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Hugh Jackman Drops In On ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’

... and he almost loses an eye!

Last week we got to see some of the first photos of Oprah Winfrey‘s first visit to Australia ahead of a series of special episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show which are being taped there this week. Today’s show, which was taped yesterday in Oz, featured a guest appearance by famous Aussie Hugh Jackman. He thought it would be neat to drop in on Oprah by way of zip line … and he almost lost an eye in the process. Here are a few photos and the gory deets of his ill-fated stunt:

As far as entrances go, it was certainly a painful one. Action man Hugh Jackman was left with a bad cut under his eye after sliding down a cable from the top of the Sydney Opera House towards a giant outdoor stage where Oprah Winfrey was recording the second of her Australian shows. But the 42-year-old actor failed to stop, crashing into the stage’s light rigging and hurting his face. After being lowered from the 100-yard zip wire, paramedics rushed onto the stage to tend to him, with all the drama being captured live on television. One of the medics even gave him a hug as host Oprah rushed over, suspending her show while the X-Men star was treated. ‘I’m not 100 per cent, actually,’ he said as he struggled to free himself from the harness while dangling 30ft in the air. ‘I’ve hurt my eye – it’s not bad. I’m really sorry about this.’ As blood began to run down his cheek from a bad cut below his right eye, Oprah hurried across to him and called for aid. ‘Let’s take a break and get some ice,’ she said. No less than six paramedics took Jackman off the stage as he held a towel to his face.

D’oh! I mean … talk about embarrassing stunts. Poor Hugh. It’s bad enough that he had to injure himself on camera but to do so on one of the planet’s most popular talk shows which is getting even more attention due to the special nature of being taped in Australia … poor Hugh. Well, the embarrassment doesn’t end with mere photos. After the jump, check out video of Hugh‘s exciting yet painful stunt … More »

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‘The Real Housewives Of NYC’ Star Sonja Morgan Files For Bankruptcy

From bad to worse

OY! Things have not been going well for the newest castmember of The Real Housewives of NYC. Back in June we learned that Sonja Morgan got busted for drunk driving. Today we learn that she has been forced to file for bankruptcy. I guess them checks from Bravo TV ain’t cuttin’ it … Sonja is broke, y’all:

One of New York’s “Real Housewives,” Sonja Tremont-Morgan, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Wednesday in Manhattan. Morgan, who joined the cast of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York City” in its third season, listed $19.8 million in debt and $13.5 million in assets on her bankruptcy petition. “The decision to seek bankruptcy relief was not an easy one, but unfortunately, I am at a crossroads in my life,” Morgan said in court papers. She blamed her financial woes on a failed venture with Hannibal Pictures Inc. to make a movie starring John Travolta. That film was to be called “Fast Flash to Bang Time,” court papers said. Morgan said the movie never got off the ground because of “various conditions” that Travolta demanded and her production company, Sonja Productions, could not meet. Hannibal Pictures filed a lawsuit against Sonja Productions in California and won a $7 million judgment. Morgan said she wasn’t adequately represented at the trial and has filed an appeal. Morgan also pointed to her “bitter” and unresolved divorce from her husband, a man she described as “many years my senior and a descendant of J.P. Morgan and John Adams.” While she works to resolve these disputes and formulate a plan of reorganization, Morgan said she hopes to take preserve the value of her assets and continue her career as a television personality. She said her appearances on “Real Housewives” position her to pursue potentially lucrative endeavors, like writing a cookbook an developing a clothing line. On her website, Morgan says she’d be Andy Warhol’s muse today (if the artist were alive) and proclaims that her friends — royalty, fashion designers, celebrities, philanthropists, socialites and powerful bankers — “follow her to whatever venture she attaches herself and which city she finds herself” … Reached Wednesday, Morgan’s attorney and a Bravo representative declined comment.

