michael is at St. Francis Hospital in Manhasset. She says Michael will undergo a “procedure” but wasn’t specific. Back on March 6, Michael suffered chest pains and was told by his doctor that he needed a heart catheterization.

The good news (depending on your perspective) is that Michael Lohan is resting comfortably in the hospital … the bad news (again, depending on your perspective) is that he will have to undergo a painful angioplasty operation to regulate his heart. Lohan was feeling well enough to send emails from his hospital bed. After the jump, read the latest update on his health directly from the man himself … More »

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David Beckham Flies To Finland For Ankle Surgery

It was a success!!

Earlier today we learned that David Beckham suffered a painful ankle injury during gameplay in Europe yesterday … an injury that very likely has ruined his chances at playing in the World Cup this year. Right now we get to see a couple photos of Becks‘s arrival in Finland this morning where he underwent surgery to repair the torn Achilles tendon in his ankle. While the surgery has been deemed a success, it is still pretty certain that his World Cup dreams are finished for good:

David Beckham underwent an operation today on his torn Achilles tendon and despite it being declared a success, his World Cup dream appears to be over. The England star travelled to Finland on a private jet for surgery after tearing the tendon during AC Milan’s Serie A encounter with Chievo. The injury will almost certainly ensure he misses the World Cup in South Africa, which would have been Beckham’s fourth as an England international, but he might not even be walking by the time it starts. Renowned doctor Professor Helmu Orawa, today said the procedure had been a success and he was confident the 34-year-old would be able to continue his career. However, in a statement, England manager Fabio Capello, who confirmed he had spoken to Beckham after last night’s game to offer his support, said the indications were that he would miss the World Cup, which starts in June. He said: ‘We have to wait for the results of the scan, but it looks like he is out of the World Cup. David is a great professional and has worked very hard to be ready for the World Cup, so missing it will be a big blow.’ He added: ‘I am very sad for David that he has suffered this injury.’ Writing on his official website today, Beckham said: ‘I am on my way to Finland to see a specialist and have a scan on the injury. I am upset but wants (sic) to thank everyone for their messages of support. I hope to make a swift and full recovery.’ Professor Orawa said he is positive Beckham will make a full recovery from his injuries, but said it is unlikely he would be well in time for the World Cup. He said: ‘Top athletes usually heal well but it’s a few months until you are back at the same level as you were before. I don’t think it is a big difference to be (aged) 25 or 35, it will be three, four, five months. Most of these patients come back at the same level, even in a top player.’ Doctors at the specialist Mehiläinen Turku clinic stitched Beckham’s ruptured tendon in an hour-long operation this afternoon, before fitting him with a cast or brace. Beckham is expected to return to Los Angeles for the healing and rehabilitation process.

While it is pretty certain that Becks will not be able to play in the World Cup, I’m happy to know that he may yet recovery well from his injury. It sucks hardcore that fate dealt him this painful blow … but at least he has a great chance of playing soccer again in the future. It’ll be nice to have Becks back here in SoCal during his recovery period … it’s just a shame he has to come home under these circumstances :(

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

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David Beckham Seriously Injured In Gameplay

World Cup hopes dashed :(

Very sad news for fans of David Beckham who were looking forward to his inclusion in the World Cup soccer tournament later on this year. Becks suffered an injury in gameplay yesterday afternoon that has, in all likelihood, rendered him incapable of participating in the World Cup later on this year :( Considering this year’s World Cup is the last chance for him to play, the injury seems especially cruel. In yesterday’s game, as he played for his European soccer team AC Milan, Becks not only took a boot to the face (which split open his cheek) but he also reportedly injured his Achilles tendon … which takes many months of surgery and recovery to heal — and which essentially dashes his hopes for inclusion in the World Cup in one fell swoop. Here are pics of Becks‘s facial injury and the deets from yesterday’s game:

David Beckham’s dream of playing in a fourth World Cup looks over after he tore an Achilles tendon in AC Milan’s 1-0 win over Chievo on Sunday. Beckham was unchallenged when he suffered the injury and hobbled off in pain before being stretchered away. The 34-year-old was hoping to be part of England’s World Cup squad in June, but instead will fly to Finland on Monday for specialist surgery. “A rupture of the Achilles tendon is suspected,” said an AC Milan statement. Beckham, who is in his second loan stint with Milan from the Los Angeles Galaxy, will now almost certainly not be fit for the World Cup in South Africa which starts on 11 June.

UGH! Poor Becks! There is no question that David Beckham has enjoyed a very successful career in soccer … the only thing missing is a World Cup trophy. This year’s tourney is Becks‘s last chance at putting that last feather in his career cap … and now that opportunity is gone. After the jump, check out a few more pics of a very injured David Beckham and read more of this BBC report of his very untimely injury … More »

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‘Spartacus’ Star Andy Whitfield Reveals Cancer Illness

The actor has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

In January it was revealed that Dexter star Michael C. Hall was diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer and today we are learning that Spartacus: Blood and Sand star Andy Whitfield has, too, contracted a treatable form of cancer. Whitfield has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and, as a result, has had to halt production on the second season of his hit Starz series Spartacus. I understand that Whitfield should be able to fully treat his illness because, thankfully, it was detected in the early stages:

Sad news: Andy Whitfield, who’s currently starring in the Starz drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand, has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and will begin treatment immediately in New Zealand. As a result, production on the second season of Spartacus — which was scheduled to get underway later this month — has been delayed. Whitfield’s cancer was detected early and his prognosis is good. “I’m receiving excellent care, and am feeling strong, positive and determined with an army of support behind me,” said Whitfield in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy,” said Starz president Chris Albrecht. “His health, of course, is our primary concern. He has our complete support during this difficult time.” Spartacus’ first season concludes April 16.

This is both very sad and yet very hopeful news. I’m very happy to know that Whitfield caught this illness in the early stages, which will greatly increase his chances at full recovery. David is a huge fan of Spartacus: Blood and Sand and from what I’ve seen, the show is pretty good. I sincerely hope that Andy Whitfield is able to beat this disease so he can get back to work on season 2 of his hit show. Let’s send all of our thoughts and prayers out to Andy today to help fortify his efforts to BEAT his illness. Get well soon, Andy!


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