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Yesterday was my last day in NYC for a while so I really wanted to make the most of it. Because I was still hella sore from running the New York City Marathon the day before, I knew that staying active and walking as much as possible yesterday would help speed up my recovery. ...

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Welcome To New York


Yesterday afternoon I made the cross-country trek from LA to NYC where I will be spending the weekend and where I will be running the NY Marathon on Sunday morning. The flight was a breeze and I met a very nice man whose wife is also running the marathon this weekend so it was ...

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May July 4th Be With You


Yesterday was Independence Day here in the US and, as such, I celebrated my right to go shopping ... even if that shopping was all window shopping. You know, in many places in the US, stores and restaurants are closed on the 4th of July but not so here in NYC. Consumerism was ...

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