While this news is sad, especially considering Sonja is a single mother, I am most disappointed by her DUI arrest last Summer. To be honest, Sonja is prolly my fave castmember on The Real Housewives of NYC but it’s getting really annoying that many of these “fabulously wealthy” people sign up for reality TV and then spend themselves broke right before our eyes. I honestly hope Sonja gets her affairs in order … as I said, I like her on the show. Mebbe she needs to do a little less spending a LOT less drunk driving and a little more reserved constraint in the fame department.


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Mariah Carey Rolls Into LA In A Wheelchair

What gives?

Last weekend Mariah Carey performed live on stage in celebration of the LG Live at 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix and, as you may recall, took a bit of a tumble during her performance of Make It Happen. But, as you also may recall, we learned that Mimi laughed off the fall as it was happening and carried on with the rest of her performance without incident. This week, tho, Mariah returned home to SoCal and was photographed upon arrival at LAX Airport in a wheelchair … prompting the question … why? E! News has the deets:

Mariah Carey, you had us worried. You roll through LAX in a wheelchair yesterday and automatically we start thinking the worst about you and your, um, condition. So what gives? This is what rep Cindi Berger is telling E! News: “Mariah twisted her ankle in Singapore and should have packed more sensible shoes, but she doesn’t have any. I’m sending her a pair of flats today.” Phew. We know it’s wrong to make assumptions based on some suspicious photos but it’s good to hear Carey is going to be OK. Mariah, here’s to a speedy recovery from that darn twisted ankle.

Now, of course, I have no reason to DISBELIEVE what Mimi‘s press rep says … but I do think it is very convenient that MC suffered a “fall” last weekend because if she were trying to hide another reason for needing a wheelchair, it is very easy to mask that reason by blaming a sprained ankle. But, I’m really not trying to play conspiracy theorist … mebbe just a little Devil’s Advocate. Whatever the case may be for the need of a wheelchair, I hope Mariah is doing well no matter what is going on.


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Paris Hilton & Cy Waits Involved In A Hit And Run

Accidentally On Purpose?

Convicted lovebirds Paris Hilton and Cy Waits, who recently got themselves into a bit of trouble in Las Vegas on charges of drug possession and DUI, ventured out here in Hollywood last night to do whatever it is that these two do when they venture out in Hollywood. Near the end of their night, tho, things got a bit hairy … as the couple were involved in a hit and run accident after Waits allegedly purposely drove his car into a group of paparazzi photogs and ended up pinning one under his car:

Paris Hilton’s boyfriend was cited for hit-and-run last night … after he hit a photog with a Bentley and then just drove off. It all went down as paparazzi swarmed the car as Paris and Cy Waits left Boa in West Hollywood. The posse of paparazzi was all over the car, when suddenly Cy accelerated, knocking a photog down. The couple took off after the hit and the photog called the cops. Paramedics were also called and took the female photog to a local hospital. We’re told at some point later, Cy came back, sans Paris, and spoke with police. Law enforcement sources tell us Cy was cited for hit and run, then allowed to leave. And get this … sources say Paris is saying, “The pap is making up injuries.”

You’d think that the years that Paris Hilton has been courting the paparazzi would teach her how to handle situations like this … but, clearly, she don’t learn so quick. You know, it’s lucky that Paris wasn’t driving the car … can you imagine if she had been arrested? I understand that traffic citations don’t count in terms of her plea bargain but if she gets arrested — for anything at all — she immediately goes to jail in LV. Tsk Tsk. My guess is that Waits will end up getting some small fine for this accident … but the photographer who was injured may decide to sue for injuries. Alas, just another Wednesday night in Hollywood.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

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Wyclef Jean Hospitalized Due To ‘Stress’ And ‘Fatigue’

Sick and Tired

Last Wednesday we learned that Wyclef Jean finally decided to throw in the towel and end his run for the Haitian presidency. Today we learn that poor Wyclef has been hospitalized due to “stress” and “fatigue” … yikes!

