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Hell Nawl: A 6-Foot-Long Snake Bites Nicki Minaj’s Backup Dancer During MTV VMA Rehearsals


Oh. Helllll. Nawwwllll. Why is that every time a wild animal does something that is completely normal for a wild animal, everyone's all like, "I can't believe that wild animal did something wild!" OMG. So. We now know that Nicki Minaj was planning to perform her hit song/video Anaconda at the upcoming MTV Video Music ...

Robin Williams’s Wife Reveals That He Had Early Stages Of Parkinson’s Disease Before He Died


In the wake of Robin Williams's shocking death earlier this week, we have read official statements released by his children but until today, we haven't received an official statement from his wife Susan Schneider. Just a short time ago, Schneider released a personal statement about the death of her husband that reveals that Williams ...