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Happy Birthday, Omar


I want to send out a HEAP of Birthday Lurve to my friend Omar who is celebrating his birthday today ... in Paris, France of all places. Omar is my BFF Darion's boyfriend and for the past 8 months, he has made my friend happier than I have ever seen him before. As ...

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Mark Xs The Spot


Yesterday was a fun day for me. I got to hang out with Tamar and Ollie last evening and then with my friend Mark last night. Tam and Ollie came over to my place to check it out and I'm happy to report that they approve of my new digs. I think ...

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‘Tangled’ Up In You


Yesterday I met up with my good friend Gillian and her adorable daughter Gemma at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA for an early showing of the Disney animated film Tangled. Gillian and I have been looking for a time to hang out for a few weeks now and we finally managed to ...

Good News


I successfully made my way to Detroit early yesterday so that I could visit my dad in the hospital, where he is recuperating this week. Despite assurances by my mom that he was fine, I was worried the entire time it took me to get home to see him ... so you can imagine ...

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