Following an unsuccessful bid for the Haitian presidency, Wyclef Jean has been hospitalized in New Jersey for “stress and fatigue.” The news was posted on Twitter by Haitian organization AFaceAFace last night (Sept. 26) and later confirmed on the former Fugee star’s Twitter account. According to, Jean has been suffering from severe headaches for weeks, which became so unbearable that the singer forced himself to check into a hospital. “He has been following a very heavy schedule, that has taken him to Europe twice, Asia and Africa, at the same time he’s working to finish his upcoming album and he has been meeting with a few head of States during the General Assembly Session at the U.N.,” says a source close to Jean.

Ugh … it really sounds like the stress he has been enduring for the past few months has finally taken its toll. To me, this is just another indication that Wyclef Jean was in no condition to make a serious run for political office. If the “stress” and “fatigue” of just trying to get on the election ticket was enough to put him in the hospital, I fear to think what the real stress and fatigue of running an entire country might do to him. Here’s hoping Clef just spends as much time recuperating as possible. His strengths lie in the world of music, he needs to recover so he can get back to do what he does best.


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Sandra Bullock Takes Louis Bardo For A Doctor Visit

Just a check up

Here is a photo of Sandra Bullock with her baby boy Louis Bardo at a medical center here in SoCal right before they made their way in for a wee check up. Despite the look of concern on Sandra‘s face, it is my understanding that little Louis was doing just fine:

I kinda love how we see photos of Sandra Bullock chillin’ with half-nekkid gays at a bar on one night and then rushing her baby boy to the medical center the next night … it’s all in a day’s work for new mom Sandra ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

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Adam Lambert Goes Apeshizz On A Paparazzo

When 'American Idol' losers ATTACK!

For some unknown reason, singer Adam Lambert lost his shizz and started attacking a paparazzo photographer in Miami, FL … and is now being investigated for assault. Naturally, the whole thing was captured on film by other paparrazos in the area … behold:

TMZ has learned … the Miami Beach Police Department is now in the middle of a violent incident involving “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert … after the alleged victim filed a police report. Law enforcement sources tell us the paparazzo seen grappling with Lambert on the beach yesterday walked into a Miami Beach police station around 10:30 PM last night and filed a report … accusing the singer of misdemeanor battery. According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the victim claims Adam grabbed his backpack “where the camera was placed” … and “wrestled [the photog] to the ground forcefully.” One big problem — in photos that were taken of the incident, the camera appears to be in the photog’s hand … not in his bag. The police report also notes that the photog didn’t sustain any “bruises or lacerations.” Cops tell detectives will decide if the case is worth turning over to the State’s Attorney — who will decide whether to prosecute Lambert. If convicted, Lambert could face up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. After yesterday’s clash — Lambert went right to his Twitter account and posted, “I lost my temper for a sec but wow it felt great lol MIAMI!!!”

Because this incident is still under investigation, we do not know what really went down … it’s possible the paparazzo had another camera in his backpack but even that is beside the point. It’s clear that Lambert got physical with this man … and then all but confessed to the crime in his own words on Twitter. After the jump, check out the police report from this physical altercation … More »

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Tom Brady Suffers A Car Accident, Walks Away Uninjured

Fender Bender

Earlier today we got to see a few photos of Gisele Bündchen and her baby boy Benjamin Rein strollin’ around NYC yesterday but right now we learn some serious news about hubby/daddy Tom Brady. Brady was involved in a car accident when his car reportedly struck another vehicle that made an improper red light turn. Fortunately, Tom was uninjured in the crash … but the driver of the other vehicle had to be extracted from their van by emergency crews. Here are a couple photos of Tom at the scene of the accident earlier today:

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a two-vehicle accident Thursday morning near his home in Boston, Massachusetts, but is now “fine,” according to a source familiar with the incident. Brady was not injured and was already at football practice after the wreck, the source said. The driver of the other vehicle was hospitalized, but the condition of that person was not immediately clear, the source said. Law enforcement sources told the Boston Globe that Brady was driving a sedan and was treated at the scene. The driver of the other vehicle, a passenger van, was transported to a local hospital, the Globe reported. The accident occurred about 6:34 a.m., according to Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald.

There has been chatter that Tom was injured in the crash and some are suggesting that he may be dealing with whiplash but, on the contrary, sources claim that he was completely uninjured in the accident and went straight to football practice as soon as he was released from the accident scene. After the jump, check out one more photo of Tom‘s car and see just how damaged it was in the crash … More »

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Tila Tequila Brutally Attacked By ICP Fans (UPDATE)

Juggalos go Wacko on Psycho - Updated with video

Yikes! For some unknown reason, trainwreck Tila Tequila was hired to perform on stage at a Gathering of Juggalos event in Illinois this weekend and she was brutally attacked by the rowdy audience members. The Juggalos, fans of the rap group Insane Clown Posse, in the audience apparently were not feeling Tila‘s onstage performance … so they started to pelt her with “stones”, bottles and anything else they could find to hurl at her. According to Tila, she fled the stage and then was further attacked when “all 2 thousand people” surrounded her dressing room trailer and attempted to do her further harm. Now, in all honesty, Tila‘s account of the assault sounds highly unlikely, greatly exaggerated and reads like it was written by an illiterate … but the injuries she sustained in the fracas cannot be denied. Here is what Tila looked like after her assault and the full account of what she claims happened to her this weekend:

“I went onstage and immediately, before I even got on stage, DUDES were throwing HUGE STONE ROCKS in my face, beer bottles that slit my eye open, almost burnt my hair on fire cuz they threw fire crackers on stage, and they even took the shit out of the port-0-potty and threw shit and piss at me when I was onstage. These people were trying to kill me. So then after the last blow to my head with the firecracker they threw at me exploded, my bodygaurd and the other security grabbed me and ran as fast as they could to the shitty trailor. Since their security SUCKS, the 2 thousand people ran after us, trying to kill me. They almost got me so they finally reach the trailor, blood all over myself, cant stop bleeding, then all of a sudden, all 2 thousand people surround the trailor and busts the windows!!! Even the guys INSIDE with me were shaking! Their hands were shaking cuz they were so scared! So 3 guys inside the trailor had to grab a table and push it over the broken windows and grabbed all the chairs they could find so hold the people from outside back. It was scary as hell!”

I feel I should point out that all spelling and grammatical errors are her own. Again, I find it very hard to believe (and read) Tila‘s account of what took place at this event but it’s clear from the photos of her injuries that she was attacked. Would it be impossible to believe that Tila is using this incident and her injuries to milk another 15 minutes of fame? Not at all. Despite the fact that the audience was throwing things at her while she “performed” she did manage to take off her top for the crowd. Yeah, don’t ask me why. After the jump, check out video of Tila on stage as she was being pelted while she performed … More »

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gets Injured On Set

Shares the gory details with the world

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who can be seen in theaters right now in the fantastic Christopher Nolan film Inception, was injured over the weekend while he was filming a new movie in NYC. JGL accidentally went thru the back window of a taxi cab on the set of his new film Premium Rush and ended up getting gashed pretty bad. Here is a picture of the taxi cab window he went thru that JGL posted on his official website:

My first real wreck today. Busted through the rear window of a cab. Luckily got my elbows up. Coulda been way worse. No, but it was my fault, I was going too fast. The director, Dave Koepp, was extremely concerned for my well-being, but I made him RECord the wound. Anyway, Premium Rush is gonna be awesome. Gratuitous ER footage to follow, stay tuned…

Ugh … I’m guessing JGL‘s injuries look worse than they really are … cuz his arm looks really bloody and really gross. If you think you’ve got the stomach for it, you can check out a couple photos of JGL proudly showing off his bloody arm — after the jump … More »

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